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TEEN: Rebirth (Naruto Fanfic)

Master Yiseeks

The One True Carry
Mar 28, 2011
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Hello, everyone! It's me, Madara Uchiha, formerly KenshinAkagi. I've decided to post my newest Naruto on Bulbagarden. Brief warning, though, before we start. This story will be much darker later on, dealing with war, death, and brief mentions of Rape. I'll, of course, edit some of it to be better suited for Bulbagarden if it is generally unimportant, or post an authors note beforehand if it is important. For now, the story will sit comfortably at a Teen Rating, though a few chapters in it will become Mature. Let's start.


The early years of the Elemental Nations were known by very few people, and practically no records of the period survive other than old tales and legends. The only thing that all of the myths and legends had in common was the constant war in those days, between armies and kingdoms of all sizes.

While everyone agreed on the presence of a massive war, there were a few more theories that several researchers cited as completely ridiculous. The existence of a Princess who attempted to stop the war. A massive Tree, said to be a God. A Man, who was called a Sage who was killed fighting a massive beast with Ten Tails.

However, there was one legend which held more truth than any other; in fact, it was the only true account, written by The Rikudo Sennin's eldest son, and currently locked deep away in a location known only to the Uchiha Clan. The tablet it is written on is considered a sacred treasure of the Uchiha, who guard it with their lives.

During the time of The Great War, Hatred was everywhere. War was constant, death and despair descended upon those who lived. Until a Princess by the name of Kaguya arrived.

Kaguya, princess of a small kingdom, wished for the end of the war which had taken her family. She set out on a journey to the center of the continent, soon arriving to the base of the Shinju. The Shinju, with its branches ascending to the heavens themselves, gave an aura of power and protection. Princess Kaguya prayed to the Shinju, as a fruit appeared on a branch. Kaguya believed the fruit was the Shinju's blessing to her, and consumed it.

What she did not know was that the Shinju always bore fruit every 10,000 years, a manifestation of its godly powers. When Kaguya ate the fruit, she gained the ability of chakra, and led her troops into battle gaining victory after victory.

But all was not well; the other tribes and kingdoms united and destroyed Kaguya after a battle that lasted six years, but not before Kaguya gave birth to a boy named Hagoromo.

Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, like his mother, possessed the legendary eyes known as the Rinnegan and a fierce desire for peace. As he grew older, he traveled the land, teaching the meaning of chakra to people and the abilities to use jutsu. But the Shinju, angered that Kaguya had not returned chakra to it, transformed into a humanoid beast with Ten Tails, and set out to regain its chakra. But the Juubi's great connection to the Natural World would be its undoing.

Due to the intense wars, the Natural World reeked of human hatred, which infected the Juubi turning it into a mindless beast bent on destruction. The Juubi waged destruction across the lands, until Hagoromo rose to challenge it, and protect Humanity...


Hagoromo rose quietly from the bed he shared with his wife, Kiyoki. He paced around the room, silently mulling over his decision. Kiyoki spoke up. drawing him from his thoughts. "I know what you're planning to do, Hagoromo. It's okay."

Hagoromo looked his beautiful raven haired wife in the eyes. "Kiyoki...I...I don't want to leave you and the boys...but I have to do this. I'm sorry." Kiyoki just gave a small smile. "Kiyoki...If I don't make it back...watch over them. Izuna and Itama need to be looked after...If I die, tell them I died protecting them and everyone else."

Kiyoki shook her head. "Baka, you think you're going alone? I'm going with you, of course." Hagoromo stared at her, but he shook his head. This was his burden to carry, his fight. His mother was the one to anger the Shinju in an attempt for peace.

"You can't, Kiyoki. I...I can't lose you, and the boy's need a mother."


"No! None of the tribes will stand by my side! I will be forced to go all out against the Juubi, and it will be far too dangerous for you to be there when that happens!" Hagoromo was yelling by this point, and Kiyoki flinched back a bit, but did not drop her gaze.

When Kiyoki spoke next, her voice was bitter. "Those stupid tribes, continuing their war while you fight to protect them...Why do you do it, anyway?! They will never understand your sacrifice!"

Hagoromo's expression softened. "Because I hope, that with the power of my Sacrifice, that they will understand how much I love them. And with that love, maybe they will find the power to break the Cycle of Hatred they were stuck in years ago..." A distant roar sounded off miles away, and Hagoromo closed his eyes. "It is time...I love you, Kiyoki." Hagoromo and his wife kissed each other, one last time, but Hagoromo broke it quickly. "I must go."

Kiyoki nodded, tears in her eyes, as Hagoromo threw on his cloak and Magatama. He grabbed a large black staff from the corner of the room, and looked at Kiyoki one last time. "Remember the Love I bear for you and the children. I apologize for being so selfish...But I must leave to protect you."

Hagoromo briskly walked out of the house, stopping only to kiss his sons on the forehead as they slept in bed. The Sage left the house soon after, took one last look at his home, and disappeared in a body flicker, arriving in a massive field. The Juubi, it's ten tails swinging wildly around it as storms rolled in dropping lighting and rain, roared a challenge to the human who chose to fight it.

Hagoromo focused his power as the front of his hair curled into horns, and a silver light began surrounding him. His Magatama necklace, a gift from Kiyoki, glowed as they sucked in the natural energy around them, transferring it into Hagoromo's body. His Rinnegan glared defiantly at the Juubi's eye, which Hagoromo shuddered realizing that his 'Eyes of Samsara' were mere offshoots of the grand eye of the Juubi. His Magatama stopped glowing as he finished entering his Sage mode. It was time to test the powers of The Sage of Six Paths against the Juubi No Shinju.

The Juubi swung his tails down in complicated patterns, at a speed faster than most humans could detect. Even Hagoromo, with the great sight enhancing powers of the Rinnegan, had trouble seeing the tails move. He jumped into air with the use of chakra, ducking under one tail and jumping atop of another. One tail nearly whacked into him, but Hagoromo swung his staff knocking it away, barely.

Hagoromo's hand switched into a strange form of cannon, showing his Asura Path in play. He concentrated chakra into the cannon, firing hundreds of small chakra bullets at the great beast. The Juubi merely swatted the bullets aside, before swinging a massive arm into Hagoromo's chest. Four more arms grew out of Hagoromo's side via the Asura path, holding onto the arm, than swinging Hagoromo on the top of the hand before it smashed into the ground. The Juubi attempted to raise its hand until a puff of smoke appeared, dropping a massive weight onto its hand. The Juubi glared at the sight of a massive panda with Rinnegan eyes holding his arm down.

The Juubi had no time to react as it sighted the Sage shoot into the air atop a massive Falcon with Rinnegan eyes, diving right towards it. The Juubi swung its free arm in an attempt to kill the Sage, only for the Sage to point both hands at it. "Shinra Tensei!" A massive invisible weight shot Juubi's hand back, as Hagoromo jumped off of the falcon which flew steadily in the sky. Black rods appeared in the sleeves of the Sage's robes, which he threw down at the Juubi's trapped hand. Hagoromo flipped through handseals, making the Chakra Rods hundreds of times larger.

The panda jumped out of the way of the two spikes as they embedded the Juubi's hand, than used his massive strength to force them straight through into the ground. Hagoromo jumped onto the top of one of the massive rods, going through hundreds of handseals before putting his fingers to his lips. "Fire Style: Great Fire Annihilation!" A massive roar of flames shot from the Sennin, striking the Juubi and releasing clouds of smoke. Hagoromo tensed as he sensed something still moving, than jumped out of the way of two of the Juubi's tails.

A third tail went to strike him, and Hagoromo shot a blast out of his cannon arm to move it out of the way only for a fourth tail to slam him into the ground. A fifth and six tail slammed into him as well, driving the Sage even further into the ground. As the seventh tail was about to fall, a massive blast of gravity shot the tails back. "Shinra Tensei!"

Hagoromo stood shakily up, blood dripping from his lips. He clutched his staff, as it transformed into the Sword of Nunoboku, made by combining Nature Chakra with his staff. The sword was black, in a Double Helix shape. As the Juubi swung its tails down again, Hagoromo summoned his four other arms, than began transferring the Shinra Tensei's gravity manipulation. As the Tail met the blade, a massive gash cut into it as blood-shot from the wound, the tails being launched back towards the Juubi.

The Juubi grasped the Chakra rods embedded in its hand, swinging them to destroy the panda summoning. The Juubi's great eye glowed with a fierce intensity as black flames roared across the land. Hagoromo finished a long list of handsigns. "Water Style: Grand Water Vacuum Wave!" A massive wave of water smashed into the flames, formed a large vortex that absorbed the flames. Hagoromo became shocked when the flames, instead of being extinguished, merely began burning over the water as well. The Juubi continued firing bursts of the black flame, hitting Hagoromo with a direct hit.

Hagoromo screamed as he began using the Preta Path to absorb the chakra from the flames, sending the Water vortex crashing into the Juubi, burning it with the flames as well. Hagoromo clutched the wounds he had suffered from the flames, but gave a small grin when he realized his chakra was back to full. He slammed his hands on the ground, summoning a massive two headed dog, several giant chameleons, a few giant salamanders, and a giant panda, all with Rinnegan eyes via the Animal Path. He than switched to the Naraka path, summoning the massive King of Hell statue which shot its tongue out and consumed Hagoromo.

Inside the mouth of the King of Hell, Hagoromo smiled as his wounds were recovering. Outside, on the other hand, the Juubi was laying wreckage upon the Summons, destroying most of them with a few swings of its tails. A few invisible chameleons shot their tongues at it, only for the Juubi to clutch them and destroy them. The Two headed dog was constantly multiplying, no matter how many times the Juubi destroyed it, until it shot dozens of bursts of black fire which destroyed it as well.

Hagoromo shot forth from the King of Hell statue, slashing the Sword of Nunoboku in a wide arc, which launched a wave of pure Natural Chakra at the Juubi which reared back. The Juubi roared as all ten of its tails converged on its mouth, forming a massive purple ball of energy. The Juubi swallowed the ball, shooting it at Hagoromo at a speed he was unsuited for.

Hagoromo activated the Asura path's defenses as he held his hands in front of him, activating both the Preta Path to absorb the attack and the Deva path to repel the attack. Blood began dripping down Hagoromo's lips as the attack hit, the strain of quickly converting the Tailed Beast chakra into his chakra, than into Natural energy, than back out as energy for the Shinra Tensei taking its toll on him. The attack eventually ended, however, and a massive hand knocked the Sage far away until he crashed into the ground. Hagoromo stood shakily, coughing up blood as his cloak lay around him in shreds.

Hagoromo's Rinnegan flared, as he raised his Sword into the sky. Time for one of the ultimate attacks of the Deva path. "TENGAI...SHINSEI!"

A meteor began descending from the heavens, as the Juubi raised its arms and tails and began slowly stopping the meteor's descent into the Earth. Hagoromo snarled in anger, summoning yet another meteor to crash into the first at a much higher speed. Hagoromo knew that the impact of the meteor's would undoubtedly destroy a large part of the continent, quite possibly creating a large hole in the Earth. The Juubi prepared yet another black ball of energy, preparing to fire it in a way that would destroy both meteors. Hagoromo aimed his cannon arm straight into the Juubi's eye, shooting a massive blast of chakra just before the Juubi fired.

The resulting explosion caused the Juubi to horribly disrupt its concentration, causing the attack to launch prematurely and off aim. The Bijudama shot a massive blast of meteor into the sky where it stayed in Earths orbit. The remaining meteor's, no longer being stopped by the Juubi, crashed into the Juubi itself, causing a massive shockwave. When Hagoromo opened his eyes once more, it was to the sight of a massive crater carved deep into the Earth. The Juubi climbed out of the pit, lava scorching parts of its body. Earthquakes began shaking the land.

Hagoromo jumped forth to finish the Juubi, swinging the Sword of Nunoboku in a complicated rhythm, easily blocking the Juubi's attempts at striking him. Hagoromo landed on top of the Juubi, and placed his hand on top of its massive head, activating his Human Path.

"You have brought the world much suffering, Juubi No Shinju! But it ends here! I will take your power, and become the Sacrifice necessary to end the cycle of Hatred!" Hagoromo yelled, his Rinnegan narrowed as he concentrated on his task. "LET ME SHOW YOU! THE POWER OF HUMAN SACRIFICE!" Hagoromo began drawing the beasts soul out of its body, preparing the seals he had made beforehand to seal the Juubi within himself. The seals began glowing softly, than went silent. Hagoromo's eyes widened as he realized the horrible event that had just taken place.

"I went to far with the Tengai Shinsei...I...I don't have enough chakra..." Hagoromo muttered, before activating his Preta Path. As he began consuming the Juubi's chakra at a fast rate, his senses alerted him to an attack from behind. As he swung his Sword around, he failed to block the massive tail that dove right through his chest.

Hagoromo coughed up blood. 'I don't have enough chakra for the sealing...Only enough for...' Hagoromo thought to himself as he began making seals. "CHIBAKU TENSEI!" He yelled out loud, a large dark orb crackling into the sky, drawing everything towards it. The Juubi began going closer and closer to the orb, being swept up by lava and rocks. Hagoromo pumped more and more chakra into the technique, even as Juubi grabbed him too. Hagoromo looked at his greatest opponent in the eye, and whispered silently, yet it was heard even over the roar of the lava and breaking rocks. "This is the power...of my Sacrifice...my Love." Hagoromo let out a scream in incredible pain as he felt his entire body become crushed by the mixture of rocks, lava, demonic energy, and his own Chibaku Tensei.

"I have enough...energy...for this...Kiyoki...Itama...Izuna..." Hagoromo closed his eyes, as he used the final last of his power, his very soul, and sent the massive moon-like object into the Earth itself. The Juubi roared as its body was burned away. Hagoromo merely frowned.


When people would approach the sight of that great battlefield, the only thing they could find out of the ordinary was a small tree sapling, growing innocently among the wasteland.


Boom. I prefer to get Reviews on my Fanfiction.net account, though I'm fine with getting reviews here. Hope you enjoyed it!

Rebirth CH 2​

The sun rose steadily in the horizon, stirring Madara from his sleep. Madara looked around the room he shared with his wife, Hitomi, and slowly rose from his bed in order to let her sleep a bit more. Madara began placing his clothes on, forgoing the use of his maroon armor for now. The Uchiha leader looked outside, at the rising sun overlooking a massive tree-or was it a branch?-, and wondered to himself.

Could things have been different? If magic and spells had not been discovered, had the demons just stayed in Makai and not taught Humanity the tools for their own destruction, would the Uchiha still be fighting the Senju? Madara knew that would be true, the Uchiha and Senju would always fight, like the Ocean and Sky, Heaven and Hell, the two worlds never meant to clash, but did, and so death came soon after to provide tranquility...It had said so much on the Great Stone Tablet of the Uchiha...

Madara chuckled softly to himself. Philosophy was more of Izuna's pastime, Madara was always more focused on protecting the clan. Madara was shaken from his thoughts when he heard his wife's voice. "You're chuckling again." Madara turned back to look at his wife as she rose from bed, the covers falling to expose her for the world to see. Hitomi saw him looking and stretched, doing wonders for her breasts and causing Madara to get a faint blush.

Madara coughed into his hand in embarrassment, and spoke rather quickly. "My chuckling is little compared to your habit of trying to fluster me."

Hitomi smirked. "We both know I only do that in the room. You randomly chuckling about things might look bad for my image, Shinju forbid."

Madara sighed. "For the last time, Hitomi, it's Kami-Sama. There is no such thing as Shinju." Madara resisted the urge to flinch back under Hitomi's reproaching glare, enhanced by her Sharingan, only breathing a sigh of relief when she went to get dressed. Despite being a powerful Uchiha warrior, (nowhere near the level of Madara and Izuna of course, but then again, no Uchiha was), she was a follower of a strange religion, that of the 'Shinju'. This was just one of many reasons why the Uchiha clan as a whole gave cries of disapproval to their marriage, though not the most glaring.

Hitomi came back into the room, dressed in a form-fitting black high-collared, long sleeve mantle that split down the lower half, and black sandals. Hitomi brushed her black hair out of her face, than spoke dangerously. "I don't care about Kami-Sama. Shinju-Sama gifted us with magic and spells, so I will treat it with respect. You and your silly theories of demons..." Hitomi shook her head, and Madara sighed. There was never winning an argument with her.

Anything that might have been said died at their throats as a fierce pounding rocked their door, and Izuna ran inside with a look of horror on his face. "Madara-aniki! The Senju are attacking the eastern compound!" A look of rage passed over Madara's face, as he grabbed his Gunbai. Madara looked to Izuna and Hitomi, and spoke quickly. "Izuna, prepare a squad to lend support. If that bastard Tobirama is there, I need you and Hitomi to fight him...I will face Hashirama."

A look of shock passed over Izuna and Hitomi's faces as they heard the name Hashirama. They only knew rumours about the Senju leader, and those rumours weren't good. Some spoke of a strange magic relying on creating wood, and a connection to Nature itself. He supposedly had a high aptitude in Medical spells, an amount of magic never seen before in any living creature, said to be equal to a Kami No Ude (Arm of God). Izuna was the first to recover, nodded, then raced out of the room to fulfill his brother's order. Hitomi took a bit longer to get over her shock before drawing Madara into a fierce hug.

"Be careful...I know you're strong, but that man is known as a Kami in his own right...be careful, Madara-kun..." Hitomi spoke softly, and Madara pulled her into a deep kiss.

The two stayed that way for a few minutes, before Madara broke contact. "I will be fine, Hime. So will you." The couple smiled at each other, before breaking out of the hug and gathering their gear. Madara nodded, and the two set off towards the eastern hideout with Izuna and a squad of clansmen following close behind.


"Any word, Tobirama?" Hashirama asked, tightening his red armor. His brother, sitting in a meditative position wearing blue armor, nodded and opened his eyes.

Tobirama spoke in dull voice, loud enough for Hashirama to hear, but soft enough not to be overheard. "A small squad of Uchiha is arriving to assist the Eastern Hideout...three large chakra signatures, one slightly larger than the other...it may be their leader, Madara. They should arrive in about half an hour." Hashirama nodded, but did not speak. He had heard of Madara before, the leader of the Uchiha, the one person said to be his equal.

Hashirama cracked his neck, and stood in front of his small army of Senju. "Today, we will slaughter every Uchiha we see! After today, the Uchiha will realize the superiority of the Senju." Hashirama broke off in his speech, and looked at his men, a spoke again with a small smile adorning his features. "The founder of the Senju clan, said that Love is the key to peace, and that we should love our enemies as much as we love our friends. And that is true. But he also said that we should not Love blindly. Those unworthy of our Love do not deserve Peace. Those unworthy will be crushed under the might of the Senju!"

The army cheered, as Hashirama waved his arm towards the compound. His men poured from behind him, readying their strongest spells, feeling their magic flow through them. Tobirama withdrew a sword, and raced down the hill in a wave of water. Hashirama stayed still for a few minutes, before rushing down the hill himself, casting a spell to make branches emerge from the ground carrying him down the hill in an impressive display of power. 'No matter who interferes, whether it be Madara or Kami herself...' Hashirama thought with a small smile. 'The Uchiha will fall.'


Madara and the squad of Uchiha arrived to the Uchiha compound twenty minutes later, and it took all of Madara's will power not to blindly destroy everything in sight. Of course, there wasn't much left to destroy.

Dead bodies were everywhere, of men, women, and even children, some no older than two. A few Senju bodies could be spotted, and Madara kicked the head off of one as he continued walking through the compound. A scream filled the air from another side of the Compound, and Madara gestured to the noise with a hand, and the squad he brought with him jumped off to engage the threat. Madara stalked forward, removing his Gunbai from his back, and spoke in a low, angered tone. "Hitomi...Izuna...kill any Senju you find. I'm going straight to Hashirama." Madara gave no time for them to respond, running off swinging his kama and Gunbai and slaying any Senju in his path.

Hitomi and Izuna looked at each other, Hitomi removing her battle staff and Izuna, his Gunbai and Kama. They raced off throughout the Compound, finally reaching the center where they found a white-haired Senju killing using a mixture of swordsmanship and water magic. Izuna swung his Kama at the Senju, only for it to be knocked out of the way by a shield made of water. Tobirama turned his attention to the two Uchiha, and frowned.

Tobirama spoke silently, almost to himself. "You two got here faster than I expected. No matter," He said, holding his sword in a ready position. "I'll slay you just as easily." He rushed them, faster than the two Uchiha expected, and swung his sword down on top of Hitomi. Hitomi would have suffered a wound had Izuna not have swung his Gunbai forward to block the blow, having used his Sharingan in order to detect the path of the attack. Hitomi struck her battle staff from the underside of the Gunbai, striking through Tobirama's defenses and knocking him back.

Tobirama slid back, shooting a steady stream of water to slow himself. He slammed his hands together, harnessing his magic, before performing several handseals. "Water Magic: Spell: Water Dragon." The water on the ground from Tobirama's stream rose into the air, beginning to form into a dragon of water. Before it was fully formed, however, Hitomi struck it with her battle staff, disrupting the flow of magic and crashing the water back into the ground. Tobirama swung his sword up to block Izuna's Kama, than gripped the chain with his other hand and swinging both Kama and Izuna into the path of Hitomi, who was approaching with staff raised. The two Uchiha were knocked to the side, but Hitomi rose in time to block Tobirama's sword, who then jumped back to dodge a punch thrown by Izuna.

The two Uchiha held themselves ready, glaring slightly at Tobirama, who didn't seem to be tired in any way. The two Uchiha tightened their holds on their weapons, and rushed towards the younger Senju...just as a massive branch grew from the ground, blocking their path.

"Surely you didn't expect it to be so easy...Uchiha?"


Madara raced through the compound, his the tomoe in his sharingan spinning wildly as he tried to find some indicator of the leader of the Senju's presence. He saw traces of wood shavings, leading up to the corpse of an Uchiha woman, with a bundle in her arms. Madara felt sick at the sight. Both the mother and her child, impaled with a foot long wood spike. Madara placed his hands together, said a short prayer, before casting a low power fire spell to burn the body.

The Uchiha Patriarch continued his mad search, slaying any Senju that came across his path. Eventually, he made it to the edge of the compound. There were tree branches shooting from the ground, and Madara could still see traces of magic on them, a small shimmering filling the air. Madara studied the magic filling the air with his sharingan, trying to determine how long ago the magic was. "Ten minutes..." Said Madara, standing up from his crouched position. Madara was about to continue his search when a horrible feeling settled upon him. The last time he had felt this feeling was right before his father died...

"Izuna! Hitomi!" Madara yelled out, clutching his Gunbai and tearing through the compound, paying little attention to the many fights along the way. Madara prayed that he would make it in time, to both Kami and Shinju. 'Please...I can't lose anyone else.'


Izuna grabbed Hitomi away from a colossal wood branch, briefly pausing to swat a large blast of water from Tobirama. Hitomi swung her battle staff, preventing Hashirama from striking Izuna's back with a glowing fist, but failed to prevent a wooden block from extending from Hashirama's arm and striking Izuna in the ribs. Izuna was knocked back into the wall, coughing a gob of blood from his mouth.

Hitomi clutched her battle staff, her sharingan racing over the area analyzing everything in detail. Hashirama and Tobirama were standing calmly next to each, both sporting very few wounds considering everything. Hitomi rushed forward at the two brothers, swinging her battle staff to provide a defense against anything they would send out. Tobirama swung his sword down, keeping a deadlock with Hitomi's staff. Hitomi tried to catch Tobirama's eyes in a genjutsu, but the younger Senju was keeping a firm gaze on everywhere but her sharingan.

Hashirama had his hands together, calling for his magic. When he had a sufficient amount, he began making handseals. As he finished, he sighted Madara approaching the battle with fury in his eyes, smirked, and shot his spell at Madara instead. "Mokuton:Spell:Kami Ultimate Spear." Wood shot forth from his sleeves, forming a massive spear glowing with energy. The spear shot towards Madara, appearing only as a flash of light to those in the battle.

Madara, seeing the spear approaching at a great speed due to his Sharingan, swung his Gunbai in an attempt to block, but he knew it was futile...'Is this it?' Madara thought to himself, feeling all hope leaving from him. 'The End of Madara Uchiha...'

Blood spurt out of the wound, as Madara looked confusedly at the blood, having felt no pain. Looking forward, he stared into the shocked face of Tobirama. Madara's mind began racing at what had happened, as he remembered that he was nowhere near Tobirama, that was...Hitomi...

'No...NO!' Madara looked at where he was standing before, only to see Hitomi collapse on the ground, blood dripping from where the spear penetrated her internal organs. Madara pushed Tobirama back with a strength previously unknown to him, and ran to his wife's side. Madara looked at her wounds, despair clearly etched out on his face, as he felt his world crumble around him. "Why..." Madara said softly, holding the back of Hitomi's head, brushing her black hair with his fingers. "What...Why would you do that?"

Hitomi coughed blood from her mouth, and smiled, even as she was dying. "Baka...They need you...Shinju needs you...and...I needed you..." Hitomi reached a hand out to Madara, who clutched it as tears ran down his face, watching the woman he loved more than anything die, with him unable to do anything but watch. Madara leaned forward, and captured her lips one last time, as he felt her breathing slow, slow...stop...

Izuna watched this going on, tears rolling down his face, seeing Hitomi die and Madara beginning to break down, but he also knew a battle was going on. Izuna lunged up off of the ground, as his Sharingan evolved into the Mangekyo Sharingan. Hashirama tried to take advantage of Madara's distraction from battle by creating yet another Kami Ultimate Spear, which was shot towards Madara's back. Izuna, whose sight was suddenly a thousand times faster, felt blood rush down his face from his right eye. "AMATERASU!" he yelled, and black flames shot all over the spear, burning it to ash as Madara returned his attention to the battle.

Madara roared as he launched himself at Hashirama, his Sharingan transforming to the Mangekyo. He dodged out of the way of a blast of water from Tobirama, and used his Gunbai to swing hundreds of wooden shuriken back towards Hashirama who launched out of the way. Izuna and Madara stood side by side, as Hashirama returned to Tobirama. Hashirama spoke, "Their eyes...Tobirama, we're leaving." Tobirama nodded, and the two Senju brothers both slammed their hands together, then raced through handseals.

"Mokuton:Spell:Grand Tree Migration."

"Water Magic:Spell:Great Soaring Wave."

A Tree rose from the ground, enveloping the two Senju. Izuna and Madara raced forward in an attempt to destroy the tree, only for Tobirama to create a massive wave of water that crashed the Uchiha brothers back. The tree merged back into the ground, taking the Senju brothers with it.

Madara slammed his fist on the ground, screaming in anger. "Izuna...the Senju will die." Izuna nodded, anger written across his face as well. Madara looked at Hitomi's body, his anger fading back into sadness. "...Take Hitomi's body. Give her a burial worthy of a Clan Head." Izuna grabbed Hitomi's body gently, and began walking away. Madara looked at where the Senju were previously, and snarled in anger. He had failed, and Hitomi had paid the price.

But no longer. Even if it took the Uchiha a thousand years...The Senju Clan will die.
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