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Recent Gaming Purchases

Decided to splurge and take advantage of holiday sales and picked up the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection on Switch for under $10
THATS SO BASED SHEEER OMG... ur gonna have to tell me which game is your favorite!!

anyway on my end i finally got fe engage...! i've been wanting to play it for a long while but have not gotten to it prior to now.. i've watched playthroughs but nothing beats the real experience i think! so i look forward to starting that for sure
Things have been cheap recently, almost as though there's some kind of giant event that a bunch of stuff goes on sale for. Weird how that works. In that window of cheaper games, I've stocked up on Digimon Cyber Sleuth, Resident Evil 4, God of War Ragnarok, and my second ever Steam game: Super Lesbian Animal RPG!
I've been considering getting Dragon Quest: Infinity Strash, but don't have any information outside of real time combat. Is anybody able to recommend it?
Scooped up a 50% off copy of Shining Pearl from Gamestop. Foolishly, I decided to pick up in person to save a couple of extra dollars. Worst mistake of my life, but on the bright side, that is the single best deal on Shining Pearl ever put out. (According to Deku Deals, at least.)
Picked up a cozy games humble bundle a few days ago that included some games I already really wanted to try, like Wylde Flowers and Smushi Come Home. Looking forward to it. <3
Got Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 remaster and Rome Total War remaster in the last Steam sale. With the latter i was actually so disgusted by the new UI that i ended up just playing the original version which comes with the remaster thankfully.
I bought "Astérix & Obélix Slap them All 2" on the Switch. It's quite nice and responsive, the way a beat'em up game should be !
A few days ago, I purchased Saga Frontier Remastered during the Steam Winter Sale at a 50% discount for a Twitch Subscriber who requested the game in chat a little while back.

I also noticed that GOG.com was temporarily giving away a freebie called Lost Ruins, a 2-D Side-scrolling game. It didn't look quite like something up my alley, but I bought it yesterday morning (just after midnight, my time) hours before the free deal ended, since I can't really go wrong if I don't enjoy it when I got it for nothing.

I'm sure I'll probably get something else during the Holiday Deals before they end.
I got Ys origin, Ys 1/2 chronicles, Ys oath in felghana, and Ys 6 ark of naphistim for myself, and got a friend Ys 8 for christmas as they had it on PS4 but are mainly a PC gamer now and didn’t wanna double dip.
I used the 2nd Nintendo Voucher I had for the Xenoblade Definitive Edition a few days ago, I needed to figure out what type of game to play and I heard this game is in the same genre of other games I have played so I am hoping I enjoy it.
it will not disappoint, have fun playing one of the best jrpgs ever made :)

on a somewhat related note, i finally got my hands on the original bravely default !!
OG Final Fantasy VII on the Switch :O I'm kind of hoping I DON'T fall in love with this game because then I'll want to play the remake and I have no means to play that one. Maybe I do need to buy a PS5 eventually after all...

Uh in other news, I finally got around to buying the Super Mario RPG remake so that's next in line! Yay.

Also yesssss I get so excited when people play Xenoblade........Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition my BELOVED
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