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Bulbapedia Regarding the Bulbagarden Twitter feed on the Bulbapedia Main Page.


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Oct 4, 2009
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So, a couple things I want to bring up regarding the Bulbagarden Twitter feed as linked to from/embedded in the Bulbapedia Main Page.

First of all, a technical point. The Twitter feed linked to from the Main Page has been failing to scroll for a few months now. Which is problematic enough on its own, but moreso when the most recent tweet is a retweet of a post bulky enough to obscure the link to Bulbagarden's twitter page. I've been using Google Chrome, I don't know if this is an issue on other browsers or not, but it's been happening on both the desktop and mobile sites.

Secondly, a more personal statement, though one I doubt is mine alone. I distinctly remember that Twitter link originally being intended as being "Latest tweets from Bulbanews". I haven't thought much of it actually being the Bulbagarden Twitter feed, but as of late, it has occurred to me that, uh... the Bulbagarden Twitter account is a lot less professional and doesn't really do much for spoiler avoidance. The Bulbanews Twitter account, at least, is a lot more to-the-point, factual statements, and I haven't seen anything on there that I would consider a spoiler whereas the Bulbagarden Twitter tends to be a bit more, um... memey.

I have ways to just outright avoid the Main Page, so I'll understand (though not necessarily agree) if my second point is disregarded. But the first point definitely strikes me as something not intended.