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Regional/Cross-Gen Evolution Discussion

Now with Mega Evolution
Jun 28, 2013
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Luckily so far, all of those Pokemon have been mythical. Thought, in XY they did something similar with the new megas from ORAS.

Thus, I feel that if they block something inside a same Gen, it would be the gigantamax forms or a mythical. This gives some hope for cross-gen evos to be available on both Swsh and the next games.
Ehh as much as I’d want this to be true I’m not so sure. Just because they aren’t mythical/legendary/UBs/Megas/Alternate Forms doesn’t really mean they’ll be DLC’d into SwSh.
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Jan 21, 2011
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I hope you're happy, because in my initial naysaying, I was going to argue that Farfetch'd always sort of had an inclination for combat so making the switch to Fighting-type made some sense, whereas there's nothing particularly ghostly about Dunsparce, but then I suddenly began to realize that it shares a few rather alarming similarities with Giratina, and now I've headcanoned them as ancestral relatives. :eek:

I'm going to go lie down now.
Would be an interesting way to tie into the inevitable Sinnoh remakes.
Part Time Pokémon Master
Sep 8, 2016
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Anybody wonder if we can get new Eeeveelutions through regional evolution? Like at this point, I think we won't get any new traditional eeveelutions due to GF/Pokemon pushing Eevee as a second mascot. However, SwSh have create an opportunity to create new eeveelutions. Like they could create a regional variant of eevee, and keep the evolution methods the same, but what the evolutions. So like fire, water, electric, leaf, ice stones, day/night, and friendship/affection but then use the other typings. They could explain that evolution for whatever region's Eevee works a little differently. Like make it a poison Eevee, that mutates out of control, but is till cute. Fire stone = ground Eevee (mention something about magma), Water stone = rock Eevee (mention Sedimentation), Electric stone = steel Eevee (mention magnetism), Leaf stone = bug Eevee (blends in with plants), Ice stone = flying Eevee (brings a chill breeze), Day = fighting Eevee (mention training), Night = ghost eevee (mention sneaking), affection/friendship = dragon Eevee.