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Regional starter theory


Master of Unpopular Opinions
Dec 4, 2011
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So, most of us have heard about the starter theory (Grass starters are based on prehistoric creatures, Fire starters on the Chinese Zodiac, and Water starters on weapons), but I have a theory that the starters in each region have a theme of their own:

Kanto: Land (Venusaur), water (Blastoise), and air (Charizard)

Johto: Herbivore (Meganium), carnivore (Feraligatr), and omnivore (Typhlosion)

Hoenn: Japanese fighters (Sceptile is a ninja, Blaziken is a karateka, and Swampert is a samurai)

Sinnoh: World myths/legends (Torterra is the world turtle found in several cultures, Infernape is Sun Wukong/Son Goku and/or Hanuman, and Empoleon is Poseidon/Neptune)

Unova: Empires (Because New York is the EMPIRE state) (Serperior is the French and/or British Empire, Emboar is the Chinese Empire, and Samurott is the Japanese Empire)

Kalos: RPG classes (Chesnaught is a fighter/warrior/knight, Delphox is a mage, and Greninja is a rogue/thief/ninja)

Alola: Alchemical primes (Decidueye is salt (salt was associated with earth much like plants are, and Rowlet resembles the alchemical symbol for salt somewhat), Incineroar is sulfur (sulfur is found around volcanoes, it's also called brimstone (fire and brimstone, anyone?), and the marking on Litten's forehead combined with its eyes resembles the alchemical symbol for black sulfur), and Primarina is mercury (water and mercury are both liquids, both the element (both the Greek (hydrargyrum) and Japanese (水銀, suigin) names for it mean "water-silver") and the planet (in Japanese, Mercury is called 水星 (Suisei, "water star")) have been associated with water, mercury present in the ocean due to pollution tends to build up in the fatty tissues of larger animals (e.x. seals and sea lions), and Popplio occasionally stands in a pose (bottom right) that resembles the alchemical symbol for mercury (which is also the symbol for the planet Mercury))

Galar: Different types of entertainers (Rillaboom is a musician, Cinderace is an athlete, and Inteleon is an actor (it's based on James Bond, a movie character))

Have you had any similar theories?

prog rocker

May 27, 2018
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Well, in my opinion, the entertainers are the Alolan starters, since they are an opera singer, a heel wrestler and a circus archer.

On Galar, I think it was more to do with British culture. While I don't know how much soccer is tied to the British, I do know James Bond/spies and early hard rock are tied to them.

Now the mystery is... what's the concept between the new guys?


Well-Known Member
Mar 19, 2019
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Most theories seems ok, but this one?

Japanese fighters (Sceptile is a ninja, Blaziken is a karateka, and Swampert is a samurai) :unsure::confused::lapras:
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