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Reina vs Female Guard


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Apr 15, 2016
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In Pokémon Origins, I look at Red and Reina, and I see potential between the two. However, there’s another ship that is interesting.

In Pewter City, Red is trying to challenge Brock. And, he gets a little bit of attitude from the female guard.

Now, I am going to show a comparison between the two girls, how each reacted with Red.

First impression / First interaction

(Female Guard, File 1)

Male Guard: How long have you been with your Pokémon?
Red: Five days.
Female Guard: SERIOUSLY? AND, YOU WANT TO BATTLE BROCK, NOW? You make me laugh!

(Reina, File 2)

Red: Anyone here?
Reina: Yes! (She runs towards Red, for some reason)
Red: So, what is exactly the Pokémon House, anyway?
Reina: Ohh, you mean that no one told you? This place is where abandoned or orphaned Pokémon are taken care of.
Red: Abandoned Pokémon.
Reina: I’ll show you. This way, please.

In my opinion, Reina has a clear advantage from this scene. She never talks down to Red, and she offers to show him around, whereas the Female Guard is downright disrespectful towards Red.

But, it’s still anyone’s game.


(The Female Guard has none)

(Reina, File 2)
Reina: That’s why a lot of people started helping Mr. Fuji as volunteers here at the house. As a matter of fact, I’m one of them. My name's Reina.
Red: And, my name’s Red. Hey, there.

Once again, Reina has the advantage. She is a lot friendlier, since she introduces herself to Red, where the Female Guard doesn’t. The Female Guard only hears Red's name, because Brock asks for his name.

Commentary during Red's battling

(Female Guard, File 1)

(Red's Charmander uses Scratch on Geodude)
Female Guard: It’s not very effective.

(Final round, Onix vs Charmander, both Pokémon are low on HP, and it boils down to who hits first. Charmander uses Scratch, and Onix uses Tackle.)
Male Guard: Their speed is identical!
Female Guard: Will they tie?

(Reina, File 2)

(Due to Reina not commenting during Red’s battle against the Grunt, I will insert her comment to Cubone, just before the battle starts.)

Reina: (To an angry Cubone) You can’t take on these enemies. You’ll just have to leave it to Red.

I think it is somewhat unfair to compare the two girls in this category, since the battles have dramatically different contexts. For instance, it makes sense for the Gym Battle to get commentary from the Female Guard, whereas the battle against the Grunt is one that is more sensitive. You can always redo a Gym Battle. But, stopping a group like Team Rocket is something that is essential to do right on the first try. So, the Female Guard AND Reina handled the commentary appropriately. In addition, the Female Guard uses a kind of disappointed tone, while she says the infamous "It’s not very effective" line, instead of being like "See? I told him he was SO not ready!".

After battle commentary (Heat of the moment)

(Female Guard, File 1)
Male Guard: I’ve never seen Brock get this serious, before. And, to top it all off, the kid actually won!
Female Guard: Heh, not bad!

(Reina, File 2)

Reina: All right! We did it! Right, Cubone?

I think that Reina has the better reaction. If you have seen the aftermath of the Gym Battle, Brock gives Red an awful lot of praise. Then, it kind of goes to the Guards. But, my only issue is that the Female Guard could have approached Red, and said that he was great, or something like that. Instead, she just barely comments on the victory. However, I find that it IS a major improvement over "You make me laugh!".

Both girls end up talking to their mentors about Red's battle.

Discussion with mentor

(Female Guard, File 1)

Female Guard: Brock, I have a question. Why did you accept his challenge so soon?

(Reina, File 2)

Reina: Mr. Fuji! (She runs up to him with Cubone in her arms)

Mr. Fuji: Oh! Reina! Cubone! You came to save me! (To Red) Eh, who are you?

Red: My name's Red, Mr. Fuji.

Reina: That’s right! Red's the one who defeated Team Rocket in Pokémon Battle!

I think that both girls get a positive point. The Female Guard, due to being curious about why Brock accepted Red's challenge, and Reina telling Mr. Fuji about Red's victory over Team Rocket. There are a couple of noticeable differences.

The Female Guard speaks about the battle in private with Brock, while Reina did the opposite. She spoke about the battle while Red was still around. Plus, the two girls used different tones. The Female Guard used a general curiosity tone, while Reina used a really joyful tone.


(Unfortunately, the Female Guard hasn’t been there to say her farewell to Red.)

(Reina, File 2)

Red: Ok, everybody! Thanks again for everything! Stay well!

Mr. Fuji: If you ever find yourself in trouble, feel free to come see me.

Reina: And, come back again, ok?

I think that the Female Guard could have waited to have her conversation with Brock. However, she had her discussion with Brock as Red was leaving Pewter City, while Reina had hers with Mr. Fuji while Red was still at Lavender Town, and in the same room as her and Mr. Fuji.

Additionally, Reina was the one that stood closest to Red during the sendoff, indicating to me that she was the closest person to Red (physically and emotionally). Also, she even got Cubone to wave at Red as he was leaving.

Well, there’s my comparison between the Female Guard and Reina. Which one of the two girls is better for Red, in your opinion?
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