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Remade: Super Smash Bros. Brawl RPG

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Mar 22, 2010
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Last year I made this. It failed. I will try again. Yeah.

Before you ask, this isn't following the Subspace plot, but it will have the same style. Where people from diffent universes follow diffent paths and meet for a showdown to defeat Subspace, and TABBU. Of course, being different, you don't need to be a character from the Brawl list. In fact, I'm not.

I shall be the GOD, who makes the world, and the enemys, and if you read this put Tabbu VS God in your sign up. As this is meant to be a Sequal, there will be special features, which'll be added. If you read this, The Final Battle at the end of the history section.

Here is the information about the new features...

ELEMENTS: Fire, Water or Grass. Like in Pokémon, each is strong or weak to another. All the Fires will be with each other, all the Waters will be with each other, and all the Grasses will be with each other at the beginning. I'll decite whether you are a Fire, Water or Grass.

BAZOOKA LIFE: If you die, someone else needs to use BAZOOKA LIFE on you. This means they share their life energy with you, until you are fully OK. That leaves them vulnerable, so it's best to wait until the end of a battle, but you can revive if you wish.

LIFE TOKENS: Along the way you shall find these. These are to be used once in the event of a Death, and you do not wish to use BAZOOKA LIFE. These are rare, but I'll be Kind.

Then, after the Features, there's NOTHING


Now, the sign ups!

Game/TV Show From:
'1' Move:
'1' Up Move:
'1' Left/Right Move:
'1' Down Move:

Thanks for reading, and please sign up!
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all hail shadow
Jul 28, 2011
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name: yoshi
game tv show: yoshi's island
1 move egg lay
1 up move egg throw
1 left righ move egg roll
1 down move egg bomber
final smash super dragon
personality: cheerful and happy go lucky
history: yoshi helped mario a lot to save the princess over the years
and saved the seven star children too
other this wil be my first rpg
Pata pata pata pata pata!
Mar 26, 2011
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Name: Sora
Game/TV Show From: Kingdom Hearts series
'1' Move: Thunder (which is a weak bolt of Lightning that comes down on the nearest enemy.
'1' Up Move: The jump slash he does when attacking a flying enemy from the ground in, well, every game.
'1' Left/Right Move: Blizzard (single ball of ice shot straight in the direction used)
'1' Down Move: Fire (KH2 style, meaning AoE spell around Sora)

FINAL SMASH: Final Form: Pictures and info at link, for the purposes of this has a Wario-Man-like effect, strengthening his attacks, giving his jump slash more power and lift, and levels up his spells to Aga levels.
Personality amd history: See his Kingdom Hearts Wiki page
Other: His friends are his power, and he is theirs. :p
Oh, and Tabuu vs. God.
Aug 27, 2009
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Name: Erdrick Neo
Game from: Dragon Quest III
Move: Blazemore-fires a medium large fireball from his sword.
Up Move: Return-Warps to a location.
Side Move: Boomerang-Throws a boomerang that can strike multiple foes.
Down Move: Fireball-A circle of fire surrounds Neo.

FINAL SMASH: Ultimate Spell: Thordain-A sphere of energy strikes the foes and creates lighting. Pretty much an Auto-KO.

History: Neo once traveled around the world with companions, attempting to defeat the demon Baramos. Once he and his companions defeated him, he learned that the true villan was Zoma. He traversed the Dark World, collecting the three pieces of sacred equipment (the Kings Sword, Hero's Shield, and Light Armour) required to defeat Zoma, and three items needed to get to his tower. He bested Zoma using the Light Orb, and ridded the Dark World of its darkness. He was bestowed the title of Erdrick. Now, he is ready to fight in the Final Battle of Tabuu vs. God.
Personality: Neo is very courageous, not backing down in the face of evil.
Helm: Ortega Helm
Armour: Light Armour
Sword: Kings Sword
Shield: Hero's Shield
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