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Requested Bots & Templates

Ethics means whether its right or wrong, not whether you will use it or not. I want to know if it is possible to make one. [And if i did it would rival bulbabot and we would take over the wiki MUHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHA.]

I mean I would use it (if possible to make one) to do good stuff on BP. Why cant you create a bot to edit the WIKI???

What is the reason that stops you from doing it, obviously some stuff wouldnt be possible for a bot.
If there was a way to create bots to edit the wiki like humans, there would be no use for humans.
If there was a way to create bots to edit the wiki like humans, there would be no use for humans.
Shh. Dont tell them that..Theyre on to us......
No. Yuo are asking to edirt for you, but bots are used to do monotonous tasks and specifically those tasks. Like welcoming new users, which there is already a request for ;)
Tavi has been warned over and over again because he welcomed alot of users and it was under user talk abuse
Really, that seems harsh dont ya think? To warn someone for welcoming to many.

And although I despise you, I must admit if that is the case, your bot is quite a good idea. But dont get big headed.
DCM YOU ARE A MAJOR HYPOCRIT, you call me childish for saying something then blocking you, then you go and do the same thing, LOL, DCM you crack me up, btw Im laughing at you, not with you.

Just so you know, You cant edit stats. You can only make the pokemon appear, and I think a guy on youtube did one where you can make em shiny. But you cant edit stats.
*perhaps there is a reason no one likes you*
[Type of article]:Userspace

[Bot function]: Welcome new users and warn users when they edit the user space more than three times in a day.

[Bot/Template Name]: DCMbot :D or Userbot.

[Pages affected]: I dont understand this category. User and User talk

[Reason]: Users are editing the user talk space way to much welcoming new users, in the case of Tavisource, or just so stop people from HOUNDING over users
about going over the limit

[Source Material]: The Warning already made and the {{subst:welcome}} already made
*facepalm* Screw it. Bottom line: You can't make a bot to edit the mainspace unless it's designed to do generic tasks. Don't ask why, your fucking mind can't understand it.
You know, how many of these requested bots actually get made into bots? It seems like so far, we've got a running total of one.
I see... but still, of all these functions, it seems like only one was actually written in to Bulbabot.

On a related note, we do have Redirect fixer, who also appears to be a bot.
[Type of article]: Most to all main namespace articles
[Bot function]: Change links to avoid redirects; for example, [[Pokémon Trozei]] to [[Pokémon Trozei!]] or [[Ash]] to {{Ash}}.
[Bot/Template Name]: I'm Batman
[Pages affected]: Again, most to all main namespace pages (other namespaces aren't as necessary).
[Reason]: Myself and two other users stayed up 'till past 2 AM (Alaska time) last night because Pokémon Ranger was moved to Pokémon Ranger (game), while Pokémon Ranger was made a disambig. A nice way to unfairly inflate my contrib count, but incredibly tedious.
[Source Material]: We'd have to manually add links for it to correct. If I were given access, I could handle this; if not, I could always bother whoever does have access.

Zhen Lin once said this sort of thing would be too difficult, but the TFwiki bot, Deceptitran, does this sort of stuff all the time. so it must be possible. From Deceptitran's creator, Derik:

"I wrote Deceptitran from scratch in PHP. He runs on a seperate server. Links are stored in a mySQL database. And a crontab task 'runs' him once every 5 minutes, making a single change. So I can queue up HUNDREDS of page edits (like changing every link to "Springer" to "Springer (G1)") and they'll clear out in about a day without me having to do anything."

TTE tells me that Bulbabot's written in C#, so reconciling the coding may be difficult. Unfortunately, I know nothing about this myself, so there's little I can do to help. Still, I'd appreciate taking this tedious, repetitive work and giving it to a bot.
[Bot name] Mangabot

[Type of article]: Manga

[Bot function]: We have tons and tons and tons of manga articles needed to be written. fills in basic data and maybe some other functions

[Pages affected]: manga articles

[Reason]: There has been lack of process in the manga area of bulbapedia. Writing the basic article can be tedious and can be easily distracted.

[Source Material]: Dunno

[Template Appearance]: Dont know at all
Bots can't actually put in content. They can only do what they are programmed to. If someone did bother to code all of the manga information into the bot's settings to be distributed at will, why not just put the information in yourself?
I was thinking that someone should make a template called "PokémonType" that would give you a Pokémon's first type when it was used, so if you typed in {{PokémonType|Bulbasaur}} it would give you Grass, while if you typed in {{PokémonType|Unown}} it would give you Psychic. It would be something like N2Num and Num2N. Then there would also be PokémonType2, which would do the same thing only yield the Pokémon's second type. (So {{PokémonType2|Unown}} would yield nothing, as Unown has no second type.) If it's too confusing, you can bug me about it on my Bulbapedia talk page
One: super-easy to program, if a bit tedious. It's just a mile-long switch statement.

Two: Useless, I'd guess, except if you used it to set up the types of the various lists we have with types on them... but even then, that's just being lazy. I can remember most of the types off the top of my head, anyway... and if I don't, I just open a new tab to check the species page.
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