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Requested Bots & Templates


Phantom Thief
Oct 5, 2008
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[Type of article]: All (except for template)
[Bot function]: Manage interlang links
[Bot/Template Name]: User:2P_(CP)
[Pages affected]: All (except for template)
[Source Material]: index.php or api.php on each site of Encyclopaediae Pokemonis
[Reason]: I've been operating this bot on all wikis except for Bulbapedia. When this bot optimize interlang links, it looks for associated page in each language and make a list of these pages first. Then my bot starts editing articles so the resource to update interlang doesn't increase so much even if the bot do edit on one more wiki. This may sound selfish reason but I think it not efficient to run plural bots for one article to do update interlang.

After staff discussion, we do not feel that it is necessary at this time to have another bot working on language-based interwiki links beyond the existing BulbaBot account. Your bot is not approved for use on Bulbapedia. As you have already made the account for the bot, it will be permanently blocked under Bulbapedia's policy regarding [bp=Bulbapedia:Blocking_policy#Additional_accounts]additional accounts[/bp].

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via PM or via email. Thank you for your understanding.


New Member
Feb 5, 2017
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Hello I'm new to the forums. Well only to request a template to be honest for Pokemon Duel. 2 Templates:

[Type of article]: Game location in Pokemon Duel
[Bot function]: -
[Bot/Template Name]: Hotel
[Pages affected]: Hotel pages from Pokemon Duel (Like Ulex)
[Reason]: Because this new game is out and I need a template to insert all info.
[Source Material]: Bupbapedia
[Template Appearance]: Vertical, upper right corner. I made a small example for Ulex. What it needs: Title, japanse title, translated title, Image of hotel, unlock method, Hotel Leader, Location

There a 6 or 7 Hotels to fight in at the moment and more will come.

[Type of article]: Game Quest in Pokemon Duel
[Bot function]: -
[Bot/Template Name]: Quest/Stage
[Pages affected]: Hotel pages from Pokemon Duel (Like Ulex)
[Reason]: Because this new game is out and I need a template to insert all info.
[Source Material]: Bulbapedia
[Template Appearance]: Horizontal, Stage Title, Rival name, Energy cost, Challenges, Figures, Plates, Win Rewards, Random Rewards (Wheel of Fortune), Gifts. See an example at the Ulex page (Stage 1 as example). But than one with a better layout ;)

Every Hotel has 12-30 stages to fight.
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