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Sign Ups Requiem

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Feb 21, 2011
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The world is filled with a vast amount of strange things... Phenomena that is considered abnormal or impossible that occurs everyday often goes unnoticed. There are those who cannot comprehend or grasp onto this phenomena, and choose to live with their eyes closed. Blissfully unaware of the what occurs behind the scenes. But to those who can begin to comprehend the world and its secrets, have its every bounty ready to reap... For people, are the strangest creatures to walk this earth...


You live in a small city, and one day you receive a letter. The letter reads.

Dear, ___________.
I write to you to offer an opportunity that could be that of a once and a life time. I seek several assistants, and in my line of work, I can promise unique experiences and knowledge that one may never learn in a standard school. You may think that this is a hoax, and if you choose to ignore this invitation, I will not stop you. However, for those who choose to seize this offer... I offer in return, your deepest desire fullfilled.
Your's Truly, Bennet Grey
The letter then also contains a small map and date of where to meet, and if you choose to accept. Your life may never be the same.


Hello all, Requiem is an RP loosely based on the CLAMP series xxxHOLiC. In this RP, your character will work for Bennet Grey, a mysterious mage who sells wishes, and return for you working off the debt of working for him, he will grant your character their deepest desire. This can range from simply mundane tasks to adventures into the supernatural and occult.

1. Respect your GM and your fellow RPers
2. Respect my rulings, my word is final
3. Please maintain proper RP manners, so avoid things such as Bunnying, God Modding, Tennising, etc.
4. Have an Idea for a potential arc or method of character development, please contact me so i may integrate it into the plot. RP's are character driven, and i need your help to include your characters too the best of my ability
5. Going to be absent for awhile, that's fine. It happens to me all the time, Just try to give me advance notice when their will be long periods you can't post, and I will do the same.

Sign Up forms
Name: (First and Last)
Age: (18-21)
Gender: (Male or Female)

Appearance: (A small paragraph or picture showing what your character looks like)

Personality: (How your character acts in general, please be as detailed as possible)

History: (An optional paragraph detailing your character's back story)

Wish: (What do they want in return for working for Bennet Grey)
Other: (Whatever doesn't belong anywhere else)
Sign Up forms
Name: Noelle Sycamore
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Appearance: Noelle stands at about 5,10 and weighs about 176lbs. He's rather slender, and has softer features that you would expect from a pretty boy. He has black hair that's about chin length with long bangs that almost cover his bright blue eyes. He has olive toned skin, and can usually be seen wearing casual clothing meant for comfort over style.

Personality: Noelle is a rather warm, welcoming, and open minded person. He tries his best to keep a smile on his face, and chooses to regard those around him with respect, choosing to judge people based on their character and intensions over something like gender or appearance. He's honest, almost to the point of blunt, and he's very loyal. However, he has a nasty habit of keeping his troubles to himself, and he doesn't like confiding in people too often. Lastly, he has a thing for sweets, and can get distracted pretty easily when something very technical is being explained to him. However he's has a strong sense of intuition, and is very good at putting 2 and 2 together.

History: Will be revealed in the RP

Wish: To not feel lonely anymore
Other: N/A
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I'll have what they're havin'.
Is this a Pokemon RP or not? I might reserve one just in case...
To all those who reserved, you have a spot held.

@SquadalaGuy; This is NOT a Pokemon RP.
Ok. :p I can handle that.

Name: Madeline Sheren
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Appearance: A girl with long black hair and has a dorky appearance. She has beautiful blue eyes and is a bit tall. She is patsy skinned and has blue braces in her teeth. She wears no jewelry and wears a sweater. Her body shape is slim and beautiful and she is shy about her big natural 'chest'.

Personality: Suffers from Autism and is very, VERY shy. She loves being a nerd. Very nervous when talking to men, but wants to have a boyfriend. She is very smart, but very klutzy.

History: Her parents divorced when she was young, and lived with her mum for the majority of her life. She never had a job until the letter she got from Mr. Grey. She never really had any friends except for her mother, who is sadly passed on. She lives in her mum's house, with her kind-hearted aunt taking care of her.

Wish: A man to spend the rest of her life with, like a boyfriend/husband so she can never feel sad and lonely
Other: I was going to ask you if she can fall in love with Mr. Grey, but I'm worried that may not happen :p
Name: Wolfgang Fischer
Age: 21
Gender: Male

He is 6'0" in height with a very toned build. He has sandy blonde hair and gray eyes with a square jaw. While his clothes change often, he is most normally seen with a ring on his finger.

Efficient is the one word often used to describe Wolfgang. He is a man who prides his work, carrying him with ruthless cunning and an almost alien sense of detachment from the world at large. This straightforward, methodical and detail-oriented personality often puts him at odds with others.

He does not pretend to be nice, because he really isn't. Chivalrous isn't a word often used to describe him, either. This, however, isn't usually intentional - though he distances himself, he isn't aware of how caustic he can be. In these cases, he'll often go nearly overboard while trying to make it up to someone he cares about.

To be revealed.

Wish: To have a prosperous life.
Other: A gang of wolves. An entourage of doggies. A squad of canis lupis.
Name: Zeta Nychus
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Appearance: Not a particularly tall girl, Zeta has a lithe frame, close to the point of being called scrawny. She has ashen blonde hair reaching a little past her shoulders, and steely gray eyes. Her hair is sometimes put up in a ponytail. Do not be fooled by her underwhelming appearance, however; she is well-versed in martial arts, and can be rather intimidating when she wants to be.

Personality: Zeta is a bit sassy, brutally honest; almost to the point of being called an insensitive jerk on multiple occasions. She is no stranger to fighting, and has had her fair share of wins and losses throughout the years. As such, she's extremely bullheaded and stubborn, though even someone as strong-willed as her knows when she must flee in the face of an impossible foe. Of course, there is a huge downside to her stubborn-as-a-bull nature; she has forgotten how to submit. Despite her innocent looks, she is not nearly naive as most believe her to be. This, however, does not mean she is completely mentally detached. She's plenty willing to befriend another person, given her lonely nature.

History: TBR

Wish: Immortality.
Other: Theme song: I Want To Know - Kill la Kill OST
Twin signup incoming. Literally.

Sign Up forms
Name: Coco and Christian Celeste.
Age: 20. They're twins.
Gender: Coco is female, Christian is male.

Appearance: As they are identical twins, Coco and Christian both share a number of physical features. Both twins have naturally curly dark brown hair (Coco's is long and flowing while her brother's is far shorter) as well as chocolate brown eyes. Both have athletic physiques, thin and lean (Coco does trend towards curvaceous while Christian does not. For obvious reasons), Coco standing 5'7'' while her brother is six feet even. They are both incredible fashion snobs, their outfits trending towards elegant and expensive. Emphasis on expensive.

Personality: The siblings are very similar people. Both are loud, obnoxious, combative, confident and a bit crass. The real difference lies in how the siblings handle adversity. Coco is much cooler under pressure, handling it with a clever quip, a bit of sarcasm and talking her way out of it. Christian has a temper issue. They are both hardcore caffeine addicts.

History: TBR

Wish: Coco wants beauty of all kinds. Christian wants money and power.


Coco's theme:
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIZ8lLtsQWo

Christian's theme:
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3MqmV47Lq8
Name: Roman Jones
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Appearance: Roman stands at 6'2 with dark skin, short black hair and dark brown eyes. He usually wears a pair of square-shaped glasses and has an athletic built. He also always carries a golden watch around his wrist.

Personality: Roman tends to be keep things to himself, preferring to stay quiet during most situations unless he has something in his mind that he wants to add. He's not shy by any means and can let loose when he wants to but he also has the feeling that he has to try and be responsible. This has led to him being really self-reliant and try and do things himself.

History: To be revealed

Wish: to revive someone
@Flaze; You're accepted.

We have our players now, so i'll set up the stage tomorrow.

I'll mention you all when I have the start up Posted.
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