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Rising Fist leaks online: Translations forthcoming on Bulbapedia

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Nov 13, 2005
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Rising Fist leaks online: Translations forthcoming on Bulbapedia

With Pokémon fans busting open their boxes of the newest Japanese expansion, Rising Fist, the entire setlist and card scans have been trickling online in the days preceding the official release. The official release date is June 14.

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I really wish I were fluent in Japanese so I could read and translate these cards. I'd sure like to know what each of these Pokémon bring to the table.

I believe I was at least able to translate one card: that Herb Energy. This is what I believe the card says:

You can only attach this card to a Grass-type Pokémon. This card provides Grass Energy.

When you attach this card from your hand to one of your Grass-type Pokémon, heal 30 damage from that Pokémon.

Discard this card if the Pokémon this card is attached to is no longer Grass-type.

Seems pretty cool, but I don't think it'll be as good as the Fighting type's Strong Energy.
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