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Roast the user above's favorite Pokemon character!

what the hell even ARE malasadas?!

crazy how the og professor was so boring they had to make an expy of her

mr shy guy over there pales in comparison to the gigachad Bea, all I'm sayin'

nice shy guy cosplay, runt. when are you gonna tell us why your parents named you "onion"?
how lame do you have to be to make a COLOR your personality?!

N must stand for Neglect because of the way you've been treated. the fifteenth trauma dump and psychedelic comments from you aren't gonna make me care much more just so you know.

("N must stand for Neglect" i am so stealing that)
every single nuzlocker in the entire world hates your guts jsyk

so you're dog's dying, huh? Skill issue my dude. Go make your weird ass sandwiches with someone else you wannabe subway employee

Who does your hair? The main character of Fire Emblem Engage?

I'm not even lying right now his hair is my least favorite part of him.. I'm so sorry but it just bothers me
i get why she disbanded team star but imagine being the leader of a group of teenagers wreaking havoc on a whole country. that's so sick and she threw it away

oh my god
why did he join team skull in the first place. what is that haircut.

oh boy. her entire arc is about being bullied, yet she gets annoyed by arven's parents dying? does she think other people having shit lives insinuates that trauma is a competition? god, reel in your ego.
i bet he uses reddit

"nebby get in the bag get in the bag nebby nebby nebby bag get in the bag nebby bag nebbag"

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No Lusamine, I'm 16, I eat unhappy meals now. Emo bro does not sell it for me, Piers does it way better in Galar.

Get some backbone woman, you're about as frail as a Caterpie. Character development in the story? Where? I barely see it behind her shy ass.

Not much going on with you Marnie, you're as standard an emo girl can get. Come back to me when you get some character.

bgvsjnsdnhc IT HURTS-
oh whoops I completely forgot I was too busy sobbing like a damn baby my bad-
imagine being the champion and not only still choosing to specialize in a type, but picking WATER. anyone who chose treecko at the start is gonna sweep yo ass wallace

worst fit of the team star admins fr (except penny i suppose..)

Why the mask? You afraid that people will see you for who you really are? The most forgettable Team Star admin? Thats what I thought. You better Hasta La Vistart packing your bags for when someone cooler comes around to take your position? (Darn it ghost)
You think professional beatboxing or whatever is a career? What?

Professor Rowan
hate to break it to you but half of the pokemon professors are interchangable old men
You think professional beatboxing or whatever is a career? What?
think you confused ortega with giacomo there

ortega again
Oh. Rich fairy boy. Oops...Right. Not even the best type in the game can keep you from being mixed up with cooler members.

Uh Volkner why you are depressed and sitting like you’re a disgruntled McDonald’s employee? And then you make a blackout? Oh yeah that’s a lot of fun except when I can’t even visit the town

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