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Roast the user above's favorite Pokemon character!

this bitch fr thinks "nuh uh" and "cuz i said so" count as arguments (im so sorry i love zinnia and actually think she was right) (aside from the rayquaza thing but i still understand why she did it)

Who names their kid after a color? His and Red's parents probably know each other and hate their kids equally.

her most used website would be ao3 and that isn't a good thing

the pokemon he's obsessed over isn't even the type he specializes in. why doesn't he just switch to fire or flying? is he stupid?
i'm quoting a meme, morty is great

(Oh snap I actually like this character)
Hey Rika... your glasses should be part of your main outfit

you're a big fat meanie!!!!

Her eyebrows are about as short as the amount of screentime she got in the game. :swirlix:

Is she a recent gen fire starter with that weird thing on her nose?

i had to look him up to figure out who that is, doesn't look familiar despite me being big into the anime. thus, he must not be memorable.

this guy needs to get a damned life. or just start thinking with his head instead of his pants. either's fine.

what are those clothes... how come elesa didn't force her to wear smth else

literally just a young guzma, right down to their shared status as soundcloud rappers!

A bit on the nose that the water gym leader from Britain is named after the loch ness monster don't ya think

i'm not even lying whenever i see someone mention professor laventon i just imagine professor layton.

Headphones are too hard to find, and besides, why does she have two of the same Pokémon? We get it, you like Emolga a lot. So does Iris (I’ll explain) and so do I, but you don’t see me trying to have TWO of the same Pokémon on my team, do you?

And speaking of which, Iris.
this guy needs to get a damned life. or just start thinking with his head instead of his pants. either's fine.
Yo why did this make me laugh. So true.
like milkshayke said, pretty stupid for the champion of the hoenn region to specialize in a single type that can be countered by two types that are extremely abundant everywhere

this loser knows that he's wrong but tries pushing his point anyway, that's the most annoying kind of person ever. even his bitchy sister was able to own up to her mistakes.... even having realized he's selfish for it, he's fine with trying to take ogerpon (a living creature with feelings) for himself anyway when she's clearly way more attached to the player. just for the sake of his own ego.
oh and having mentioned carmine... kieran? more like kie-roach. boy is so spineless he's an invertebrate.

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