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Roast the user above's favorite Pokemon!

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Dec 12, 2022
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  1. He/Him
You loved @milkshayke in Roast the user above's favorite Pokemon character! So now get ready... for the same but with pokemon! The rules are simple

1. Roast the pokemon above you. Make sure you roast the pokemon, not the user!

2. Post one of your own favorite Pokemon

Other than that standard F&G apply

It seems the user above does not like any pokemon...

You look like a potato with legs....seriously. For some reason you don't have much of tail despite it being essential to a beaver shaped creature.....you actually look more like a hamster. And you're so fat that if you fell to the ground you'd bounce more than an Igglybuff.

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You've manged to beat Kabutops in the best Grim Reaper lookalike contest. Now go and scythe a lawn.

Useless Pokémon with bad stats, bad moves, and a bad ability. Carnivine is just lucky it's cute

It looks like it is being weighed down by its whipped cream hat thing, despite its complete lack of neck. Or maybe that is the reason for its necklessness?

Looks like a character from the animated show The Frutties only with wings that remind me of tampons.

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