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Rocketshipping General Discussion

misses Alola
Oct 14, 2008
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Didn't Kojirou's va mention that they might bring back fun stuff like crossdressing in this new series in those quotes that they posted on the Anipoke twitter just a while back? Maybe they're taking inspiration from the OS? The new motto gives off vibes from those days.

Loved that this artist noticed the hand hold too :bulbaLove:
View: http://twitter.com/yoshiiiika/status/1193534643896606720
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Jan 5, 2017
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Although I'm not one to see things through a straight lens when it comes to shipping, I am in COMPLETE support of this pairing. I've been a fan of Rocketshipping since the series' start and I am convinced these two are made for each other. :bulbaLove: They perfectly complement one another and their chemistry and shared struggles are what makes James/Jesse not only compelling, but an enjoyable pair to advocate. Rocketshipping or bust!