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Cancelled Games (ROLE CREATION/SIGNUPS) Grand Idea Mafia (9/4/21)

41. Guide (ordinarily Town but could be otherwise aligned)

Each Night, the Guide may target a player. That player will be immune to redirection on that night. However, if an action targets the guided player that has other effects in addition to redirecting, only the redirecting will be prevented and the other effects will still happen.
42. Coven Necromancer
Each night, you may raise a dead player's body from the grave to use their abilities for the night. You may only use each player's abilities once. Note: This is not a revival. This is more similar to a redirection that targets a dead player instead of a living player.

With the Necronomicon, you can instead summon a ghoul to attack the player of your choice.

See post 21 for a description of the Coven.
43. Coven Hex Master
Each night, you may hex a player. Hexed players will investigate as a member of the Coven.

Once all living non-Coven players have been hexed, every hexed player will be dealt an attack that pierces all forms of protection.

With the Coven, you gain the ninja modifier and hexed players are also dealt a normal attack the night you hex them (the hex still remains if they survive the normal attack).

See post 21 for a description of the Coven.
44. 2x Lightning Rod
Twice, you may redirect all night actions to yourself
Roles with unspecified alignments will be randomized between Town, Mafia, and Survivor wincon
45. Pokémon Trainer
Each day, you may choose someone to battle on Pokémon Showdown the following night. The host must spectate this battle, or it will be rendered null and void.

If your opponent loses the battle, they will die. They will be informed of this. The same does not happen if you lose.

You win and exit the game upon winning two Pokémon battles
46. Town Watcher

For roles that were stated to be primarily one alignment but possibly another, will they have a large chance of being the primary alignment and a slight chance of being another? :unsure:
47. Town Cop
46. Town Watcher

For roles that were stated to be primarily one alignment but possibly another, will they have a large chance of being the primary alignment and a slight chance of being another? :unsure:
They'll be primary alignment
48. Coven Sorcerer
Each night, you may visit a player. If any of your teammates use a killing ability but fail to successfully kill that night, you will attack your target.

With the Necronomicon, you will attack your target regardless of whether or not your teammates successfully kill.

See post 21 for a description of the Coven.
49. Grave Robber (primarily Town)

Each Night, the Grave Robber may visit a dead player and attempt to plunder their grave. If the dead player had any items left in their possession upon death, the Grave Robber will receive them.
50. Cult Leader
Named Jester. Flips as a Cult Leader instead of as a Jester.

Is informed of its actual wincon.
51. Lottery Host (any alignment)

One Night during the game, the Lottery Host may spin their wheel to determine a winner. At random, one living player (besides themselves) will be changed from their current role and alignment into a Lottery Winner. The Lottery Winner instantly wins and leaves the game.
53. Soup Arsonist
Each night, you may submit a guess as to what you think each living player's role is. Correctly-guessed players will be doused. You will be informed of who you successfully doubt.

You can choose to ignite all doused players instead of soup dousing new players.

You are bulletproof.

Standard Neutral Arsonist wincon.
Freelance Inventor
During any phase, so long as you do not have any standing contracts or currently on-going negotiations, you may choose to negotiate a contract with another player. The host will open a chat between you and the other player, which will remain open for the duration of the contract (if the contract is refused, the chat is closed immediately).
In this chat, you and the other player will set terms for the contract, which must include a set duration for the contract. Any other terms are optional. The other player may refuse a contract at any point during the negotiations. If an agreement is not reached by the end of the phase the contract negotiations begin, the contract is assumed refused. You may reach out to a player who refused a contract in the next phase. You may reach out to another player during the same phase the first player you contact refuses during. Either player breaking the terms will render the contract null and void. Either player's death will render the contract null and void.
Contracts take effect as soon as negotiations are complete; when the contract takes effect, your wincon becomes linked to your employeer's wincon until the end of the contract- you will win when they do. During the last phase of a contract, you may discuss extending the contract with your current employer- an extended contract will use the same chat as previously; small changes to terms can be made. If you choose not to do this, you must choose a different player for your next contract.

You may invent an item with a name and effect of your choice and give it to another player each night (effects may be veto-ed at host's discretion. All effects are one-use). Any item you invent can be passed to another player, used by the person it is given to, or held for an indefinite period of time. The holder of the item will be told the item's name, however will not be told the item's effect until using it. (They will know that they are allowed to pass it.)

You win and leave the game when the player you have a active contract with wins.
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26. Town Ninja Strongman
You have no night or day action. However, if you somehow get a kill, it will be unstoppable and undetectable.
Also a reminder to not do roles that depend on another role's existence, considering that there's no guarantee that role will exist.
doesn't this role depend on another role's existence to give it a kill though? lol
58. Mafia CCCP Agent
You receive a list of who each member of the Town visits each night. You are not told their identities, just their targets.

Example result: "A member of the Town visited [player] last night."
59. The Asshole
Once per Night you can target someone, that person receives the Loser modifier.
Whenever you die, give a Loser modifier to a living player of your choice.

Win Condition:
You win the game when at least 1/3 of the total players lose the game due to Loser modifiers (rounded down).


Players with the Loser modifier get the following added to their role(s):
  • You must stay alive until the end of the game to win, regardless of your win condition. This does not override your previous win condition, you must fulfill both to win.
  • Whenever you die, give a Loser modifier to a living player of your choice.
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60. Day/Night Amnesiac (any alignment)

On any one Night or Day phase during the game, the Amnesiac may choose a dead player. The Amnesiac’s role and powers (but not alignment) will be changed to match the original role of the dead player.
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