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Cancelled Games (ROLE CREATION/SIGNUPS) Grand Idea Mafia (9/4/21)

61. Mimic (any alignment)
Each night, the Mimic will copy the role of the player who died (first person who died if more than 1.) If a role has already been copied, that role gets replaced by the new copied role. This role cannot copy a Mafia role.
63. Town Mayor (ToS Version)
At any point during the day, you may reveal yourself as the Mayor, publicly revealing your role and tripling your voting power. You cannot undo this.

Once revealed, Doctors and modifications thereof will no longer be able to protect you.
64. Clocksmith (town)
Each night, you may make a pocketwatch and give it to another player. In the cover of the pocketwatch, you may place the following two things:
-One item (per pocketwatch) that you've received from another player.
-A note to the player you're sending it to.
You can place both of these things inside each pocketwatch. If the item you placed in the pocketwatch came with a note, that note will also go with the pocketwatch.
65. Beginning Reporter (any alignment)
Each night phase, you may write an article (message), which will appear in the following day's mid-day votals. (If they aren't set to happen specifically at midday then just votals in the general vicinity of that time.)
Once per game, you may choose to have your messages appear at each of the beginning and end of the day (these are separate and can both used in the same game).
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