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Rules Roleplaying Rules

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Feb 6, 2012
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Hello and welcome, one and all!

For newcomers: the Writers' Workshop is also home to the forum's roleplaying threads. Whether you're looking to take part in some classic script RPs, or you're trying to write a more prosaic collaborative story, here's where you can host and participate in such things. We don't have rules about how roleplay ought to go or anything like that, but we do have some rules about conduct and procedure that we'd like you to be familiar with. You can find them below.

For old hands in the former RPG section: these are the new rules for the Roleplaying section as at the 25th of April, 2020. They're very much the same gist as the old rules, but we'd still appreciate everyone reading this post in full.

We in the Writers' Workshop moderation team hope that roleplaying in the subforum will be a good time for everyone involved, so if you have any questions about the rules, don't hesitate to ask a moderator about it.

1. Global rules still apply to RP.

2. The host of an RP is responsible for the thread.
  • Within an RP thread, the host is sole mediator and has authority over player conduct and the progression of the roleplay.
  • Hosts cannot use this authority to supersede the rules set down in this post, nor to overrule forum moderators.
  • RP participation is at the host's discretion, and users are not to participate in RP without the approval of the host.
  • The host is responsible for setting the rating for the thread, and should flair the thread on creation.

3. Maintain good out-of-character conduct.
  • User conduct should be cooperative, conscientious, and considerate, even when roleplayed character conduct is not.
  • Always be respectful of other users, and mindful that their characters' actions and words are not their own actions and words.
  • If you believe that another player's conduct is in poor taste or demonstrates bad character, that is a matter for your host.

4. Do not roleplay to get around the rules.
  • Users may not use roleplaying to circumvent forum rules by couching rulebreaking behaviour as "in character."
  • Hosts are not responsible for enforcing forum rules, and should report rulebreaking behaviour rather than acting as a moderator.
  • If you believe a roleplay participant is targeting another player provocatively or to harass them, you should report it in addition to bringing it to the host's attention.

5. All roleplay threads require a signup thread.
  • Make your signup threads first, in the Roleplaying Signups section.
  • Your signup thread must indicate the rating of your roleplay and your rules of conduct.
  • It is recommended that they include the desired number of participants and an informative description.
  • You may use signup threads as OOC discussion threads even after signup is complete.

6. Avoid unnecessarily bumping inactive threads.
  • "Necroposting," or the act of ressurecting "dead" threads by bumping to the front page, is a form of spam that clutters internet forums.
  • Please do not needlessly post in threads that have been inactive for some time, as a courtesy to people looking for genuinely active roleplays.
  • The moderation team may lock threads at their discretion to maintain the relevancy of the front page.