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MEMO: RP Directory

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Games' started by Yun, Mar 20, 2016.

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    The RP Directory is the one-stop thread to find all active RPs in the section. Search through the list to find something that strikes your fancy.

    Newest RPs

    Clone Trouble: You and your friends's relationship has finally restores itself from the crumbling rubble that it was 2 years ago. But boy, someone just wants to ruin the relationship. That person secretly cloned Lucas, pitted him against Barry, and earned him the reputation of "hothead." But Barry's not stupid.

    A.D.L.A.D. (Academy Dedicated to Learning About Dungeons): In a world of exclusively pokemon, every young pokemon dreams of being an explorer. A.D.L.A.D. is considered the worst of them. However a new class is starting, attending their last hope at achieving their dreams.

    Digimon Command Function: Same digimon, same world, a brand new adventure with new chosen children. Travel through the digital world with your own digimon partner, as well as some new friends from all over the world.
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