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Spoilers Rumours/Fakes/Leaks Discussion Thread (V2)

Well-Known Member
Jul 25, 2017
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but,what did ohmori mean with fastest information?
Maybe something like a Z-Move that increases speed, or a Ultra Beasts that has the highest speed stat?
The show guy says the same thing, it could be just something context-related that only japanese people can understand because they're familiar with the use of that phrase

But some people say that that's just their catch phrase for having any footage at all, so.... I certainly hope it's not a z- move though....just stop, already revealed 2 of them and showed us that it makes the game crash in doubles, focus on something else, we already got that the games will have multiple new z things
The Dragon Lord!
Jul 28, 2016
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I really hope we can see a new Alola form or new pokemon, but if we see no alola form on Oha Suta show or corocoro this month then I give up on new alola form, (sure it always nov corocoro)
Here to ride the rumor train.
Aug 9, 2016
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At best, I'd expect a new z-move, but probably just counting on a little more of the necrozma story being spoiled instead. XD

*has the lowest expectations for these games*
Aug 29, 2016
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Something that i noticed from an HD video of Milan battle...

The trainer battle bar is blue,when the wild mons bar is green...Noice i must say
Sobble fan :3
Aug 11, 2017
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I hope it's something big. They have undersold the game as of yet. while I am still excited for the game, many aren't and some new Alolan forms or something similar might change that.