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SPOILERS: Rumours/Fakes/Leaks Discussion Thread (V2)

Shiny Hunter
Aug 26, 2016
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What if they literally don't reveal anything until release?

In contrast with what they did in SM where they revealed literally everything, save for like 5 Pokemon, 4 Alolan forms, and 3 Ultra Beasts.

Couldn't even keep goddamn Marshadow a secret long enough.
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Well-Known Member
May 13, 2014
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Fake-makers always forget that Corocoro never shows silouettes outside the cover...

The news have to be dropped in Monday or Thursday, or else they would be running the risk of Corocoro revealing the news. Of course, Corocoro won in October 2016, and there's the possibility of it don't having news.
Well-Known Member
Apr 8, 2015
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What if they literally don't reveal anything until release?

In contrast with what they did in SM where they revealed literally everything, save for like 5 Pokemon, 4 Alolan forms, and 3 Ultra Beasts.
You do realize that'd be bad for promoting the games, right? They need to release info to get people to want to buy/preorder the games.

Couldn't even keep goddamn Marshadow a secret long enough.
And they couldn't keep the Mythicals a secret likely since the beginning of the franchise, so I'm confused why you're saying this. Marshadow being known is no different than us having known Arceus, Genesect, Deoxys, or Volcanion for a few years.
Shiny Hunter
Aug 26, 2016
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You do realize that'd be bad for promoting the games, right? They need to release info to get people to want to buy/preorder the games.

And they couldn't keep the Mythicals a secret likely since the beginning of the franchise, so I'm confused why you're saying this. Marshadow being known is no different than us having known Arceus, Genesect, Deoxys, or Volcanion for a few years.
You didn't quite understand what I meant, but ohkay.
Well-Known Member
Apr 21, 2010
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The problem with anime revealing is dub isn't even close
That wouldn't matter at all--it's never stopped them before. Like I said, if the anime did the initial reveal, they would internationally release an announcement video afterwards. New Pokemon have been revealed by the anime from time to time since the 90's, and Japan has obviously always gotten those weeks/months ahead. So that's a non-issue.

That didn't stop Origins with Mega Charizard X, though that wasn't the main series and was a lot closer to XY's release than we are to USM's release right now.
Didn't stop Ho-Oh, Togepi, and others.
dark types tbh
Aug 20, 2016
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Also I don't believe any corocoro leak that doesn't occur between the 9-15th of the month.
THE Pokemon Master
May 9, 2010
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This month we may get CoroCoro as early as the 8th. In August CoroCoro comes out on the 12th due to a Japanese holiday. So this time it will come early, but it's unlikely we'll get anything before the 8th. It's possible maybe the 7th, but that's stretching it.
Well-Known Member
Aug 28, 2008
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The problem with Anime revealing is dub isn't even close
That wouldn't matter at all--it's never stopped them before. Like I said, if the anime did the initial reveal, they would internationally release an announcement video afterwards. New Pokemon have been revealed by the anime from time to time since the 90's, and Japan has obviously always gotten those weeks/months ahead. So that's a non-issue.
Didn't stop Ho-Oh, Togepi, and others.
Yes I agree with DoctorWhy let's assume the anime does indeed reveal new Lycanroc form that's never been seen before.

I highly DOUBT there won't be some kind of announcement video or some kind of game announcement, or some kind of official website update revealing information, even Coro-Coro might have something.

They did spoil Ash was going to get an Ash-Greninja, so a new form Lycanroc isn't impossible.

Fake-makers always forget that Corocoro never shows silouettes outside the cover...
I'm not doubting there being a fake because honestly the only rumor/hoax I would believe right now would be ENTIRELY about new form Lycanroc and images of it (and no I don't mean the diamond mane/golden claws one either which was obviously fake), but I could've swore there was a CoroCoro that did in fact have a silhouette on the the cover. Maybe not recently, might have been around 5th generation, maybe even 4th.

But I vaguely remembering a silhouette on the cover of a Pokemon that was revealed in the actual issue.

It's possible I'm mixing memories of actual silhouettes of Pokemon that we've seen, but I'm certain I remember something like that being on the cover of CoroCoro.
Nuzlocke Lover
Oct 15, 2015
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What if all the "mysterious" toys are just existing Pokémon, there is at least a new Lycanroc form and there really isn't any news until release?
Simpler times ahead
Dec 6, 2008
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Midday Lycanroc+Midnight Lycanroc Fur and coloring+badass green eyes=Twilight Lycanroc? Hell yeah, I can dig it. Just don't be silly and make it rock/dark.

I doubt Lycanroc is the only news, come on. At the very least names and boxart of the legendaries should pop up.
Well-Known Member
Nov 29, 2012
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So a hybrid of sorts, well OK, I hope it looks good and isn't just some mish-mash of the two, though I do like the green eyes at least.

I doubt Lycanroc is the only news, come on. At the very least names and boxart of the legendaries should pop up.
GF: Here you go!

Tune in next month for the names of the legendaries!
Aug 5, 2017
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Hello everyone! Im
With new games come new rumors and leaks, so thought we should have a new thread for them :D I'll try and keep the OP updated again will all the leaks that appear.

Note: Please only use this thread to discuss rumors, fakes, or leaks. This includes unconfirmed info/drawings/coro coro pages that are circulating. Speculation about confirmed info or your own guesses/predictions about what the games are going to be like belong in the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Confirmed or any other thread in the USUM or Pokémon Video Games section that fits the subject.


Text in this color is confirmed fake info.
Text in this color is confirmed real info.

USUM Wishlist (March 28th):

Things I want for the third version of SM:
  • New pokes, new alola forms, new UBs
  • More baddies from old versions return, especially Giovanni
  • Lusamine takes a chill pill
  • A better battle facility like PWT or battle factory
  • More Z-moves and new forms for Necrozma
  • Cut the camera feature (Poké Finder)
  • To be released on 3DS
  • Hau to have better clothing and pull a Blue
Note: Even though this is a wishlist, the user chose the name 'USUM' which are the initials of Ultra Sun and Moon which were announced two months after this post.
Nahentis Pokémon Announcements (April 29th):
  • An announcement is coming before May 21st.
  • Nintendo has planned three new Pokémon games for 3DS and Switch, two of them are dual versions.
  • Tags used in material for the game were: "pokémon", "sun", "moon", "eclipse", "ultra". So the games could be Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon & Eclipse or Eclipse Sun, Eclipse Moon & Ultra Eclipse. No other combinations made sense in my opinion.
  • The Switch game/s and 3DS game/s will be compatible with each other, but will not feature direct multiplayer gameplay.
  • All three versions will have largely the same content except some missing features in the 3DS game/s. Two of the Switch exclusive features are: shooting arena minigame and visible secondary characters in overworld.
  • Release dates for the game are November 3rd and November 22nd. The games are released simultaneously, so the dates are probably different release dates for different regions.
  • The Switch versions are not full HD.
  • Nintendo is demo-ing a special online campaign for this game.
Chinese Leak 2.0 (June 6th, before Nintendo Direct):
A guy from a Chinese forum said he had played the full game. He hinted two key words, U and Rainbow, before the USUM trailer was released.
1.The story will happen in an alternate universe. You moved to alola 1 year later than you did in SuMo.
2.League was built and the Champion is a mysterious guy.
3.There is a group of people called Rainbow, which is a renewed version of an old organization with some old characters.
4. Lillie will surprise you a lot.
Ultra Leaker Leak (June 7th):
  • The New forms are Ultra Solgaleo and Ultra Lunala.
  • Ultra Solgaleo is Psychic/Fire, has ability Ultra Body, Like Contrary but Positive Stat Boosts are still positive, but negative is flipped.
  • Ultra Lunala is Psychic/Dark, Ultra Shield, Works like Shadow Shield but until 50% instead of if at 100%.
  • There are 6 other Ultra Forms.
  • Ultra Lycanroc Midday and Ultra Lycanroc Midnight: Midday is Rock/Fighting, and Ultrafast is it's ability, Steadfast but it cancels the flinch as well. Midnight makes it so No Guard only affects opponent.
  • Then, Ultra Starters have Ultra Overgrow, Ultra Blaze, Ultra Torrent, affects there second type.
  • Finally, Ultra Necrozma. The parts that are covered by Necrozma parts are attached to Necrozma for a crazy amalgamation that has Ultra Prism Armor, which makes all attacks due normal damage to Necrozma.
  • There are 10 trials and 5 Grand Trials, a 5th island contains 5th grand trial.
  • The last major difference is Pokemon Follow you.
María Leaks (June 24th):

Other info was added in later posts, here’s a summary:
  • Ultra Evolutions: are pretty similar to Mega Evolution, but they activate by “parental bond”. Some Pokémon getting this are A-Ninetales (Lillie form), Incineroar, Primarina, Decidueye, and Arcanine.
  • After Ultra Evolving, Primarina will be much faster, Incineroar bulkier, and Decidueye faster and with better attack.
  • Mega Evolution and Ultra Evolution will be enabled for the VGC 2018 tournament format.
  • The story revolves around two new Ultra Beasts that appear from a steel/metallic dimension to destroy all natural environments. They want to end organic life to only let inorganic steel species from their ‘dimension’ live there. The environment is destroyed, burnt, or poisoned depending on the place.
  • Necrozma thinks their methods are evil and appears from the same dimension to ally with Solgaleo and Lunala to stop them.
  • The two new Ultra Beasts are a purple iron wasp (Steel/Poison) in Ultra Moon, and a red iron scorpion (Steel/Fire) in Ultra Sun.
  • The wasp’s Ability is Toxicity, which poisons all adjacent Pokémon on the battlefield, even teammates. It makes it immune to Inferno.
  • The scorpion’s Ability is Inferno, which burns all adjacent Pokémon on the battlefield. It makes it immune to Toxicity.
  • The player characters get more oufits.
  • Delphox and Chesnaught get a Mega Evolution. Greninja has an Ultra Evolution. Mega Delphox is quadruped and has blue fire in each one of its two tails. Mega Chesaught gets two gloves of quills.

New Alola forms:
  • Alolan Johto Starters:
- Alolan Chikorita line: Grass/Fairy. Chikorita has a little horn that resembles the necklace of its original version. It has flowers as a necklace now and gets a kind of unicorn horn as it evolves. Meganium has wings and a flower necklace.
- Alolan Totodile line: Water/Dark. Totodile turns black, yellow and blue. It poses like holding his hands all the time. Feraligatr has teeth like a sabre-toothed tiger.
- Alolan Cyndaquil line: Fire/Ground. Typhlosion has a volcano on its back.
  • Other Johto mons are also getting Alola forms.
  • Alolan Legendary Beasts:
- Suicune (Ice) has the Ability Cold Aura (50% less damage from Fire- and Poison-type moves, extra damage from Steel-type moves. Stats: +atk, +def, -speed, -sp.atk.
- Entei (Dark) has the Ability Night Aura (50% less damage from Fairy- and Electric-type moves, extra damage from Ghost-type moves). Stats: +speed, +sp.atk, +sp.df, -atk.
- Raikou (Steel) has the Ability Luminic Aura (50%less damage from Steel- and Dark-type moves, extra damage from Electric-type moves). Stats: +def, +sp.def, +atk, -sp.atk, -speed.
  • Alolan Teddiursa (Dark) has the Ability Intimidate and has bulkier stats distribution. Alolan Ursaring also has the Ability Intimidate.
  • Alolan Sentret (Normal/Fairy) has the Ability Sweet Veil, while Alolan Furret has Prankster. Sentret has a flower necklace, Furret has pink fur in its tail and it’s hugging it all the time. It’s a bit faster and has higher sp.def and speed, but poor offensive stats. It learns Sweet Scent that heals half hp and raises sp.def.
  • Alolan Shuckle is Poison/Ground type.
  • Alolan Hoothoot is Flying/Psychic type.
  • Alolan Ponyta (Fairy) is a blue/pink Pegasus, with Gale Wings as its Ability. Its Alolan forms was discovered while helping the Pokémon to survive from contamination/fire.
  • Alolan Chikorita and Sentret appear on the same route, which is a magic flower field. You can also find Shaymin (not in the wild) and Florges here.

Anonymous 4chan Leak (June 24th):


NOTE: A lot of this info was posted under the OP. Since the OP is anonymous, it's possible that not all of this info is written by the OP.

  • Ultra Sun/Moon are like Platinum; most is basically the same but with a few details redone and the store progressing towards Necrozma.
  • Necrozma has been circulating Earth to gather enough energy to go back to Ultra Space, since it was summoned to Earth by accident by AZ thousands of years ago. It has become partially a Pokémon for living on Earth for thousands of years, so it wants to contact it’s co-Ultra Beasts in Ultra Space to invade Earth and make it a part of Ultra Space.
  • Since Solgaleo/Lunala are the only ones that can open portals, Necrozma infects either and controls them against their will to use them to gather all Ultra Beasts to Earth for an invastion.
  • Lillie does not go to Kanto at the end of the game and Lusamine doesn’t end up unconscious.
  • Gyms are now present in the open lots in the original games and are needed to complete the main story.
  • Island Trials are now post-game quests. The Trial sites are still there, excluding Ilima’s trial site which is now on Ten-Carat Hill. The Jungle is now a legendary site for one of the beast trio. Other trials are still there along with Mina and Acerola.
  • The Pokémon that appeared in the trailer (such as Mimikyu and Togedemaru) are not Island Trials, they give exclusive Z-Crystals.
  • Kahuna’s are still in the game and hold their Grand Trials post-game.
  • You’ll have to battle Aether grunts/admins to collect Zygarde Cells and Cores. Collecting these is now required to finish the main story.
  • There’s cutscenes for Zygarde vs Guzzlord, Solgaleo/Lunala vs Necrozma, and Ultra Beasts vs Island Guardians.
  • The Island Guardians will be required to catch through the main story.
  • You will have to defeat Aether Admins on give islands with Ultra Beasts: Faba/Kartana on Melemele, Helga/Pheromosa on Akala, Lest/Xurxitree on Ula Ula, Wicke/Buzzwole on Poni, and Aris/Celesteela in Aether Paradise.
  • The National Dex is present ingame from the start. The original SM dex is expanded.
  • Mega Stones can be bought and move tutors are present in the Battle Frontier.
  • All Aether Admins (except Aris) can be battled post-game, just like Plumeria, Kukui, and Guzma. Gym Leaders and Trial Captains are available in the Battle Tree, Battle Cave, and the Battle Frontier.
  • There are more places to visit, but no new island. The recurring islands have an expanded layout and have more new areas to explore.
  • Victory Road is expanded through Lanakila Mountain's interior passage.
  • The golf course is now open to public and has a mini golf game with Kahili.
  • The guy from the Fossil Restoration Center has built his park, called Archaic Grove. You can mine for fossils in a cave in it and restore them.
  • Lanakila and the volcano are further expanded with interior maps and Pokémon.
  • There’s a portal to Ultra Space in Resolution Cave and we get to explore more of Ultra Space (an expanded version like the Distortion World).
  • We don’t return to Kalos and the S.S. Anne also doesn’t come back.
  • Most routes and mountains have enhanced background details.
  • There will be a smaller Battle Frontier, which will be similar to the BF of Platinum, only short by two Battle Facilities. It has a Battle Palace, Battle Hall and Battle Park, and also includes Battle Royale. It’s a sort of resort and it will have new characters
  • There will be a Battle Cave added alongside the Battle Tree. It’s exactly like the Battle Tree but is underground and rental battles have returned.
  • Mega Evolution does come back in a sense, in the form of Umbra Evolution. It’s a combination of Z-Moves and Mega Evolution, though Umbra Evolution is only applicable to Solgaleo and Lunala. A specific Z-Crystal which originated from Necrozma is given and activates when the Z-Crystal is twisted. Solgaleo and Lunala then Umbra Evolve into Ultra Solgaleo/Lunala by letting Necrozma attach itself to its host through the Z-Crystal.
  • When Solgaleo and Lunala Umbra Evolve, Prism Armor is distributed to both, stats are upgraded, and they get their own Z-Moves (Ultra Sunsteel Strike and Ultra Moongeist Beam). They must have the moves Unstreel Strike or Moongeist Beam in their moveset to trigger the Z-Crystal.
  • Poké Pelago is now added to the Rotom Dex as an option on the bottom screen, and Rotom replaces the position of Mohn.
  • We can still defend our Champion title.
  • Walking Pokémon does not return.
  • Festival Plaza is not improved aesthetically but more items will be available through it.
  • The Pikachu Park is merely a commemoration for Pikachu. It’s a place where you can leave your Pikachu and its happiness and level will increase once. It’s like a daycare exclusive for Pikachu. There are also minigames you can play in it for items.
  • Customization is further enhanced with more clothing options. There are version exclusive clothes, like a Solgaleo tee for Sun and Lunala tee for Moon. There’s also a few new clothing options similar to past protagonists, like May’s bandana, Red’s FRLG top, Team Aqua/Magma shirt, etc.
  • The Poké Finder has not changed but more Pokémon will appear in certain places that were not native in the original games.

Changes to Sun/Moon characters:
  • Most character from Sun and Moon are completely similar, except for Lillie, Plumeria, Guzma and Lusamine.
  • Lillie’s role in the game is quite similar, the only difference being that she finds Cosmog herself and hasn’t run away from Aether Paradise with it. You can battle her now, during the main story once with the third starter and an Alolan Vulpix, and again with her full team at the Aether Foundation post-game.
  • Guzma has left Team Skull to Plumeria and is now a Pokémon Trainer on his own. He’s sort of a spy between the two teams.
  • Gladion’s role is exactly the same as it was in the original (part of team skull, runaway from his mother). He gets a redesign and helps you tackle Ultra Beasts in the later game.
  • Mohn now plays a role in the story.
  • Sina and Dexio are undercover for the Aether Foundation and return in their Heroes of Kalos outfits. They’re the ones who help you throughout the Aether Foundation raid and give info on Zygarde and where to get its cores.
  • Ryuki is a Dragon-type user and is the last Gym Leader in the game. He plays in a band with a few other members and disbands it right after you defeat the Gym. He goes solo to challenge the Elite Four after this and you battle him again soon after you defeat the Champion, defending your title. He becoming a Dragon-type Trial Captain postgame.
  • Colress is still in the Battle Tree and retains his role in the main store by giving you Flame Charge. He now stays at the hotel on that route afterwards.
  • Most Gym Leaders are are old Trial Captains.
Returning old character:
  • A new feature called the Battle Cave will feature new returning characters: Eusine, Karen, Zinnia, Steven, Phoebe, Crasher Wake, Cheren, Bianca, Az, and Diantha.
  • Diantha is redesigned with a coat and glasses, and Cheren and Bianca not wear summer outfits. Crasher Wake does not get a redesign.
  • Characters that do not return: Lance, Cyrus.
  • The Elite Four retains the same members, but the League now has a champion, a returning female character.
New characters:
  • The Aether Foundation has some new Admins: Lest, Helga, and Aris. Lest and Helga are twins, one with pink hair and the other with blue hair.
  • One of the Gym Leaders is Petunia, a Bug-type specialist. She’s the second Gym Leader.
  • Another Gym Leader is Akamu, a Ground-type users.
  • The Johto starters don’t get any special treatment.
  • We don’t get starters, but we do get Lugia, Ho-oh and the beast trio post-game.
  • There are no new Megas.
  • Necrozma does not get a third form.
  • Gloom now appears in Lush Jungle, Zorua in Paniola Ranch, Krabby in those sand whirls where Sandygast usually appears.
  • Buizel is in the game.
  • Rare Pokemon such as Dhelmise and Mimikyu are still rare, encounter rates are not changed.
Alola Forms
  • Wobbuffet (Psychic/Ghost). It’s purple in color, with the black thing on its back now completely taking control. The black thing is ‘hugging’ its host.
  • Smoochum/Jynx (Grass/Fairy)
  • Remoraid/Octillery (Water/Fire). Alolan Octillery is a slimmer and taller Octillery with blue and yellow colors. It has fins on the side of its head like the handles of a turret (?). Remoraid is colored red and yellow.
  • Ursaring (Normal/Psychic). It has cape-like fur on its back ans is mainly beige in color, with purple tattoo-like symbols on its chest, like a sort of face.
  • Phanpy (Grass), Donphan (Grass/Steel). Phanpy is colored light yellow, almost faded yellow and has pigtails for ears, which are colored brown with a green tip. Donphan is light green colored with faded gray trunks. It has a huge dent on its back for riders. Its ears are larger than before and half of it is covered in leaves, dragging them across the ground. Alolan Donphan is significantly taller than the regular one.
  • Marill/Azumarill (Water/Psychic). Azumarill is very light blue in color while its tummy and inner ears are light pink. It uses its tail as a ‘staff’ and releases water orbs from it. The tail glows in different light colors.
  • Shuckle (Bug/Grass). Resides in an old green-colored coconut with brown patches. Shuckle itself is colored white. When it retracts its head and arms, vines and leaves fill the coconut holes instead to secure protection.
  • Ponyta/Rapidash (Water). They now have mermaid tails, similar to a Hippocampus, and is used as a Ride Pokémon. It’s also a signature Pokémon.
  • Dunsparce (Dragon/Fairy)
  • There are no other Alola Forms.

John Gamefreak III Esq. Leaks (June 25th):
New Alolan forms:
  • Bug/Fighting Ledian (Has boxing gloves)
  • Water/Poison Wooper and Quagsire (They look like they're melting)
  • Fighting Aipom (not much about it is different except its red and has a fist instead of an open hand). Does not evolve and is a gift mon when you buy or renew your Pokémon Bank subscription.
  • Steel/Water Qwilfish (Looks like an naval mine)
  • Ground/Rock Slugma and Magcargo (They're black with rocks in them kind of like asphalt)
  • Dark/Ice Delibird (Looks like a Japanese burglar)
  • Electric Mantine (Looks like an angrier Mantine with yellow on it)
  • Grass/Fairy Bellossom (Has a more tropical motif, flowers, colours, etc)
  • Dark/Psychic Girafarig (The tail faces the same way as the head and is larger/more menacing looking)
  • Water Pineco and Forretress (They look like coral reef/anemone things)
Other info:
  • Gladion escapes with Nebby and Type Null. It is also kind of implied to be a sequel at some points. For example: Lillie works alongside Lusamine. Their lab appears to be legitimate now, Lillie citing a change of heart after a "long needed trip". Gladion seems to think otherwise, hence stealing Nebby. No more Skull. New badguy team.
  • No Island Challenge, there are gyms this time around. Actually, a big part of it is how you and your rival are the first to take on the gym challenge.
  • Guzma is actually a Bug gym leader now in a revitalized Po Town. At first, you fight Plumeria who pretends she's the gym leader until after battle. Some Skull baddies lurk around, but they're just goofy NPCs.
  • There's a group of creepy black and purple spacesuit looking guys called the Prism Corps (Jap. translation). You learn they're a group of Fallers who purposely jump around chasing Necrozma. They're lead by a rather ominous guy named Kussetsu-hakase (translates to Professor Refract roughly; not sure of the English name).
  • Looker is back. Looker also aludes to having followed Prism Corps after "following them to a luxurious cruise" (IT ALL COMES TOGETHER™).
  • Ryuki is in the game, he joined Looker in investigating Prism Corps. He's very headstrong, often rushing into situations when Looker wants to hang back. The chemistry between them is great. Some funny bits. He also becomes fairly key to the story in the climax.
  • The gyms are as followed:
    Ilima: Normal
    Lana: Water
    Kiawe: Fire
    Mallow: Grass
    Guzma: Bug
    Sophocles: Electric
    Mina: Fairy
    Olivia: Rock
  • There are still grand trials. Hala insists on keeping them alive, however, Hau runs the Iki Town trial now.
  • The rival is now basically girl Hau. Think of a dark skinned Bianca.
  • Necrozma fuses with Solgaleo/Lunala and they're not the only ones he can fuse with.
  • Battle Tree is still there, just has a few new trainers from Johto (Falkner, Morty, Eusine and Clair).
  • The Johto starters don't get anything, Lance does not return, and Lillie and Lusamine help the main character at some point in the game.
  • Same Elite 4, except Olivia is replaced with Nanu. Champion is your rival. Your rival is REALLY into the whole Gyms and E4 stuff.
  • Necrozmium-Z can be used to transform Solgaleo, Lunala and some other legendaries into the Necrozma fusions.
Manyura Leaks (June 26th): /vp/ - Pokémon » Thread #32869195
USM Insider Dump Leak (June 28th): /vp/ - Pokémon » Thread #32879853

Confirmed Real
NintenPipe Direct Leak (June 6th):
Famous Chinese leaker NintenPipe claimed on their website that the Pokemon Direct will be about a new game on 3DS and that it will NOT be remakes.

Confirmed Fake
4chan Gladion Leak
(June 5th):
  • The games will be available for both 3DS and Switch and the two versions can communicate with each other
  • Alola will be the setting for the game and Kanto will not make an appearance
  • Characters from Sun & Moon will appear and have grown up since we last saw them
  • Gladion now runs the Aether Paradise
  • Gyms are now present in Alola, with Trials no longer existing
  • No new Pokémon or Mega Evolutions
  • Necrozma receives a new form
  • New exclusive Z-Moves
  • Plot of the game is heavily focused on past events and will feature many cutscenes
  • The game will explain how Necrozma fell into our world
  • Characters are called Kaosu and Hoshi
Pics of Gladion in his new outfit:

Confirmed fake, art was made by artist EMDY.
You can update these information? after all this thread and leaks are subjected of changes