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Rumours/Fakes/Leaks Discussion Thread

Do you like fakes/leaks season?

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    Votes: 226 52.1%
  • Yeah

    Votes: 81 18.7%
  • Doesn't bother me

    Votes: 76 17.5%
  • No

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  • Hate it.

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#1 Wooloo Fan
Apr 10, 2010
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So instead of littering all the other threads with posts about the leaks/fakes, I thought we could amass them all here and discuss them here. It'll make a fun archive to look back on as well.

So see a leak? Post it here and we can discuss it!

To start us off, I just saw this on twitter (from PokeJungle) and thought it was pretty interesting. I love the look of some of these. Especially that horselike creature, which looks like it'd be a Fairy/Ghost to me.


Lurantis Leaks (November 7):
A user named 'Lurantis' on 4chan has an early copy of Moon and is sharing images and info. Bewear, this is legit, actual spoilers below!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

A Twitter with all the images

Pokémon info:
- Rowlet:
lvl5: HP 23/Atk 10/Def 11/SpAtk 10/SpDef 11/Spd 9. Knowns Tackle, Leafage and Growl.
lvl11: learns Astonish
lvl14: HP 46/Atk 21/Def 21/SpAtk 21/SpDef 23/Spd 17
lvl16: evolves into Dartrix.​
- Dartrix lvl16: HP 58/Atk 31/Def 34/SpAtk 31/SpDef 32/Spd 23. Knows Astonish, Leafage, Razor Leaf and Peck.
- Crabrawler is catchable on the first island, it sometimes jumps out of berry piles.
- Pikipek evolves at lvl14, into Trumbeak.
- Trumbeak lvl15: HP 45/Atk 32/Def 26/SpAt 18/SpDef 21/Spd 27. Knows Peck, Supersonic, Echoed Voice and Rock Smash. Ability is Keen Eye.
- Pikipek's final evo is Toucannon (Normal/Flying).
- Wimpod evolution is called Golisopod (Bug/Water).
- Salandit:
Can be caught at Wela Volcano Park.
Took 5 encounters to find a female one, so could be mostly male.
Evolves at lvl33 in Salazzle (Poison/Fire) (note: he evolved a female one, but no confirmation on if only females evolve)​
- Wishiwashi is a good mon, turns into school form when you send it out, doesnt go back to normal until HP is at around 25%.
- Alolan Dugtrio is Ground/Steel. Not Professor Oak mentions Diglett's hair is metallic substance formed like glass due to volcanic eruptions creating magma.
- During the Grass Trial you collect a tiny mushroom, and then a "big mushroom" attacks you. its called Shiinotic, type is Grass/Fairy.
- Lunala is lvl55 when you catch it. HP 232/Atk 146/ Def 116/SpAtk 163/SpDef 125/Spd 127. Knows Moongeist Beam, Cosmic Power, Night Daze and Shadow Ball. Ability is Shadow Shield.
Moves info:
- Leafage has a power of 40, Accuracy of 100 and 40 PP.
- Spirit Shackle is 80 BP.
- Decidium Z turns Spirit Shackle into "Sinister Arrow Raid", Decidueye flies up into the air and shoots a ton of arrows at the enemy. It has 180 BP.
Plot info:
First island:
- Kukui took me outside and told me to find the kahuna. I went up route 1 and to a bridge where Lillie was there with Cosmog, and saved Cosmog from some birds (and then the bridge broke and Tapu Koko rescued me). Now there's a cutscene in town. I still do not have my starter...
- Caught a Pikipek and a Yungoos. At "trainer's school" right now, was told to beat four trainers to proceed and given the Exp. Share (key item, whole party gets experience).
- I completed first trial, Team Skull battles happened during it, think next one is against Hala.
- Hala had Mankey, Makuhita, Crabrawler.
- When you beat the Melemele trial, you get a stamp for "Melemele Trial Completion". With this stamp, all Pokémon up to lvl 35 will obey your every command.

Second island:
- Second island had three trials: vs Totem Wishiwash with Lana, vs Totem Salazzle with Kiawe, vs Totem Lurantis with Mallow, and Grand Trial vs Rock Kahuna Olivia.
- During story you go to Aether Paradise and battle level 27 UB-01, Ultra Beasts are Pokémon from an alternate dimension "ultra space" here through "ultra wormhole". UB-01's type was not shown, grass hit it neutrally, flying hit it not very effective.

Third island:
- Third island has had battle against Guzma, trials against Totem Vikavolt with Sophocles, Totem Mimikyu with Ghost girl, just raided a walled city Team Skull had taken over called "Po Town".
- Mimikyu was the Totem Pokémon for the ghost trial in an abandoned supermarket.
- While I raided Po Town, city Team Skull took over, Plumeria stole Cosmog from Lillie and Gladion has taken Hau and I to the Aether base to try to recover it.
- Aether seems suspect. currently raiding aether base, pretty sure they're evil. will post complete plot summary when I beat plot though.

Other info:
- Exp mechanics are scaling like Gen V.
- You can kind of explore but the game is very linear. Every time you complete an objective a flag gets put on the map showing you where to go next for the story.
- You get Zygarde cube VERY early, at start of second island, zgarde cells are collectable as you play through the game.
- There's a room where you can turn your Zygarde cells into Sygarde 10/50 depending on how many cells/cores you have, didnt do it though.
- I saw Colress, he was on a route, mentioned being a scientist with theme of "bringing out pokemon potentials". Colress was there for like 3 minutes, he mentioned that Z power was interesting and gave me the TM for flame charge. It wasnt very interesting, and colress isnt a very interesting character, feel like this is kind of blown out of proportion.
- Cosmog has been very central to the plot, when I finish the plot I will summarize it all.
- Haven't seen a rival that uses Litten.
- Professor not Oak has given me some Apricorn balls when I've found him, got Moon Ball near observatory.
- As far as I can tell Team Skull are secretly helping Team Aether.
- Performance is pretty okay in normal battles, fps drops when heavy effects like z moves show up. Doubles performance is pretty laggy.
- I removed my hat very early on.
- Gladion seems to be a good guy.
MAJOR plot spoilers:
The game starts with a cutscene of Lillie running through Aether base with Cosmog. she gets cornered, then escapes by Cosmog teleporting them. You arrive, save Cosmog on a bridge. Over the course of the game you find out that Cosmog is a key to evil team's plot and so needs to be kept safe. You raid a Team Skull base and while you do that Plumeria steals Lillie/Cosmog. Gladion shows up and says they're at Aether Base, you and Hau go with him. There you find out that Cosmog is actually an ultra beast, capable of opening the Ultra Wormhole, and Team Skull is working with Team Aether because Lusamine wants to open the Ultra Wormhole and release the Ultra Beasts because she loves them even though it'll kill Cosmog. Lillie is Lusamine's daughter and Gladion's brother, and she stole Cosmog to protect it. You manage to stop Lusamine in time for Cosmog to not die, but it evolves and isn't moving, and Lusamine/Guzma escape through the Ultra Wormhole before it closes. You and Lillie go to the fourth island, get Sun/Moon flutes and play them at the altar of the Moone to "awaken" Cosmog, who transforms into Lunala and takes you to the Ultra Wormhole to Ultra Space, where I am about to confront Lusamine.

UB-01's real name is Nihilego. Lusamine merges with Nihilego and then challenges you, all her Pokémon have the Totem effect. Team was Clefable/Mismagius/Bewear/Lilligant/Milotic. On defeat, Lusamine unmerges and you all leave the Ultra Wormhole. After this Nebby (Lunala) wants to come with you and you battle it.

Credible leaks:
Bolded = confirmed info
Bolded colored text = false info
Colored text = written by me (Soki)

Final evolutions of the starters (June 4):
These are credible because Mallow appears in the Litten art and she's only been revealed recently. Officially confirmed.

Translated text (provided by Desdar300's friend):

1. Has a calm\cool persona
2. Tightens its hood when its upset or irritated
3. Uses its quills as arrows and vines as the string.
4. Its difficult to notice which helps it ambush foes
5, Much like Ash's Sceptile it likes to chill on Tree branches.

1. Has a wild and gusty persona ( Think Might Guy from Naruto or Red Magnus from D5.
2. Fights dirty- spits ember in its opponents face, isn't above using unconventional items or means, uses Fire Spin from its belt.
4. Has a signature move called Beast\Tiger Swing???
5. That Belt gets hotter the more "passionate" it is ( I guess this is its variation of Blaze.)

Sea lion3
1. Uses its voice to charm and or lure opponents
2. Has a elegant and welcoming nature
3. Is very playful ( I wager this is GF'S way of not making it "evil" since Sirens would lure sailors to their doom just for fun)
The Chinese leak (July 8):
  • There will be no gyms.
  • Alola region has no leagues. Your main objective is to build a league. After you finish building a league, the Elite 4 will appear. (Though it's not really you building the league, there is one being build and an E4 appears when it's done)
  • The E4 are originally replaced by island leaders. (= Kahuna’s)
  • Starter's final forms with be an archer, a wrestler and a siren. Siren is Water/Fairy.
  • Collect logo diamonds like Mega stones, but a bit different.
  • Logo diamonds cause Pokemon to transform shape, like Ash-Greninja. (= false)
  • There will be new dolphin (Tapu Fini?) , rugby monkey (=Passimian), snowman (Crabominable?), sea cucumber (=Pyukumuku), mushroom (=Morelull)
  • Rockruff evolves into a werewolf. (Doesn't mention Rockruff has two forms, but one of them does look like a werewolf).
  • Mashadow is a mythical Pokémon who has a very unique typing. (Is indeed a mythical and its typing is Fighting/Ghost, which is indeed unique).
  • There is a fire + poison Pokémon. (= Salandit)
  • There are many unmarked locations on the map, which form districts; these contain very strong Pokémon, known as overlords. (= Totem Pokémon).
  • You can ride almost any Pokémon. (FAR from true, but maybe they meant you can ride Pokémon almost anywhere, which is true).
4chan leak (July 15):
4chan leak.png

  • No gyms.
  • More than one evo for Rockruff (including a werewolf).
  • Yungoos’ evolution is fat and hairy.
  • Time works differently in each version. (Moon is set 12 hours apart from Sun)
  • New forms for old Pokémon (not Megas, think Shellos/Wormadam) (=Alolan forms)
  • Pokémon transferred from the VC releases will have pre-gen 6 typings/stats.
  • The stone bracelet has nothing to do with Synchro Evolution.
  • Ash-Greninja is in the game.
  • S.S. Anne appears in the game.
  • Larger, but not by much, amount of brand new Pokémon than last gen.
  • Looker, Cynthia, Blue, Zinnia, AZ, and Lance all make appearances.
  • Furfrou’s hair can be changed in the new Amie.
  • Some of the new forms for old Pokémon get new animations (some Alolan forms have new animations) (Ones I know off include Abra line).
  • Transferring through Bank will be the only way to get some forms of old Pokémon.
  • There is a Flying type bird Pokémon whose appearance varies by island (think Darwin). (=Oriocorio)
  • There is a 2-stage cat Pokémon that is normal when captured in the wild, but it will inherit the father’s primary type as its 2nd type when hatched; the color/pattern varies by type (think Vivillion).
  • The Snowman from the Chinese leak is real; Ice/Ghost, 2-stage.
  • Mimikkyu keeps its Japanese name.
  • Beware of fake leaks (given as a hint when asked about Bewear’s English name).
  • Alolan forms:
- Butterfree = Bug/Psychic
- Rattata line = Dark (close enough, Alolan Rattata is Dark/Normal)
- Nidoqueen/Nidoking = Poison/Fighting
- Ninetales = Fire/Fairy (close enough, Alolan form is Ice/Fairy)
- Growlithe line = Water
- Abra line = Fighting
- Doduo line = Fighting/Flying
The Riddler leaks (updated on Oct. 15):
Link: 回复:【捏它属性+复活属性】【精灵宝可梦】趣味贴~_精灵宝可梦吧_百度贴吧
Pokémon riddles (updated on Oct. 15):
rrridddle (Oct 15).jpg

11: Aristotle + 4 elements - 5th element - celestial body - hole - hyperspace
(Points to UB-01 (fifth element is Aether and UB-01 comes out of a hole from hyperspace).
N1: Yukie Nakama, a Japanese actress, and Kirsi, a protagonist in anime Darker than black, which don't point to the new pokemon directly. (is about Silvally)
N2: A monk staff (is about Jangmo-o's evos)
N3: Wu Yong, an advisor of the gang of 108 heros in a fiction.
Wu Yong has a nickname 'Zhi Duo Xing'
Zhi = Knowledge
Duo = Much
Xing = Star
So it's always translated as Resourceful Star.
But in Chinese, Chimp/Orangutan and Star share the same pronunciation 'XING' !!!
Wu Yong = Zhi Duo Xing = Orangutan with much knowledge
It's a riddle based on Chinese language lore
N6: Riddler added: "It's a pokemon and its design will be focused on its mouth." Later also added that the image is exactly what it will look like in the game. (the Toucan Pokémon indeed looks literally like a Toucan with hardly any design changes).

New riddles (Oct. 10):

1) Who is Salandit's design based on?

1. Kyubi (Nine-tailed fox)
2. Cleopatra VII
3. Medusa
4. Siren

2) Don't think you know everything about the starters just because of the latest news about their mid evolutions and the previous leak about their final evolutions. Of course, we're not talking about their skills, abilities, data, stats, etc. Some guesses(speculations is the word I want to use here) about the three starters are also not true. The descriptions of starters also don't make things fully clear, the is only one truth: You don't know everything about the starters at all.

3) The Pokémon hiding in Lillie's bag can be found on his Pokémon chart. (it's Cosmog)

4) The name of one of the three Tapu's can be found in the design of Type: Null. This doesn't mean that Type: Null and the Tapu are related in any way. (one of the guardians is named Tapu Fini and Type: Null has a fin)
Plot riddles (updated on Oct. 15):
Confirmed ones:
  • Riddler posted a cloth on which skeleton is printed --- Team Skull
  • Riddler raised a question "What does Hala work as? Gym leader or Elite 4 or Professor or Champion or Passer-by or Other important roles?" --- We can't say being Kahuna confirmed it, but at least it can be the answer to the question.
New ones:
  • Riddler raised a question again "How many professors are there in Alola? 1 or 2 or 3 or 4?" (The Aether Foundation has many professors + Prof. Burnet is mentioned in Famitsu trailer + maybe Samson Oak is also a Professor?)
  • Riddler posted a pic of Anabel, who is the brain of Battle Tower in Emerald:
    (Anabel appears in the game)
  • Riddler wrote a cipher code about chronology: ! [Zelda25],288
  • Sept. 10: Two names appear in the Famitsu trailer: イリマ (ilima) and ライチ (raichi). Riddler says Ilima is a Trial Captain and that Raichi's identity is the same as another guy.
  • Oct. 15: Olivia's (Raichi) identity is exactly the same as someone else (so her being a Kahuna just like Hala is not enough to answer this riddle).
  • Who will become the E4? Who is the Champion and how many are there?
Pokémon chart (updated on Oct. 15):
About the row of Pokémon at the bottom: colored Pokémon have appeared in trailers, faded Pokémon have appeared in advertising (on accessories, etc.).
Update about Alolan forms (Sept. 9):
The Pokémon that are scratched through are not getting an Alolan form. The rest could get an Alolan form.
Update Sept. 13:
Riddler posted a leak from 4chan. He said he posted this leak for a purpose, but is not allowed to tell what purpose there is yet. He'll tell us when he's allowed to.
The leak:
>-UB aren't catchable. They are the true enemies in the story.
>-Lillie's mother (Lusamine) studies hyperspatial pokemon (UB)
>-Lillie It's involved in the plot. She and UB merge in the climax. (almost correct, it's Lusamine who merges with UB-01).
>-Alola have 3 professors, Lusamine studies hyperspacial mon, Oak studies alolan formes, Kukui studies Z power (Z moves and Z forms, which are induced by Z moves)
>-Chinese starters are real. Grass/Flying, Fire/Dark, Water/Fairy. No split evos
>-Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, Rockruff, Rowlet, Litten and Popplio have Z forms in their final evos
>-Jangmo-o is the pseudo
>-Alolan Fearow, Nidos, Golduck, Golem, Rapidash, Muk, Weesing
>-A new pokemon can evolve in Solgaleo or Lunala by a special method
>-Marshadow is Ghost/Fighting
>-No new megas
>-No PWT in Alola.
>-Battle Frontier come back
>-New dolphin pokemon, pure Water. Evolve in Water/Dragon
>-Rugby gorila is Ground/Fighting
>-Comfey evo is humanoid. Their loop is in their waist now.
>-Boundsweet evo is paprika-like. Grass//Fire
>-Morelull evo is a larger Morelulll. Type and ability are the same
>-Salandit evo. Type and ability same
>-Wimpod is the new Magikarp. Same type, change ability to Unnerve or Pressure
Update Oct. 16: Riddler's speculation about the distribution of the new Pokémon on the islands:
25 Cameos Leak (4chan) (Sept. 15):

Correct info:
- Around 85 new Pokémon (86 including UB's and Alola Forms), including at least 6 UB's (there's 7), plus around 20 Alola Forms (there's 18).
- Starters do not have split forms, the leaked ones are real. ("types are not as expected" is up for debate, as loads of people expected Incineroar's and Primarina's, only Decidueye was truly unexpected)
- The up-coming demo will feature Ash's Greninja as a reward.

- Remaining Alola forms are Diglett, Ekans, Geodude, and Dodrio lines.
- Marshadow has a new type that is unique. (Fighting/Ghost)
- Ultra Beasts can be captures postgame, using special Poké Balls. You must enter the wormholes. They function in battle more or less like regular Pokémon and even have 'real' names.

Incorrect info:
- Remaining Alola Forms are Ekans and Dodrio lines.
- About 25 cameos from previous versions (AFAIK there's only Burnett, Cynthia, Wally, Colress, Grimsley, Anabel, Dexio, Sina, Red, and Blue).
Type: Null's evo leaks
(4chan) (Oct. 1 and 3)
/vp/ - Pokémon » Thread #28864510
  • big surprise type null evolves, mask comes off. gains multitype
  • starter leaks are real, another big surprise.
  • only 80 new pokemon (69 actually, 87 if you count the Alola Forms too)
/vp/ - Pokémon » Thread #28886305
  • type null evolves, loses the mask. its silvsomething icr (its name is Silvadi)
  • it gains multitype
  • starter evos. final forms are real.
Solgaleo/Lunala pre-evo leak (Aug. 11):

All of this is correct.

Bolded = confirmed info
Bolded colored text = false info
Colored text = written by me (Soki)

Another 4chan leak
(July 4):
another 4chan leak.png

- Once it has learned Howl, you can choose to leave Rockruff by one of four cliffs, one per island, overnight, etc. (None of the typings are right either).
- Pidove are pur white (it's been confirmed in a recent interview that Alola Forms are gen I only)
Another another 4chan leak:
Alola is made up of 4 islands, Melemele, Poni, Ula'Ula, and Akala.

Post game has 4 “Island Districts” that aren’t viewable on the map. Ekahi Island, Elua Island, Ekolu Island, and Kalola Island.

Kalos is not available post-game, but Hoomaka Cave on Kalola Island holds a huge easter egg I believe. Deep inside there is a dark entrance guarded by a backpacker that states the railroad is closed for now and only a Pokémon that emits a special light can ignite the way to the other side. No Pokémon in your party will allow you to enter for now.

Rockruff has 3 evolutions similar to Eevee in RBY. All of them require learning “Howl”.

Salandit has a split evolution line at level 36, one for Male and one for Female.

There are 16 Z-Stones, 18 total, with a Trial Captain for 16 of the types. Guzma and Plumeria are holders of the missing Dark and Poison Z-Stones.

Some Pokémon can change shape/stats after they perform a Z-Move. These include Greninja (Rainbow) (Greninja changes into Ash-Greninja because of its ability), Solgaleo (Radiant), Lunala (Full Moon), Marshadow (Eclipse), Espeon (Dawn), and Umbreon (Dusk).

All 47 Mega Stones are accessible on the island districts. There aren’t any new Mega Evolutions.

There are a total of 128 new Pokémon and 23 Alolan forms. These Alolan forms are all Gen 1 exclusive Pokémon.

Alolan form Pokémon that are capable of Mega Evolving can do so, Alakazam and Kangaskahn are among these.

Marshadow, an extremely gorgeous dolphin, has a jewel on its head that emit sparkles so bright, that its seen as the emissary of light. It’s stats are pretty underwhelming, but it has a cool ability that allows it to have any Psychic type combination. The second type is random every time it enters the battle field. Even switching out causes it to change.

The Strange Souvenir item in XY depicts a Ghost/Rock Pokémon from Alola named Gigareki. It’s a giant tiki (different from the Tapu lines) that has an amazing laughing animation when you battle with it. It is said to be the oldest living Pokémon, and seen as a “Teacher” in many ways. (Gigareki is confirmed to be the name of another Nintendo game)

The NX will be a dual handheld/console set for release next year. Sept 2017 there will be a parent game that features both regions of XYSM exclusive to this console.

Rainbow Greninja will be revealed by TPC on Aug 21. Rainbow Greninja is technically Ash Greninja but with a name change. It will be revealed in the closing ceremony at World's 2016. (Has not happened.)

Meowth that knows "Happy Hour" and OT Alola will be distributed at World's. Cherish Ball. (A Meowth knowing Happy Hour has been distributed in Europe and Australia, not at worlds and not with OT: Alola)
Reddit Leak (July 29):
Provided by Pokesan:

--Mudsdale, Drampa have pre-evo.
--Bruxish, Mimikyu and Togedemaru have no evo or pre-evo.
--Rockruff has three evos depending on the starter you choose.
--A pokemon is based on shovel (could be Sunaba/Shirodesuna?)
--Wimpod is the Gyarados/Milotic line of this gen and evolves into a chimera of Scolipede and Kabutops.
--Cutiefly will evolve into a hummingbird moth.
--Salandit has two different evos depending on gender.
--Three pokemon are based on rock-paper-scissors. (could be based on the ‘Riddler’ leaks).
--Hala will be one of E4.
--Lillie is the key to main plot and perfect Zygarde.
--Besides Zygarde, eight legendary pokemon for main plot, others are event legendary pokemon.
--Tapu No.3 looks the same as THE strange souvenir.
--There are 120+ pokemon.
--Full Metal Body and Shadow Shield are not just Clear Body and Multiscale.
--There is a pokemon more powerful than Arceus on stats.
--New mechanic: merge battle, two or more pokemon on battle field to merge together to battle in duo or trio battle such as Tapu family.
2chan leak (Aug. 3):
Provided by Desdar300:

- A new mechanic called Z forms will b be introduced
- Z forms act in a similar manner to Megas but when they faint the player automatically loses the battle due to their sprit being connected to said Pokémon.
- Ash Greninja is a Z form and will be shown off at an event soon to promote the concept. (It's not a Z-form and it wasn't shown off at an event).
- Mostly older Pokémon have Z forms but a few Alola Pokémon have them too.
- Proclaims that Raichu, Farfecth'd, Persian, Arcanine, Jynx, and Dodrio all have Alola forms. (Raichu and Persian got an Alolan form after this leak).
- The Alola starters have two different Final Evolutions that will be tied to a day\night system.
- Basically reconfirms that the Chinese leak is real by saying that one of Litten's Evos is a Heel wrestler while the other looks like a more natural evolution.
- States that they'll will be many legendary Pokémon this time around (depends if you count the UB's as legendaries)
Random Leaks (4chan) (Aug. 14):
Link: /vp/ - Pokémon » Thread #27790402
New Pokémon:
  • Confirms that the monkey from the Chinese Leak is real. It has a baseball mitt and has nothing to do with rugby.
  • There’s an Electric/Dark type electric eel with a giant hook on its belly. It looks like the hook spins around, or drops like a fishing hook or something. Evolves into a larger version with an anchor instead of the hook (also Electric/Dark).
  • There’s also a Steel/Bug type, giant conch shell with spikes around the perimeter of the body, as if it’d roll on the ground.
  • Marshadow has two forms, a bit like Giratina. It has Solar Eclipse Forme (Poison/Fire) and Lunar Exclipse Forme (Poison/Ice). It has history with Zygarde and it is Team Skull’s objective to capture it.
  • Tapu Mumu (as in ‘moo’) is a red Guardian and is designed like a cow. It has horns like a bull (instead of the Mohawk Tapu Koko has). (worth noting that Tapu Bulu is partly red and has horns, but it has a different name and is very much a bull, not a cow)
Alola Forms:
  • There’s an Alolan Nidoking (Poison/Fighting) and Nidoqueen.
  • Alolan forms are exclusively Gen 1.
  • Alolan Corphish was planned, which you can see in its dex entry: “Its hardy vitality enables it to adapt to any environment”.
  • There is no Alolan Dragonite or Zubat.
  • We’ve only seen about half of the Alolan forms.
  • The starters look like the leaked concept art has shown and their typings are Grass/Flying, Fire/Dark and Water/Fairy. They do NOT have split evolutions.
  • Litten’s final evo looks a lot better in 3D and it does something special that might make it a favourite among players.
  • Rowlet’s mid evo is basically a shorter version of the final version, but the bow tie turns into a long tie. Also wears some kind of green hoodie.
  • Rockruff evolves once, but he changes form depending on the time of day. At night he takes a darker, rougher form and looks like a werewolf. (Rockruff evolves into Midday Rugarugan during the day and Midnight Rugarugan during the night. Midnight form looks like a werewolf)
  • Mimikyu doesn’t evolve. You’re given one by a little girl early on in the game (it can be shiny) and you can catch it in the wild later on. Its shiny colors are dark purple and the black spirit underneath is white.
  • Togedemaru doesn’t evolve.
  • Cutiefly and Minior do evolve.
  • Pikipek’s evolution is three-stage and it stays a Normal/Flying woodpecker. The beak becomes much larger, sword-esque design or something.
  • Drampa has a pre-evolution.
Island Trials:
  • There are 16 Trial Captains (four for each island), one for each type minus Dark and Poison.
  • UlaUla has Trial Captains for fire, dragon, fighting and ground.
  • Hala lets you take over Mele Mele island as Kahuna, which lets you give people tasks on collecting items and possibly Pokémon.
Team Skull:
  • Guzma is hilarious, not exactly pure evil, not very daunting. He’s a Poison guy, there’s some kind of joke regarding his ‘toxicity’ as a person.
  • Guzma uses an Alolan Nidoking and Skuntank.
  • Guzma asks you to join him near the end of the game. You can’t join Team Skull, it could be that he’s pulling a prank or something else.
  • Plumeria used a Litten, could have taken the third starter.
  • Guzma and Plumaria act like the Captains of Dark and Poison, except it’s more battle-based and less ‘task’-based.
  • You can buy Team Skull items to wear.
Hau and Lillie:
  • Hau uses a Krabby and an Alolan Raichu.
  • Lillie declines the third starter and has a Zygarde core in her bag. She does battle you eventually and uses Grass- and Ghost-types. She hates battling, clearly, but Kukui insisted she practiced. She uses an Alolan Exeggutor and Phantump or Trevenant.
  • Secret bases return.
  • The Battle Frontier, AZ and Zygarde appear post-game.
  • During post-game you can also take the SS Anne to Kanto. You begin at the bottom of the map after being dropped off by the ship, and you can work your way up the region. This was added primarily so you can catch non-Alolan versions of Pokémon.
  • Lunala is #822. (It's #792)
  • Gigareki has nothing to do with Sun/Moon, it was trademarked for something else entirely. (Gigareki has been confirmed to be another game entirely)
  • Magearna is on the mechanical island and is obtainable as a Pokémon in the normal storyline. She acts like a Tapu totem in terms of story/gameplay and is an additional, man-made part of the Tapu Koko totem pole with the others.
  • The islands are called MeleMele, Akala and UlaUla (the final one hasn’t been translated in English yet).
  • The Another 4chan leak (July 4) is mostly fake, has a few lucky guesses. There is no Alolan Pidove.
  • There are no new Megas. You can buy Mega Stones (which work in the Z-ring) in a shop that opens up once you beat the game.
  • You can Mega Evolve Alolan Alakazam, which is pure Fighting.
  • You can bond/merge/fuse with the final evolution of your starter. This happens during a Z-move, which has a special design for the starters and text that reads something like “Synchronise!”.
  • Ash-Greninja is not currently in the game.
Enlightenment phase one leak (Aug. 17):
  • Each alola starters have only one final evolution but there are minor physical changes when evolved during day or night
    Adding to the starters, all three final evolutions undergo an "Enlightenment" phase after using a Z-crystal, similar to Solgaleo and Lunala's phases
  • There are only 97 new Pokèmon and 28 Alola forms.
  • New Pokémon: a boar, a tiki, a cloth, a dolphin and a flamingo.

- Parcuatro, a legendary Grass/Flying based on a flower Bird of Paradise.
- Asterzoid ROCK/FLYING
- Tikiriki GRASS/FIRE
- Triblaze GRASS/FIRE
- Plesiotorr WATER/DRAGON
- Cassoul Ground/GHOST
(very probably supposed to be the English names of Sandygast and Palossand, which aren't correct)
- Dryxop FIRE
- Igneyetor FIRE/STEEL
- Nimiflo FLYING
  • Malshadow is based on a flying whale, is Psychic/???
  • Alolan Forms:
- Alolan Jynx is Grass/Psychic
- Alolan Bellsprout, Weepinbell and Victreebel are Grass/Electric
- Alolan Tentacool & Tentacruel are Water/Electric
- Alolan Zubat, Golbat & Crobat are Dark/Ghost
- Alolan Snorlax is Normal/Fighting
- Alolan Oddish, Gloom and Vileplume are Grass/Fairy
- Alolan Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite are Water/Dragon
  • PWT and Battle Maison returns and is accessible through S.S. Anne postgame.
  • Agatha from Kanto is an Island Kahuna
  • HMs still exist but optional, Pokemon riding costs money. Here are the Pokèmon available for riding as follows:
- Rock Smash: Tauros, Donphan, Lairon, Rampardos, Bouffalant, Tyrunt, Orgurilla/Mudsdale
- Fly: Charizard, Togekiss, Tropius, Staraptor, Braviary, Noivern, Harpicoot
-Surf: Lapras, Mantine, Sharpedo, Floatzel, Carracosta, Aurorus, Porphin
-Rough terrains: Dodrio, Mamoswine, Numel, Bastiodon, Scolipede, Avalugg, Mudsdale
-Dive: Dewgong, Mantine, Sharpedo/Milotic, Gastrodon, Carracosta, Clawitzer, Porphin
-Special: Luxray, Gogoat, Stoutland
  • Z-Greninja occurs after using a unique Z crystal, distributed as an event
  • Instead of badges, captains gives you shards which forms into a medal to be used in catching the two legendaries
Drawing of Rockruff evo (Aug. 17):

Fake, doesn't look anything like the two Lycanroc forms.
Game half finished leak (4chan) (Aug. 17+18)
Summary by me (Soki):

New Pokémon:
  • Sidewinder snake Pokémon (pure ground, three stages, found in desert on Ula Ula)
  • Tapu’s: Psychic (a goat), Fire (a shark), Ghost.
  • Fossils (Rock/Electric and Rock/Ground, look like velociraptor and stegosaurus, received on Ula Ula by Rock Trial Captain).
  • Final evo Pikipek is Steel/Flying.
  • Rockruff evolves different during Day/Night (Rock/Fighting and Rock/Dark).
  • Comfey evo: stops being a circle, becomes an infinity loop. Body part grows bigger and some of the flowers grow.
  • Salandit evo (?): cross between komodo dragon and salamander, stays quadruped and now has visible fangs.
Pokédex so far:
722 - Rowlet (Grass/Flying)
723 - Rowlet 1 (Grass/Flying)
724 - Rowlet 2 (Grass/Flying)
725 - Litten (Fire)
726 - Litten 1 (Fire)
727 - Litten 2 (Fire/Dark)
728 - Popplio (Water)
729 - Popplio 1 (Water/Fairy)
730 - Popplio 2 (Water/Fariy)

731 - Pikipek (Normal/Flying)
732 - Pikipek 1 (Normal/Flying)
733 - Pikiepek 2 (Steel/Flying)
734 - Yungoos (Normal)
735 - Gumshoos (Normal)
736 - Grubbin (Bug)
737 - Charjabug (Bug/Electric)
738 - Vikavolt (Bug/Electric)
739 - Rockruff (Rock)
740 - Rockruff Day (Rock/Fighting)
741 - Rockruff Night (Rock/Dark) (The Lycanroc forms share the same name, so probably also the same dex number)
742 - Cutiefly (Bug/Fairy)
743 - Cutiefly 1 (Bug/Fairy)
744 - Cutiefly 2 (Bug/Fairy???)
745 - Komala (Normal)
746 - Komala 1 (Normal)
747 - Comfey (Fairy)
748 - Comfey 2 (Fairy)
749 - Oricorio (Various/Flying)
750 - Bounsweet (Grass)
751 - Bounsweet (Grass/Psychic)
752 - Fomantis (Grass)
753 - Lurantis (Grass)
754 - Mudbray (Ground)
755 - Mudsdale (Ground)
756 - Breeding Cat (Normal)
757 - Breeding Cat (Normal/Various???)
758 - Wimpod (Bug/Water)
759 - Wimpod 1 (Bug/Water)
760 - Bruxish (Water/Psychic)
761 - Wishiwashi (Water)
762 - Pyukumuku (Water)
763 - Pyukumuku 2 (Water/Poison)
764 - Sunabaa (Ghost/Ground)
765 - Shirodesuna (Ghost/Ground)
766 - Dolphin (Water)
767 - Dolphin (Water/Dark)
768 - Tiki Totem (Rock/Fire)
769 - Tiki Totem 2 (Rock/Fire???)
770 - Salandit (Poison/Fire)
771 - Salandit 1 (Poison/Fire)
772 - Nuikohuma (Normal/Fighting)
773 - Bewear (Normal/Fighting)
774 - Togedemaru (Electric/Steel)
775 - Minior (Rock/Flying)
776 - Minior 1 (Rock/Flying???)
777 - Fossil (Rock/Electric)
778 - Fossil 1 (Rock/Electric???)
779 - Fossil (Rock/Ground)
780 - Fossil 1 (Rock/Ground???)

Alolan forms:
  • Staryu (Ground)
  • Rattata line (Dark) (Alolan Rattate confirmed Dark/Normal, but this could easily have been copied from the July 15th 4chan leak)
  • Ekans line (Poison/Water)
  • Parasect (Grass/Ghost)
  • Ponyta line (Rock/Fairy)
  • Grimer line (Fire) (Grimer did get an Alola Form, but it's Poison/Dark)
  • Doduo line (Ground/Fighting)
  • Arbok (Water?, with hood that act like manta ray fins so it can swim through water, it’s a lot larger and thinner with a more sleak body and some sky blue stripes).
  • Persian (Dark/Psychic) (recolour with bit of sassiness, with fancier gem).
Not getting an Alolan Form:

Island Trials:
  • After 1/3 on Ula Ula you’ve met 8 trial captains: 2 on MeleMele (Normal and Bug), 4 on Akala (Electric, Grass, Water and Fire), 2 on Ula Ula (Rock and Flying).
  • You don’t battle all the captains, you do battle the following: Normal, Grass, Fire and Flying.
  • Mallow’s team: Fomantis, Lombre, Alolan Parasect
  • Kiaw’s team: Tiki Totem, Darumaka, Alolan Marowak
  • Flying Captain’s team: all Oricorio forms, double battle.
  • Sophocles doesn’t really have a trial, 75% of it is chasing down Team Skull to retrieve an item they stole from him.
  • Totem Pokémon: Gumshoos, Cutiefly evo, Vikavolt, Lurantis, Bruxish, Salandit evo, Minior evo, Pikipek final evo.
  • Islands: MeleMele, Akala, Ula Ula, Poni.
  • Route 1: Yungoos, Alolan Rattata, Ledyba, Spinarak, Caterpie and Weedle.
  • Ula Ula has an desert area with the sidewinder snake, Alolan Staryu, normal Dugtrio and normal Rhyhorn. Ground Trial Captain can be found here.
  • MeleMele island has Nidoran and Dunsparce.
  • Akala Island has Petilil. (according to the datamine, it's on the 3d island)
Team Skull:
  • Guzma has the 3rd starter. First time you meet them they’re fleeing MeleMele after having stolen the starter.
  • Plumeria's team: 1st battle: Golbat and Alolan Persian, 2nd battle: Golbat, Murkrow and Alolan Persian.
  • The Kahunas didn't really like Guzma because Tapu Koko reacted badly to him and they saw this as a sign of wickedness
  • New moves: Pebble Dash (40BP, learned by Rockruff) and Playful Charge (physical move).
  • Pokéride: you have to unlock the Pokémon, you get them by aiding people in side-quests. First on is Tauros on Akala Island.
  • New terrain: Fiery Terrain (does 1/16th damage to any Pokémon touching the floor per turn + burns any that stay in for 3 or more turns).
  • There’s a lot of day/night differences like in G/S and D/P.
4chan leak (Storm Crystal) (Aug. 22):
  • There are 99 new pokemon
  • Turtonator evolves from Turuption.
  • Tapu Rei Rei is fire/fairy. Tapu Se Se is psychic/fairy. Tapu Di Di is ghost/fairy.
  • Ash Greninja is in the game called Z Greninja. There a special z crystals like shuriken crystal. When greninja holds the shuriken crystal it uses full power water shuriken and transforms into Z greninja. (Ash-Greninja isn't called Z Greninja and doesn't transform by a shuriken crystal).
  • Solgaleo and Luna change into radiant phases when they have the Sun crystal or moon crystal. Uses an attack that makes harsh sunlight like promordial sun, and adds the fire type the Solgaleo removes psychic. When Lunala uses it makes harsh darkness. Darkness is a new weather effect that powers up dark and ghost and moves and weakens psychic. When harsh it makes psychic moves fail. Adds dark type to Lunala removes psychic.
  • Pikacha gets the Storm crystal that makes a thunderstorm. Electric moves are powered up and ground is weak to electric.
4chan Drawing Leaks (Artleaka) (Aug. 24):
Summary pic:
4chan drawing leaks(1).jpg
4chan drawing leaks(2).jpg
1) It is true that Rockruff will have multiple evolutions, but don’t expect any major design change between the four of them. What makes you get the one or the other is the phase of the moon, which you can see from any promontory at night. Also it has a strong connection with the Z Stones (see Rockruff collar) and Synchro Evo (as the starters do).

2) There’s also sort of a loose parallel line to Rockruff and his evo method, with a Pokémon that gets multiple evolutions based on the height of the Sun/moment of the day (read: Dawn, Noon, Sunset, it does not evolve during the night). It looks like a succulent plant with a “staff” with a flower on top, whose direction varies according to the evolution. Towards you – up in the sky – away from you. I think the type varies as well.

3) Talking about the Sun, some areas in Alola will have Sunny Day on by default. See the big rocky thing on the Island with the big ass tree. Also that’s a very strange island, since time never passes and always stays day. And speaking about weather, Fog (from gen IV) is back!

4) Pokémon that I know will get an Alola form: Paras/Parasect (infected by Morelull) are Bug/Fairy, Golem is Rock/Fire (becomes sort of a lapillus, will talk about it later), Koffing/Weezing are pure Fire (like a “uncontaminated” version), Grimer and Muk are pure Ground (same reason). (Grimer did get an Alola Form, but it's Poison/Dark). The only exception of non-gen I pokemon are Lunatone and Solrock, which look very much like Minior and have the same ability. (it's been confirmed that Alola Forms are Gen I only)

5) You’ve not heard everything about Poké Ride. In fact there will be quite a few minigames involving various Pokémon, such as: you can ride Alola Arcanine on extremely hot waters which you can’t surf on (it can literally run on water, like Suicune), climb mountains with a new rock/bug spider monkey thing (you’ll have to do a minigame where you have to avoid certain falling boulders, but then again that’s the only way to catch an Alola Golem without trading a Graveler. Tortunators are also involved), ride Hippowdon in a desert dungeon, and you’ll have to watch out for Sandygasts and Palossands that will pop up from nowhere.

6) You’ll get 4 (major) Totem battles in total: Gumshoos, Lurantis, Wishiwashi and a pure Fire feminine-looking pig with lava flowing all over. (Gumshoos and Lurantis were already known, but Wishiwashi was recently revealed as a Totem Pokémon in the Famitsu trailer). NOTE: the word 'major' was only added by the leaker at a later point, after people pointed out that only having four Totem Battles is very unlikely.

7) About the Pokémon we’ve already seen:
  • Komala will evolve once in a more bear-ish looking Pokémon, and it will be able to throw around the log when it doesn’t sleep on it. Name is Ibearnate. Kind of a Snorlax guy.
  • Pikipek will evolve twice, getting more streamlined and the Steel Type in his final stage. There will be a subquest where you’ll have to search for different tree markings across the region made by this Pokémon. Middle one is named Perfowl, last one Fowldrill.
  • Bounsweet will inherit the Fire type when it evolves (its line is based on the “flavor” concept, from sweet to spicy). Name is Pepperot.
  • Tortunator’s pre evo is like an upside down turtle with a big weak spot/button on the belly. Name is Krakatuga.
artleaka drawings.png

1. Alolan Arcanine - looks kinda like this. I remember the zig zag stripes get replaced with swirly wavy textures and the fur on the paws look like tiny waves! The rest may be very off, though.

2. Plant - From what I remember they looked like this! That's the "front" flower plant, and it kinda spits seeds as if the flower was a cannon. The other two are quite blurry, but maybe I'll give it a try.

3. Lava pig - The pig had lava dripping all over his body, and I remember his pre-evo doing what pigs do in mud, except in lava. Sorry if the drawings are not the best, but I'm not Sugimori!

4. Alolan Weezing - Weezing kinda looks like this! The second head doesn't exist and there's a chimney thing instead, plus there's a fire hazard symbol on his chest. It looked genuinely happier.

5. Here's what Alola Golem will look like, more or less. It's much smoother and has lava going through the purple plates. They kinda look like glass, don't know why.

6. Komala evo - Komala's evo looks kinda like this. It has some kind of floating saliva and the tuft on his butt looked like a pillow! As I said, it can throw around the log.

7. Bounsweet evo - Bounsweet's kinda blurry, but I remember it having a big tounge sticking out and dragonfruit-like scales. The main body is made up of 3 white "balls"

8. Pikipek evos - Pikipeks evos look kinda like this. Big swirly tuft, with a musketeer vibe. The last one kinda reminded me of Zorro! Also they shake their heads like some birds do and you see the feathers jump around like crazy. Not sure about the wings, though. They don't look like this at all, but I just can't remember. They were generic anyways.

9. One of the Rockruff evos - Alright, the one I've seen looks kinda like this. It has some sort of cowl that goes on on his back and connects up with the tail, which is dark with a white part at the very end. I also remember the stuff on his chest, that stood out. It was like a white cross with 3 grey/silver rocks stuck on the end of every tip. Arms, legs, and body structure are there just to give you an idea, not sure if it was quite like this.
Oh, when it howls the ears like distance themselves and the chin makes a straight line with the rest of the cross.

10. Starter evos:
Rowlet's evo is a bit chubbier, in battle it will turn his back at its enemy and just the head will move towards them. When its wings are open, it looks like an bow with an arrow ready to be shot.
Litten's evo will be a little bit bulkier and bipedal. It uses its tail just like a belt and tucks its big paws into it. In the animation you see it spitting on the ground like a badass.
Popplio's evo is very graceful and is able to lift its body doing like a headstand. I suppose its based on an acrobatic gymnist or something similiar.

11. Rock/Bug spider monkey - No real design here, but just a mockup to make you understand how it will work. Naturally it has like a spiderweb/slingshot it will use to throw rock around, but the Poké Ride one will kinda like a sleeping bag mounted on him. You know the one people use to sleep hanging from cliffs and stuff? By the way, it's BIG.

12. Alolan Parasect - I remember it being very green on the top, so maybe it's infected by the evolution which will be greener than Morelull? I have no idea. But I remember it having spaghetti like legs and slug-like antennae/eyes.
More drawings (Aug. 26):
artleaka drawings2.png

1. Flower cannon
2. Rock/Ghost bobblehead
3. Bug/Rock spider monkey
4. Krakatuga
5. Fire pig (one of the Totem mons)
6. Alolan Muk
7. Synchro variant of starters + Rockruff evos
8. Alola Solrock + Lunatone
Rockaby screenshot (Aug. 27):

Already determined fake beforehand because:

  • Some letters look different from other names shown in trailers
  • The name misses the blue gloss that other names in the trailers do have.
Click here for the page where this is discussed.
4chan leak (about a new video this month) (Aug. 30):
Gonna make this quick, but I saw the new video that is supposed to be uploaded soon. I couldn't record or take pictures but i drew them from memory. (Also apologize for uploading from phone, my internet is down).
Artleaka was 90% correct with his info, the only thing not shown is plant shooter, lava pig and bounsweet evo. BUT these 3 were shown.

Crabrawler is version exclusive to moon, while mon in pic related is found in red. Counterpart to crabrawler. Based on a lobster. Name was Loboxter. Fighting type.

Tiki mon was shown as rockaby evo. Name was Uhaku.

Little snowman name was Dulfrost. Ice/ghost.

I don't know when the video scheduled to air, just know it's next month. (have never gotten a video in September)
Day/Night forms for starters leak (Sept. 5):
4chan leak2.png
Gummy Leaks (or: 4chan Drawing Leaks 2.0) (Sep. 26):
Link: /vp/ - Inside Info - Pokémon - 4chan

About the Pokémon:
  • There will be 145 new Pokémon.
  • Crabrawler’s stats are mostly focused on physical.
  • Previous starters will be handed out in the game.
  • An egg containing an entirely new Pokémon, similar to Togepi, will be handed out.
  • Type: Null’s dex mentions about it being created by a person from a faraway land. No one knows anything more about Type: Null.
  • Pyukumuku has high Defense and Attack and low everything else. Has a single evolution (Water/Fighting) which has an attack form that lasts for one turn. It’s meant to unnerve enemies like real sea cucumbers do when being attacked.
  • Salandit evo looks like a fancy thief and is capable of using fumes as its attack. Its dex mentions about its fumes being used as its own species perfumes.
  • Passimian has better stats than Oranguru, due to Oranguru’s OP ability.
  • Fossils: a bacteria fossil that is believed to be the oldest organism, and a plant fossil that is based off ferns. There’s also going to be a Saber tiger and a frilled dinosaur (????)
  • There is going to be a toucan Pokémon.
  • Perfect Zygarde has high Sp. Attack and Defense and low Ph. Attack and Defense. It has decent speed.
  • Mimikyu has high Sp. Defense and Speed, average in everything else.
  • Drampa has 2 pre-evo’s.
  • Jangmo-o’s final evo is Kishiraco (Dragon/Steel). It’s mostly based of Knights and Japanese Warriors. (It's Dragon/Fighting)
  • Marshadow is Electric/Dark.
  • New species: a toy robot, coral, gemstone and high soarer.
  • New Fighting types: based on taekwondo, Wheel millipede, Pre-evo of passimian and couple of others.
  • New Ghost/Dark Pokémon: a yokai inspired Pokémon, 3 stage evolution line, and is the regional ghost pokemon.
Alola forms:
  • There are at least 50 Alolan forms in SM.
  • Pokémon with Alolan forms: Dodrio, the Nido’s, Clefable, Venusaur, Cloyster, Jynx, Wigglytuff.
  • Arcanine does not get an Alolan form.



  • The Chinese Leak starter evos are true and are exclusive to Sun. Types are Grass/Flying, Water/Fairy and Fire/Dark.
  • Moon forms: M Rowlet is a wizard (Grass/Psychic), M Popplio is a beast (Water/Fighting) and M Litten (Fire/Poison) seems to look like some sort a villainous beast. M Litten stands up when it attacks.
  • The middle forms are named Rotalon, Blaline and Enteeal. (Not the correct names, also the drawings don't look like the real ones).


  • Mega’s are locked until postgame. They have their own sub-quest similar to ORAS.
  • There will be 20 new megas, including gen 6 starters and this gen’s starters.
  • Jynx gets an Mega Evo.
  • Milotic gets an Mega Evo (Water/Fairy).
Ultra Beast:
  • You can’t catch Ultra Beasts. The story mentions that they are too powerful to be contained in regular Poké Balls.
  • They come from various planets in far away galaxies. Due to a rift in spacetime, they got sucked into it.
  • Due to their unique biological makeup that’s drastically different from that of Pokémon, they have been researched heavily by the Aether Foundation.
Gen 8:
  • Will be set in Australia and will be on the new gen console/handheld.
  • It will have added Dream themes, with Aboriginal’s dreamland. You will be able to go to the dreamland at the end of the story. You will get to see entirely new pokemon-like creatures that you can catch. It will get a separate dex, as a "app" in the dex called Dreamdex.
  • There will be 2 sets of starters, based on the version you pick. Western Zodiac starters: Bull, Chimera and Ram. Eastern Zodiac Starters: Horse, Rabbit and Dragon.
  • The legends are based on compass directions: North, South, West and East.
  • Will have two box legendaries, based on West and East.
  • The story focuses on the clash between the East and West cultures. There are two teams that represents the both sides with them using the opposite legends to try improve themselves.
  • Secret Bases return, together with Aarune.
  • Postgame features Battle Frontier and will include some of gen 3 and 4’s Battle Frontier hosts. It’s set on a faraway island.
  • Postgame also features Pokémon Gyms and Houses.
  • Pokémon Sun and Moon will get an NX port. This won’t be revealed until the NX is announced. It will feature update graphics and different UI suited for one screen.
  • There’s a Trial Captain for each type.
  • You will get to appoint with Trial Captains and Kahuna’s become Gym Leaders and Elite 4. You can also customize their Pokémon team.
  • The Aether Foundation are actually bad guys who hide under a good appearance. They research Pokémon to create the Pokémon for war in summary. You can battle all of the members.
  • Ash-Greninja is an event Pokémon.
  • Charizard, Blastoise, Wigglytuff and the Gen 4 starters get Z-moves.
  • Z-moves have priority.
  • Z-forms basically function like Mega Evolution, but only for a few turns. There will be a cooldown after that.
  • The PC's are called Sol and Mun.
  • The PC of the opposite gender does not appear as rival.
  • At the end of the game you can get Sol Stones and Mun Stones, which allow you to evolve a Pokémon to the opposite version. There's only 6 of them spread around the Alola Region, after you beat the main story.
Anon drawing leaks (4chan) (Oct. 13):
Link: /vp/ - here is some drawing of mons that'll be revealed i - Pokémon - 4chan
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Dec 14, 2011
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Fake or not, most of these designs are pretty weak. Game Freak seems to be running dry on ideas.....but we'll see, I guess.
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Apr 3, 2009
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Fake or not, most of these designs are pretty weak. Game Freak seems to be running dry on ideas.....but we'll see, I guess.
People say this every gen, and it never ends up being true. Game Freak is if anything growing more and more creative with their designs each passing generation.
Pokémon: Gen 8.0 You Can (Not) Catch 'em All
Dec 30, 2010
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Fake or not, most of these designs are pretty weak. Game Freak seems to be running dry on ideas.....but we'll see, I guess.
I don't know, I like Gay Clock, Giraffe-Whippet with My Little Pony Tail, Black Kyurem But Colored Blue and Gold, and the bug.

I don't like No-Neck Squirrel and Misshapen Glalie With Rainbow Rocks, though.
Gather round, people, I'll tell you a story
Apr 3, 2009
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The lemur looks almost like it could be real art, if not for the prop.
I gotta focus. I'm shifting into pokemon mode.
May 19, 2003
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That lemur is going to become my personal sadfish.

Other than that and the slug thing and the bug, the lemur's branch and the rest of the fakes in the picture are pretty generic as far as fakes go.
Jul 6, 2013
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The lemur look-a-like is believable, but the rest...um, are those even pokemon or are they someone's doodles? That rainbow hand/winged creature reminds me a bit too much of PurpleKecleon's Floraverse creations. Then again, we had Sigilyph in BW so its not far-fetched to have another oddball.
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Oct 19, 2014
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Aw man a lot of those look great! Especially love the lemur and the slug, and loving the look of the legendaries too.

I love fakes/leak season, it gives us something to discuss and some fakes have great designs! Though sometimes they're so great, it makes me really sad they're not real :(
Mar 24, 2010
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Preferred Pronouns
It's the most wonderful time of the year~♫

Now then. For the arts:

Feather-Head Slug: Not fond of the colors on it. Not because green, white, and pink/red look bad together but they could be patterned better to not look like CHRISTMAS: THE SLUG.
Yellow Cotton-Butt: Chikorita head. Weird body/tail thing.
Fuzz-Bug: It's so cute I want it! MUST PET ITS FWUFFY HEAD.
Lord Rainbow Hands: I want this to be real. I need Lord Rainbow Hands. He must fly me around with his fabulous hand-wings.
Angry Baby Crystal-Mewtwo: Lookit how angry he is! LOOKIT. I love him!
SQUIRREL!: I don't understand how its tail works. Does it split in two at the base and one part of it curls while the other comes up? Did someone just not think about the physics of it and drew it backwards? YOU LOOK LIKE A NEOPET!
Cosmic Deer-God: But moooooooom we just HAD a deer legendary! (Aka: Princess Luna the Llama) I don't hate this design. But Star-flame butt. Star-flame Butt. Galactic Booty.
Sun-Dragon Lord: Probably the father of the dragon that Kyurim, Reshiram, and Zekrom came from. Daddy does your hat hurt your neck when you wear it all the time?
Fennekin-Eared Zaboomafoo: I love you. I must have you. I need Zaboomafoo.
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Feb 21, 2011
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Those designs are great but a shame that they are fake.
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Sep 17, 2015
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Fake or not, most of these designs are pretty weak. Game Freak seems to be running dry on ideas.....but we'll see, I guess.
You say this despite us having a balloon Pokémon already. It's best not to show prejudice against a design until we see it in-game otherwise we'll end up with a Greninja scenario.
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Dec 11, 2012
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It's best not to show prejudice against a design until we see it in-game otherwise we'll end up with a Greninja scenario.
I was such a person who hated Greninja and prayed it would be a fake, although to be fair the stance it was shown in wasn't flattering to it. I warmed up to it eventually, though. I also prayed Hawlucha was a fake, and I was denied. I still don't like Hawlucha.

I also need Lord Rainbow Clock. I'm certain he's fake, but a ghost clock is something I didn't know I wanted BUT NOW I CRAVE IT.
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Sep 17, 2015
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I was such a person who hated Greninja and prayed it would be a fake, although to be fair the stance it was shown in wasn't flattering to it. I warmed up to it eventually, though. I also prayed Hawlucha was a fake, and I was denied. I still don't like Hawlucha.

I also need Lord Rainbow Clock. I'm certain he's fake, but a ghost clock is something I didn't know I wanted BUT NOW I CRAVE IT.
The fandom just can't handle hype sometimes which thus leads to people having knee jerk reactions. It's best to wait things out if the past is an indication.
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Mar 11, 2012
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I had posted this in the corocoro thread without realizing there was fake/leak one XD
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Apr 10, 2010
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Black Kyurem But Colored Blue and Gold, and the bug.
Glad I'm not the only one who noticed this similarity.

The top left one, next to the rainblow clock, looks pretty...odd to me. I just don't like the legs. Maybe it's me idk.