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Review S10 EP49: Tag! We're It...! ・ EP50: Glory Blaze! ・ EP51: Smells Like Team Spirit!

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Sep 30, 2005
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JPN: All Members Participate! Tag Battle!!
Dub: Tag! We're It...!


JPN: Hikozaru (Chimchar) vs. Zangoose! Destined Battle!!
Dub: Glory Blaze!


JPN: Tag Battle! Final!!
Dub: Smells Like Team Spirit!

Ash and company participate in the Hearthome Tag Battle Tournament! Dawn gets paired with Conway, a nerdy guy with a Slowking, Brock gets paired with Holly, an older girl with a Wingull, and Ash is paired with... Paul!? Will the two rivals be able to put their differences aside to win the tournament?

This arc will air as an hour-and-a-half special on Cartoon Network's Fried Dynamite (Booooo.) starting at 8 P.M. Following it, a trailer for the English dub of Movie 10 - The Rise of Darkrai - will be shown. The special will re-air the day after starting at 9 A.M.

(Yes I know I'm posting this early. Shut up)
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It was three weeks into knowing of Kohei and Honoka, and I had already changed a guy in one of my fics from Anabel's bro to Kohei's. Idk, the people in Dp are just so funky and cool with their weird personaltys and such. I'm really excited about this. And Ash getting Chimy just rules. I had a weird feeling that was going to happen, Chimchar was aways different then Paul's other pokemon, the writers made an effort to make her (Yes, her, I think it's a female) stand out.

These episodes should be really good! ^_^

And I hope that Pokemon USA uses a lot of Japanese music in these episodes. It would also be great if they use some 4Kids BGM too (I love the 4Kids BGM!).

Anyway, I can't wait to see the trailer of the 10th movie! It's about time they released this on DVD, because I really wanna know what happens.
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Kouhei and Honoka are nothing. We know Reiji since a day and people are already thinking up the dub names for him.

Anyway, bet the dub names for Kouhei & Honoka

Honoka - I wish she was Stokley.
Kouhei - I wish he was Rector.

But PUSA are going to name them Hannah & Cody.... I'm certian.
I'm really looking foward to this, although I like in the UK so I'll have to wait until tommorow to watch it online (because that's how it always goes like).

That's what I've always guessed Honoka's dub name will be.

And I don't see anything wrong with it....and even if she isn't named that, I won't give a damn

(Well, as long as it isn't a really weird name that doesn't even like a real/normal name)
That's what I've always guessed Honoka's dub name will be.

And I don't see anything wrong with it....and even if she isn't named that, I won't give a damn

It's not a bad name but it doesn't fit her, In My Humble Opinion. I don't see her with that name, for some reason...

But PUSA used to give their characters far less fitting names, so Hannah won't be so bad. But Cody... Oh no! If they'll name Kouhei Cody I'll be angry....
It's not a bad name but it doesn't fit her, In My Humble Opinion. I don't see her with that name, for some reason...

But PUSA used to give their characters far less fitting names, so Hannah won't be so bad. But Cody... Oh no! If they'll name Kouhei Cody I'll be angry....
Eh, Okay.

Kouhei seems like a hard name to get an english version of, it could be something begining with 'K' or a name begining with a completally different letter.
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I'm really curious what their dub names will end up being, myself. Since Kouhei and Honoka are the first minor characters in ages that I've really gotten into before the dub came out, I wonder how fun it's going to be to get used to the new ones, especially if they're weird bottom-of-the-barrel cases.

Outside of that, I'm pumped! With those two, Chimchar angst, Paul+Ash, and lots of action... I've been waiting for this forever. ♥

Honoka - I wish she was Stokley.
Kouhei - I wish he was Rector.

Maxim is hearby voted most likely to come up with fucking bizarre names.
Ooh the battles are so nice! Posting this from my DS browser. I really hate Fried Dynamite. It strives to be cool and fails. And Blake is just a douche with a camera.

Anyway, I love this arc. The Chimchar catch was pretty cool. And except for a few scenes, the dub was awesome. I'm watching the trailer as I type. Can't wait. ^^
This was a really good arc. And the dub dealt with it well. The battles were cool and the emotional stuff moved me. Now the movie is out of place. Again. :p I'm really glad to have seen this.
This was a really nice way to spend a Friday night! Playing PMD, posting here, and and watching Pokemon Battles.

In almost every scene, Conway is fidgeting with his glasses in some way. Weirdo.
I didn't mind the dub name 'Holly', but I found Kohei's(Conway) unsuitable. I wonder what the ship with him and Dawn is? The arc was pretty good, otherwise. Dawn met a creepy strange guy(I love that character), Brock finally got a girl that liked him, and Ash won a tournament and got a capture. That announcer dude seemed familiar.

If Safeguard protects from Special Conditions, why did it block Sludge Bomb? That first pair Dawn faced was pretty unsuitably paired. A big, muscular guy and a small, cute little girl? Of course, all heroes made it into the finals.

So, how DID Chimchar do that awesome flame thing? And did she just say that Brock wasn't flirting with Nurse Joy? I think that the cosplay eyecatcher thing was really, really, REALLY unneeded. And did Team Rocket just forget to steal something?

I think it would be nice if those tag partners reoccured.
Stupid Bulbagarden not loading the entire time it was on...anyway, here's my summaries

Hah, Conway.

Slowking doesn't sound right.

Enta's trying like mad not to sound like the Narrator. He's failing. Badly.

So, how can the whole stadium hear two tiny little bells?

"We know how ta swing!" Meowth, is that something you want to admit?

Heeeeeey, movie 10's showing this month! I was worried when people said March since I'm missing a weekend of that.

Safeguard doesn't work that way.

So, is the Koffing trainer supposed to be American? He's reminding me of Surge, although that's probably the delivery. And the open shirt.

Koffing landed face-down several feet from Scyther, but when it shows them from above, it's face up right next to it.

Oh yeah, Dawn, go and encourage him.

Does Brock have a cold? He sounds really dry during a lot of his lines.

They're pronouncing Yanma differently.

What's with the random cosplayers on the bumpers?

"And Pikachu's electric type moves won't affect Rhydon in the least!" Clearly, Conway hasn't been watching the show.

Pikachu is Moses. It all makes sense now!

The judge looks surprised at everything. Look at his eyebrows.

Heeey, Braids Girl is in the tournament too! You know, the oft-repeated background character? But she's not in her typical pink overalls.

And the girl with the two pigtails out to the sides is in the second episode.

Awww, Piplup has a soda.

Paul's voice is really...off in the second ep.

Considering that Chimchar (like all starters) evolves fairly quickly, why is Paul's still in its first form? Either Paul hasn't trained it very much or he's waiting until it learns stronger moves.

Wait a SECOND. Didn't Paul get his Chimchar from Rowan? Where'd this "attacked by Zangoose" thing come from?

...ok, the music playing when Metagross comes out is *really* out of nowhere. It doesn't fit anything that's going on.

Zangoose's trainer is identified as "Psychic" on the captions, even though that's the Metagross' trainer. Also, androgyny much?

It also captioned "Bullet Punch" as "Bullet Arm". But the captions have been cutting off words (mostly the word "tag") all day.

You know, the way everyone talked up how excessively mean Paul was when abandoning Chimchar, I thought he was hitting it or something. This was more "you're no good, get out of here". Like how he's done to, you know, every other Pokemon he's let go.

DAMN NO OAK DOES NOT SOUND LIKE THAT. I know he's a weird guy, but that voice is way too "wacky".

Far-FETCHED? Since when has the second syllable been emphasized? And PUSA continues the trend of not being able to decide if it's a leek or a green onion.

When Croagunk gets up on Torterra's back, it clings to the leaves, and the branches don't bend. That would have been nice to see.

Why do they keep saying they'll premere the preview after the episodes when they've been showing it all night? Another preview then?

"No time to worry!" Is he starting to talk like her?

Wow, Paul was actually surprised by something!

That music during the battle...I haven't heard that since Puzzle League!

Aah, there's the different preview. Alberto's voice is REALLY bad. And aww, Lickylicky doesn't make any sound!
The episodes rocked plain and simple.

Conway and Holly? I don't have any problems with those names.

The music in the scene with Ash and Chimchar was very appropriate.

They had kids dressed up as Ash and Dawn? Heh funny. I like the fact that the girl dressed as Dawn had a longer skirt. :p

Shinji sounded nice during those flash back scenes. >>

Conway represents every creepy fanboy in the fandom.

Brock x Holly is the next great ship. :p

Team Rocket routing for Chimchar says something about Shinji.

Conway is a strategist, awesome.

Ash kept both soothe bells?

Shinji is evil.

Brock and Holly didn't stand a chance against Torterra.

Overall hat girl got far.

Conway and Dawn are great together. ;)

And the ending was ironic.

"Don't forget Pokemon the Rise of Darkrai debuts months before it hits theaters right here on Cartoon Network." by random kid on Fried Dynamite. THE HECK?!
Conway and Hollie...Oh my. Good guess Maxim, but the dubers are getting better all the time.

Half way though the Chimchar ordeal I randomly started singing "I want to be a hero" to myself. I guess it fit the moment. I place first bet on Chimchar going all the way evolution wise. Holy crap, Elekid's as bad as Paul! It really fooled me with that "Shake hands and be friends, and then knock him down" routine. And it takes A LOT to fool me in a cartoon.
I was so rapped up in the mach I forgot this was Elekid's evo epi, so when that happend I nearly jumped out of my bean bag. Paul's such an enigma, hopefully will learn why he does what he does soon.

Anyway, I guess Alberto is still Alberto, and Alice is still Alice. Tonio hasn't even been called by name yet. (v_v) Lickylicky made me laugh when I saw it. I can't help but awe seeing Palkia fly, it just seems so cool. I have a weird feeling this movie is going to be like a combination of movie 3, movie 7, and movie 6 for me. Movie three because of the focus on people, movie 7 because of the battle in the middle of a city, and movie 6 because of this romance thing going on.
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