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Review S14 EP01: In the Shadow of Zekrom! ・ EP02: Enter Iris and Axew!


Back From The Grave
Oct 25, 2010
Reaction score

lol, sorry about that. But I'm actually really happy that TR's lines were close to their originals. The motto was awesome as hell too, pretty much an exact translation. Iris was funny and she had a nice voice. Axew has a cute voice too ^^

Trip's voice was a lot deeper than I expected. He kind of sounded like Barry.


An Enemy Stand User(?)
May 17, 2010
Reaction score
Colour me impressed with the dub! James only rhymed once, and for the most part they had serious lines! Even if they're slightly impeded by their VAs. I squeed when I heard their motto.

And also...
“You can't find anything this jiggly in Unova!”

I'd beg to differ. -points to Juniper, Fennel and Shauntal-

Sigging it.


Gangsta's Paradise
Jun 9, 2010
Reaction score
Did anyone catch the VA list for this episode, I'm interested who voiced the pokemon/pokedex. Thanks.


Unregistered User
Apr 27, 2008
Reaction score
I'm so, so glad they translated TR's motto and left the music intact. Also, Iris and Juniper have awesome voices. Trip's was a bit jarring at first, but I quickly got used to it and now I like it more than his original. He sounds more jerkish.

I will curl up in a corner and die if the dubbers fuck up after this near-perfect debut.


i've fallen and cant get up
Mar 15, 2008
Reaction score
My only problem is with Shooty's new name. I never liked the kid, but why give him the name "Trip"? I expected Cameron or something related to photography...

Actually, if you think about it, they may have based his name off of a tripod, a camera stand ;)

It doesn't sound that bad once they actually say it...it sounds, dare I say it, "hip" and "fresh?" :p

Elite Four Will

Femme Fatale! WOHOO
Apr 5, 2010
Reaction score
Loved both episodes they were awesome. The dub handled these episodes really well especially TRio's dialogue and motto. They seem to talk more clearly now. Iris and Oshawoot sounds adorable and so did Axew. The return of 'WTP' made my day. The opening is a great improvement, it sounded great and nicely spliced. Overall this episode is dubbed perfectly. 10/10


PMD Hero
Nov 21, 2009
Reaction score
Darn it! I missed all but the ending of the second episode! Oh well, still got to see Team Rocket kick butt. That was...mind blowing! I can't believe Team Rocket is actually...a threat!


My Sword Hand Twitches!
Nov 6, 2010
Reaction score
Was it the rumoured "Nuvema Town"?

i hope this (V) is right i really liked the names

Souryuu - Opelucid City
Raimon - Nimbassa City
Fukiyose - Mistralton City
Sekka - Icirrus City
Sazanami - Undella Town
Kanoko - Nuvema Town
Hodomoe - DriftVeil City
Kagome - Lacunosa Town
Karakusa - Accumula Town
Sanyou - Striaton City


New Member
Jan 26, 2011
Reaction score
These were two solid and exciting episodes. Seeing "Who's That Pokémon?" blew my mind. I'm definitely excited for what's to come in the Black & White saga! Though I wish the dub had called it Best Wishes...

My only problem is, err, is that going to be Team Rocket's new motto? Because I'm not feeling it. I mean... they can rhyme sometimes...


Well-Known Member
Aug 26, 2010
Reaction score
Colour me impressed with the dub! James only rhymed once, and for the most part they had serious lines! Even if they're slightly impeded by their VAs. I squeed when I heard their motto.

And also...
“You can't find anything this jiggly in Unova!”

I'd beg to differ. -points to Juniper, Fennel and Shauntal-Heheheh.

Sigging it.

No mention of Aloe or Flo??? Really???

Also, BOSS animation is BOSS. And it only gets better from here. :yahoo:


"Ursaring, standby for battle!"
Mar 14, 2010
Reaction score
Well it was an ok set of episodes I am pretty comfortable with the dub more than I thought I would be. Wow, 4 yrs ago it was the first 3 DP episodes ah memories…

Anyway, wish they would get a more mature voice for Ash if his rival Trip sounds older than him. I’m not too annoyed with Trip’s because that voice sounds familiar I wish he would have stuck to calling Ash a hillbilly and Pallet Town a hick town. Glad they kept the original music when they had their battle.

Iris is cool and her voice is a nice touch to illustrate her being slightly “older” in the eyes of the viewer. I guess Ash has that voice so he does come off as more of a child than the rest of his peers, despite having far more experience on journeys.

The new theme song doesn’t really do it for me maybe I have to get used to it, it is really short, but I guess it’s for the best to make room for the action.

New TR, knowing that more is to come from them really makes their new serious attitude worth the while.

Who’s that Pokemon makes an epic return!!! Too bad the Pokemon doesn’t do its call when the commercial break is over though…

Another Pikachu electric problem haha oh yeah that never gets old…

I’m a bit surprised that Ash got Pokeballs from Juniper that was surprising I mean I understand the Pokedex but still. Guess it truly is a new beginning for the series.


Well-Known Member
Dec 11, 2009
Reaction score
Actually, if you think about it, they may have based his name off of a tripod, a camera stand ;)

It doesn't sound that bad once they actually say it...it sounds, dare I say it, "hip" and "fresh?" :p

I think Trip is an awesome name, better than Cameron actually. It really fits his character because it is one of those names that is starting to get more popular.

He sounds great. Looking forward to seeing him in future episodes :)


Clap Clap
Nov 23, 2007
Reaction score
We'll I'll be damned. Acurate Rocket dialogue? Accurate motto?! Hell just froze over didn't it? I'll give credit where credit is due and say good job on finally fixing Team Rocket. My only criticism is that Jessie and James can't really pull off serious voices like Musashi and Kojiro can. they sound pretty much the same where as Musashi and Kojiro's voices go down in pitch when they're being serious. Nyasu can't pull off being serious so Meowth is in good company there. xD Yeah, there were a few rhymes, but after the hell that was DP I'll take it. Please always be dubbed this well.

And all the music was kept too! :-D It really does make a huge difference in your enjoyment of the episode.

Aside from the opening and some acting acting here and there (looking at you Oak) there's pretty much nothing to xomplain avout. I absolutly loved Iris. Her voice was so cute and captured her personality perfectly. Trip sounded way too much like Paul, as if we didn't have enough comparisons as is. :/

The episodes themselves were great. I know a lot of people have issues with Pikachu losing, but I thought Zekrom zapping Pikachu was a believable excuse. also don't mind Ash acting "dumb" because the writers didn't have any new trainer to show off how the Pokemon world works.

I looooooove the new serious Team Rocket. (Boy is it nice to finally say that!) I don't wanna go over why I don't think they're OOC for the millionth time, but it was great seeing them act like a team for once and winning! Woobat is pretty awesome and I hope it evolves someday.

But the best part was the return of Who's that Pokemon! I was really hoping Best Wishes would've done this, but the dub actually answered our prayers!

So yeah, these two episodes exceeded my expectations and then some. Pokemon finally has the accurate dub we've all been waiting for! :-D

Ace Trainer Star

The Lazy Trainer
Oct 3, 2010
Reaction score
Ok, so here's my commentary:


-Ok, Ash is still 10 in the dub. I expected them to change that...
- The script seems to be word for word, (TR included) mostly. (I've watched this episode at least 3 times, so...)
-Anyone else get Deja Vu from the lyrics, of the theme? I think they stole lines from previous themes....
-The volume was low, so I couldn't tell how much music was kept..sounded like a lot!
-Oh, so THAT'S how Unova's pronounced...
-WHAT. They Brought back "Who's That Pokemon"!? Wait, why? (It's not a problem, it's just...Why?)
-Trip sounds like Paul.

-Two words: Stalker. Oshawott.
-Word for word translaton...
-Iris's voice kinda fits...
-I think TR's motto was accurate, but my volume was too low for me to hear it.
-The pokemon voices match the japanese ones very well.

All in all, It sounds like Tpci is actually trying this time...Keep it up, guys!
Last edited:

The Puppetmaster

I'm Alive
Aug 1, 2010
Reaction score
Since the majority of us knew what events would be taking place in these episodes, I'll just highlight what I thought was important.

-The new opening has scenes from the Japanese opening with a new song sung by a man and a woman.
-All the Japanese music was retained.
-Ash being ten-years-old was translated.
-Iris tends to call Ash a "kid", like in the Japanese version.
-Trip talks about "knowing the basics", like his Japanese counterpart.
-Trip definitely has Barry's voice - who knew he could sound so antagonistic?
-Professor Oak says he'll take care of Ash's Pokémon back at the lab.
-Delia says she can't imagine how much Ash will have grown by the time she sees him again.
-Team Rocket doesn't do alliterations! (They rhymed once or twice, but it wasn't jarring or blatantly out of place.)
-Team Rocket's motto was dubbed correctly!!!
-Team Rocket says they'll capture Pikachu and all the Unova region legendaries.
-Unova is pronounced "Yoo-nuh-vuh".
-Pidove received a new voice I think? (But it still did those shrill things, so it seemed a bit pointless.)
-"Who's that Pokémon?" makes a comeback (no more awkward commercial cuts!).

Excellent job, TPCI! I hope you keep up the good work. ;)


Feb 1, 2011
Reaction score

That was my exact reaction. There were a few alliterations and rhymes but it wasn't DP bad. I actually clapped and cheered when I heard them XD
Thank you TPCi for giving me faith in dub Team Rocket. Lety's hope you keep it up! :yahoo:
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