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REVIEW: S15 EP10: A Call for Brotherly Love!

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Oct 14, 2009
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why does CIlan have a different shoe design ?

and the FIRST fire type gym in the unova !?? the unova region doesn't have any fire type gym...wow....
(before any reply about the 10 gyms in the game,we already know that there are even more than that in the anime...Trip !!!)
Comfort ghost
Oct 17, 2011
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One of my favourite episodes of BW so far, it reminded me exactly why I love Cilan so much. I'm amazed Chili became a gym leader in the first place with that kind of attitude, but it was so much fun to watch him improve with Cilan's advice. For once, I don't even mind that Ash lost, Chili needed the boost. Love gym leader insights, and Pansage & Pansear acting like their trainers was just adorable.
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Jan 12, 2005
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I loved this episode. So far all of the episodes regarding Cilan and his brothers are my favorite.
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Dec 27, 2010
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I really enjoyed this episode. It was a fun filler.

I really like how Pansear and Pansage were such amigos. I also like how Pansear acts like Chili (i.e. eating food when they're angry). I also like how the brothers know each other pretty well. I kinda liked Cress the most.

I really liked the Rocky reference here. The training scene was just epic.

I kinda thought that the TRio parts were unnecessary in these episodes. Up until the next episode which I haven't seen yet...
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Jul 11, 2012
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Oh that's one of my favorite episodes!!

Pansear learns a new move, Solar Beam and it looks like Kamehameha wave. Chili got upset, someone needs to take his stress pills. Chili loves donuts, so I see a pattern: Cilan loves trains and Chili loves donuts I wonder what Cress likes.

I'm pretty upset that Pansear and Pansage just borrow from their trainers and don't get a new personality.

It also revealed Cress is the most emotional of the brothers.

Cress cried all day it seems like, what gym leader cries in their battlefield?

When Cress said "And I've been worried sick" it sounded like something a parent would say rather than a sibling.

Chili's blushing face looked cute but I don't know why would he blush over something like Ash and Iris saying their like their pokemon.

Then there's the training, the absorbing the energy scene made me mad because the diloluage sounded more like worshipping than concentrating.

The following diloluage:
Cilan: “The first thing is to open the doors to your heart”
Chili: “Alright Pansear let’s do it”
Pansear: “Pansear”
Ash: “Pikachu let’s do it too”
Pikachu: “Pikachu”
Iris: “you too Axew”
Axew: “Xew”
(everyone stands out with their arms apart in the sun)

Cilan: “Can you hear the voices of the grass and trees”
Chili: (whose now confused) “Sorry I can’t hear a thing”
Cilan: “Once you open your heart you’ll hear it”
Iris: (who hears it) “Hey I think I just heard it”
Axew: "xew"
Ash: (hearing it now) “Me too”
Pikachu: "Pikachu"
Chili: “You know I’m starting to it as well it’s a very soft and gentle voice but it’s there”

Sounds like their listening Arceus in his Grass Type form, I'm christen so that made me mad.

Chili's gone on a journey now and Pansear is now his walking pokemon. I wonder if Cress will get a episode, he's just turning Panpour into a walking pokemon since he's leaving her out after a battle.

I'd love to see Chili's new gym. Nice Rocky Reference!! But the hug scene looks more like Sweet Baby James when James was holding Chimecho.

And way to go with the lack of use of the Cross-popping veins!!!

Cress' sad face looked like Jessie's sad face and Chili's glowing, red face when he increases in body heat looked a lot like Ash in "Bickering the Better"

Why did Chili get embarresed over something like that. Chili tells Pansear to let out his anger. He just louder and louder to the point where he's screaming (was it necessary for him to yell and scream at the top of his lungs?) He probably hurted his throat and vocal chords in the process and made Ash and Iris deaf temporary (it was enough to make him wet his pants even though they don't show it). Even Cilan's conscious talking. Chili was sick and pukey in the flashback it looked like he was gonna throw up. He was upset and you can get sick from stress (my brother used to get so upset he threw up). Even if they don't show it he probably threw up on the way to the pokemon center or at the pokemon center.
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"What do you mean, my Gengarite is contraband?!"
Jun 10, 2012
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A nice episode there. Now we just need one about Cress. Panpour has no problem with Electric types but doesn't seem to do so well against Grass types possibly. I guess the plot for an episode like that could be about Panpour learning Ice Beam.

Back on topic, I was impressed and pleased that the anime has mentioned using other moves to cover weaknesses instead of stating "Grass beats Water, they're fucked" like they normally do.