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Review S16 EP06: Curtain Up, Unova League!


Aug 9, 2011
Reaction score
It's pleasant to see Iris have confidence in Ash- "let's see you beat them all!" as he goes to enter for the League. The gang's reminisce about their that journey they have at the gates is nice to see in addition.
I love how they finally manage to pronounce Stephan's name with the right pronunciation, but don't even realise their initial mistakes. Incredible, poor Stephan. Ah, well, at least it's correct now. He's a guy I certainly can agree with in having the sauna as his choice of relaxation. The interactions between the gang as they saunter up the hill to their quarters is refreshing, and Cameron, camping out for days, but not realising to eneter. Ash brings up a very tangible point, what was he doing for those past three days? You think he would've heard about registering in that time period, but he could've being off doing anything, I suppose. I can see how he assimilates to Ash, thinking the word "registered" is a Pokemon, just like something Ash used to pull. Still, I wouldn't doubt him, if he was capable of thinking of having a secret weapon as a tactic, even if he told Ash he has one. I reckon he was too pumped up about it not to mention it. The announcement was a great touch and Audino's voice at the end of it was as well.
I don't comprehend why Cameron wouldn't just leave the sauna if it was too much for him, but perhaps, he wished to keep Stephan company for the remainder. Ash's reflections on his Gym battles was lovely to see; really emphasising the journey behind the league.
Freddy's entrance was a little bit of spontaneous fun, interesting to watch. I wish they didn't pair up Ash with Trip so quickly for a meagre 1 vs 1 match myself, but I'm glad Trip has changed, even though I wish it was lengthened out more. I notice that the crowd isn't in awe of the rainbow caused by the collision of Crustle's Rock Wrecker and Vapreon's Hydro Pump, like they are in the original, I felt that was amiss. I think it's neat to not have a conclusion to Bianca's or Cameron's matches in this episode, would've felt a bit rushed anyways.
I am fond of the fact that Dento trusts Ash's eager mood as an aid against Trip, but that Serperior is definitely making affairs difficult.

An alright episode overall, I enjoyed parts of it.


"What do you mean, my Gengarite is contraband?!"
Jun 10, 2012
Reaction score
I for one welcome Trip's new approach towards Ash, he is without a doubt more bearable to watch. Serperior hasn't changed much though, it's still got that annoying godlike speed. I pretty much facepalmed when Iris and Cilan said that Pignite would be the best choice in terms of type...

Seriously!? After the asskicking Pignite got last time he fought that Serperior?

Looks like the show can't really live without someone to hate either and with Trip's cockiness having all but vanished, Cameron was there to fill that spot. The dumb shit seriously thought there was a Pokemon species called Registered? That sounds like some long lost member of the Regi trio...

I still can't believe that this idiot ends up beating Ash... It's a fucking travesty.

Also, yay 500th post!


Back into Pokemon
Aug 22, 2004
Reaction score
I'm actually surprised that TPCi kept the Best Wishes Instrumental as that's a piece they like to replace.


Mar 22, 2013
Reaction score
I didn't really care much for any of the rivals beside Trip in this episode. I like all of them but aside from Trip none of them really changed and honestly even if Trip didn't have much of a rivalry with Ash he deserved to have a bigger battle then any of the others did.

Darth Darkrai

Well-Known Member
Feb 1, 2013
Reaction score
This was an Ok Episode and all the Voice Actors who did the Gym Leaders all made Voice Cameos and were Credited in the Ending Credits.

Ben 10

It's hero time!
Sep 1, 2013
Reaction score
I only watched this episode for Trip honestly the other rivals aren't exactly my cup of tea.
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