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Review S16 EP10: Cameron's Secret Weapon!


Secret Sword of Justice
May 2, 2011
Reaction score
Yeah, I have to say this battle isn't quite as epic as Ash vs Stephan was, but it's still not bad at all! Cameron is a stronger trainer than I originally gave him credit for. That Hydreigon is definitely impressive. I also hardly expected
Riolu's evolution.
I was like "holy crap!" :eek:

I had the same reaction to Krookodile knowing Aerial Ace back in Ash vs Stephan. Though as always, Stephan's Sawk is epic.


"Ursaring, standby for battle!"
Mar 14, 2010
Reaction score
As soon as I saw Lucario the first thing that popped into my mind was "Where the heck is Buizel when Ash needs him?!?!"


Proud Pokeservative!
May 26, 2012
Reaction score
This is an epiosode of pokemon worthy of the Losing Horns from "the Price is Right". and that right there sums it up


Well-Known Member
Jul 9, 2009
Reaction score
Finally got around to watching the dub of this, and I'm still as bitter about this episode as I was with the original.

Anyone remember the Ash vs. Paul battle... how there was a ton of strategy involved with decent improvised moves and battle plans. Yeah, none of that here. Instead, it's one Pokemon after the other with a ton of:-

"Don't worry Oshawott, I know you can defeat Hydreigon!"
"Don't worry Ferrothorn, I know you can defeat Pignite!"
"Don't worry Pignite, I know you can defeat Samurott!
"Don't worry Samurott, I know you can defeat Pikachu!"
"Don't worry Swanna, I know you can defeat Pikachu!"
"Don't worry Riolu, I know you can defeat Unfezant!"

Oh wait, excuse the last one... Riolu did defeat Unfezant. The bird didn't manage to get off a single move... having said that, she was only hit by three moves that shouldn't have been that effective before being knocked out so I guess logic is being thrown out of the window for the 'Heart of the Cards' mentality the show has been pimping recently.

But let's get on to the worst factor about this episode... Cameron only brought FIVE Pokemon with him!. I mean, geez, there's dumb but then there's bone-shatteringly stupid. "Duh, I thought full battles were five-on-five!" They're called FULL battles, you dumbass. Clearly your logic does not resemble our Earth logic.

The fact the writers went this is stupid idea pisses me off for two reasons...

- It cheats us out of seeing a proper full battle at the league.
- It makes Ash look even weaker that he's having trouble against this guy. DP Ash would be walking over him.

Some people might reason there wasn't time to include another Pokemon, and I could buy that if we hadn't had yet another 'Axew goes missing' filler plot just before. God, even in a league Iris takes focus away from Ash.

People who refute that BW has made Ash weaker and is a massive step backwards for both him and the series, this episode is all the proof you need.

I guess I should give this episode one compliment... I liked the design of the scoreboard (and a really nice touch is that when the evolution is finished you can just see Riolu's picture being replaced by Lucario's... of course, he still shows at Riolu a couple of shots lateR). That's all the good things I can say about it.

Oh, and Jimmy Zoppi... did you have to use your James voice for the referee? Didn't you have anything new you could use?
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