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REVIEW: S16 EP26: Farewell, Unova! Setting Sail for New Adventures!

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I Actually liked the Opening I think, not the Best Editing, but it was Good and the Basculin Submarine looks good in the Opening.
oh my
Wow, the N Arc went by fast looking back. I'm excited for DA, even though I've already watched half of the episodes in Japanese :p

Not really an exciting episode, but it's always great to see Muk and Professor Oak. I'm glad Iris decided to send out Excadrill instead of Dragonite, sometimes I forgot Iris has other Pokemon. It was also nice to see Oshawott provide some use, but really it could have been any Pokemon who fell out of it's Pokeball.

Can't wait for them to get back to Kanto!
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And Juniper said Best Wishes!! Yep, it's time to finally leave Unova. FINALLY! Except I hear it only gets worse...

Well, it already starts out strange, as Cilan is seemingly getting less focus that Iris and Ash in the new Opening. Hell, even Axew got more time than him in the opening. WTH?

I have to say, Ash's dream sequence was pretty funny (since it freaked me out upon first seeing it), though, was there really no other way to wake him than sending 100,000 volts of electricity into his body? I think Iris is just a bit sadistic.

It kinda bugged me that Iris said she wanted to go to Kanto to meet Kanto Dragons. Like, she's not even trying to be a Dragon Master in Unova. Now her excuse to go to Kanto is to see Dragons? Not to mention she OWNS the only one there. She probably doesn't know that, but it's a pretty pathetic excuse. Don't even get me started on Cilan. It just made this whole "traveling together" thing seem even more forced to me.

I always like to see Muk, so that was nice.

James's plan to get the tickets was a bit stupid. Or at least not well thought out. Like, what if Juniper didn't drop the tickets? Would he have just snatched them? What was the Plan B? I'm just curious.

.......Soooooooo, the dude tells you the tickets are no good and you just leave?! Common sense would say to at least ask why, don't you think? Even if it was the wrong boat, they didn't even ask!

And speaking of, why the hell is everyone displaying so much stupidity and naivete in this episode? I get that they sort of always trust everybody, but when it's all piled up together like this, it gets pretty painful to watch. I really dislike episodes like this where Pikachu just chooses to be immature like Axew. He's supposed to be the responsible one and he generally listens to wherever anyone Ash trusts tells him to do. Oh, and of course Oshawott's Poke Ball is the one Jessie dropped. It's one of THOSE EPISODES again. Way to start Decolora. -_-

Is James disguised as an old man disguised as a...ship...dude? I don't know...he looks like the Captain, but I don't remember if they said he was. Plus, I agree, Iris was pretty rude. She could have waited till he left to complain about everything. She's such a kid.

Well, let's see. Will I be wrong? Is Oshawott gonna do something? Is it gonna be one of THOSE episodes? And seriously, why do they keep leaving Cilan out? Iris just told Ash he was gonna go check on the 'Mons. Cilan has feelings, too, y'know?

Okay, Axew and Pikachu trying to open the doors was kinda cute.

Just when I thought Team Rocket could redeem themselves, they planned to throw the Twerps overboard is barrels. And all while turning them into Ash and the Patrats? Well, you've slightly redeemed yourselves. But then ruined it because they only want to mention Pikachu.

Man, Oshawott was doing good until he somehow derped up and...I guess fell over his own feet into the room. But he was a factor, I'll give him that.

They really liked drawing Ash as a Chibi in this episode, didn't they?

Why are they commending Oshawott for getting away from Team Rocket? He didn't do anything! And, I like Jessie's simple logic: "That was then, and this is now." That's pretty much how those guys operate.

"Is battling on board a good idea?" - Cilan
"Pikachu, Iron Tail" - Ash (seconds later).
Cilan: getting ignored since Adventures in Unova and Beyond.

-_- There is no way Iris could have thought using Dig on a ship was a good idea. Looks like we're all ignoring Cilan today.

Okay, Team Rocket's plan to clog the hole just earned them some redeeming points. Plus, that blast off was legit.

So this awesome dude just said his name was Porter, and Ash called him Parker. Just hilarious. Ash is ignoring everybody today.

Well, I guess it was expected to be a filler episode, but another "get schemed by Team Rocket into giving them all your Pokemon and beat them in the end" is just getting old. My man Cilan got ignored this ENTIRE episode and the plot was nothing we haven't seen before. I can admit the episode was entertaining, at least, and pretty funny. So I'll give it a 3/10.
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Is it just Me or DID Roger Parsons Sound REALLY Weird in this Episode or what Everybody because he sounded 5 Years Older than Last Week.
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I finnally watched the actual episode, and I find really amusing how Juniper's farewell is much more distant and emotionless than many of the character of the day farewells.

Ash talked about the dream he had with Iris and Zekrom/Pikachu thunderbolting him during the whole morning, and how great it was. Way to be a masochist, Ash.
I like how they kept the BGM when Team Rocket is spying on the twerps. That music is obviously been used in place of Team Rocket's Secret Strategy, a track they can't use because you know, it's from the original series. The problem is that Carter Cathcart doesn't or maybe can't change his voice as much when James is disguised as Miki does. They didn't even retained the weird captain accent.

I also noticed something that I couldn't pick up while watching the Japanese time ago: this episode is really slowly-paced. They could have put some scenes during Juniper's car as a farwell to the Unova Pokémon or something, and maybe adding Iris joking about how she is stronger than the guys after she opened that door instead of saying "I know we were trying to open the door all this time, but why did it open? Whatever... I guess it doesn't matter". You know, just to have a little more comedy until we wait for the plot to advance a little?

Team Rocket's motto was pretty good. They didn't said "you know the drill/you're get your fill" again and I'm happy because I don't know what the hell does that mean. James said "fight" three times, though. Lame. And Oshawott just dissapeared after getting praised by Ash...
I guess that has something to do with Oshawott's powers to get inside his Poké Ball wherever and whenever he wants
Why did James carefully put the twerps' tickets inside a letter envelope? Why Ash was so distracted when Park... I mean Porter introducted himself? Why the narrator caught a cold this week? Why everyone was so twerpy in this episode? Why I don't dislike this episode at all if I complained about everything? Why?
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I'm too lazy to list everything, like always. But there's one thing I have to criticize:

Oh, how convenient was it that the envelope containing the real rickets landed right in Ash's hand? Wouldn't it be a 99% chance it would go somewhere else, or blasted with Team Rocket? Oh well, plot device.
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Who here Thinks that Parker is a Better Name than Porter because I am not a Fan of Porter and I will still Call Him Parker because it is Better does anyone agree with Me Here.
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What was that? They shouldn't have used the water shot at the beggining, that way the different shots would fit into the beat of the song. And what the heck at the end? They look above to the sun and the image suddenly changes to the logo out of nowhere, they could at least put a flash transition to make it less weird.

Porter is a nice name except that it's too obvious. But Parker sounds like someone who parks cars to me so I wasn't seeing them keeping the name either. I was hoping that they would rename him to have a "J" or "G" as the first letter of his name, though.
I agree and I'm sorta miffed that cilan and pansage were cut in that puddle stepping scene, that was just tacky of TPCI. The watershot should have been cut to at least allow them to put cilan in.
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I just watched this episode properly. To add to the season title mess, the "who's that Pokémon" segment is actually missing the "and beyond" part. I kind of wish all this lazy crap is happening because they're busy cooking something great up for XY.

I also noticed that Team Rocket's motto is completely revoiced from Episode N, and James still says "to unite the people within our nation." They also made the effort to copy 4kids' "surrender now or prepare to fight, fight, fight!", so I guess they just thought their change sounded better. Or maybe they're just really bad at this. But at least they varied up the first two lines unlike the Japanese version, I'm really hoping they give us something new in each episode because the stock footage is painful to watch otherwise.

Either way, I did enjoy the episode and I'm actually looking forward to all this filler because the BW writers seem better at filler than arcs. Episode N was decent, but everything else was a complete mess.
I'm too lazy to list everything, like always. But there's one thing I have to criticize:

Oh, how convenient was it that the envelope containing the real rickets landed right in Ash's hand? Wouldn't it be a 99% chance it would go somewhere else, or blasted with Team Rocket? Oh well, plot device.
I agree, I found that pretty stupid as well. But then again, it has happened before, as early as in the original series. If I remember correctly, when Ash battled Team Rocket in the Viridian Gym, they were blasted off too ultimately and the Earth Badge fell right out of the sky in Ash's hands.
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We will Remember U Khristine Hvam U were good as Prof Juniper and U were also a lot BETTER THAN Prof Rowan back in Sinnoh and I will miss U.
I poke your snoot
This episode was a lot better than I expected. Nice job, for the most part.

The new intro has a lot of water. Tons of blue everywhere used as a motif. I kind of wish they spliced more of the character shots from the Japanese intro like the previous two openings this season (especially the league one).

I REALLY liked the scene at the very beginning. Nice segue between two sagas and Movie 14-esque.

Team Rocket was great, and I liked how this episode fully involved them instead of just throwing them into a single scene. I learned this when the Japanese episode first came out, but James really does have CONVINCING disguises.

Nice job keeping the Unova wild battle music when Oshawott fought the TRio.

Was it just me, or did Ash&co seem really calm when Parker/Porter rejected their first tickets? If I was in that situation, I'd have a panic attack.
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I'm super super disappointed how they handled the Opening. I didn't know water, sky and ship are important part of the plot now? Why waste half of the time for that when you have only 30 seconds to go? Also, why only feature Ash, Iris and Cilan? [And Cilan was cut out] and they could have used the wonderful scenes from Te o tsunagou one of my fav EDs ever both animation and music wise, but NO. Instead TPCi gives us the most horrible dub version of any opening EVER made. Thank you TPCi, you ruined the whole "Let's say good bye to Unova cast and the last summer with them" feel I got from the Japanese ones. Job well done, like always.
To add to the season title mess, the "Who's That Pokémon?" segment is actually missing the "and beyond" part.
I never noticed that. Hopefully TPCi will go back and fix this and have Sarah Natochenny re-record the "Parker" line to properly say "Porter" instead.
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I like Parker better than Porter it fits him better I personally think, We all have our own opinions and this mt Opinion about it Ok.
It was a mediocre episode, and the dub was less than stellar as well.

The intro's clip compilation? Just lazy, IMO. It could be worse, though.

"And Beyond" is better than nothing but not the best title...

The episode? Eh...could've been better, could've been worse.

Ash called Porter Parker because of a script error, or Parker called himself Porter for the same reason, but it's a minor error. I'm not including it in my rating of the episode and the dub.

Rating: 6/10
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