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Review S16 EP36: Capacia Island UFO!

Protecting Gotham City
Jan 3, 2003
Reaction score
I loved that line about being hard to hypnotize idiots, then the Beheeyem changing it to "gifted people". :p That was gold. Twerp/TR teamups are always funny. And any time Meowth does a lot of translation is always interesting. If TR ever turned good for real, Meowth's translation ability would be a lot of fun to have around all the time, like it was during the arc where it joined them for a while.
Utsukushī sakura o mite
Dec 30, 2015
Reaction score
I loved that line about being hard to hypnotize idiots, then the Beheeyem changing it to "gifted people". :p
You got me there. :D

I found the part where Ash ran into Beheeyem - faced Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny to be smile inducing as well. Ash, Jessie and James forming a truce to defeat Beheeyem was pretty interesting too. I like the episodes where such truces are formed (and broken as well :LOL:).

Poor Beheeyem, put down and kidnapped by a group of three people and two Pokémon. Guess you have no choice but to follow your kidnapper's commands to save your skin! ;)

Beheeyem using its finger lights to hypnotize people and communicate was fun to watch as well.

In all, the episode was pretty interesting and quite funny, if not outright hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed it. :)