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Review S17 EP06: Battling on Thin Ice!


Perfect Pawmi
Mar 20, 2013
Reaction score
I thought this was a great episode.

So it seems that Ash doesn't really remember Serena. Well I figured he wouldn't given his memory records, but she wasn’t even that upset about it, so that's nice. I really liked how she was more concerned for his training than remembering her. I also liked the little moment she and Ash had at night when they were talking about her future goals and aspirations.

My gosh, Clemont. Why do I love him more and more with each episode? He's so adorable, so funny, and his poses are so cute and even sexy. I just love him. And seriously, last time this kid pulled out a generator. This time he whips out a giant frgggin cannon. This kid is awesome. And the "Sticky Wiki" cannon actually worked...before blowing up, but still. Love him. This goes double for Bonnie, falling asleep while cheering. Clemont walking her to take her to bed was soooooo cute! And even Froakie was actually almost cute here. So much cuteness.

So now we get to the rematch. I have to say that it was really well done. I love all of the special techniques he used with Pikachu and Fletchling, especially Pikachu using his tail to avoid slipping around on the ice and Fletchling’s spinning Razor Wind. I really loved how Ash used Clemont’s “Sticky Wiki” machine blowing up to get the idea of having Pikachu use Electo Ball on himself to stay awake. My only real disappointment is that Fletchling didn't get a win here. I know it got one last week whereas Pikachu didn't, but...how many gym battles has Pikachu been in? Exactly. So I would have liked to see more from Fletchling. But it's not that big of a deal. After all, Viola didn’t use Sleep Powder in the last episode, so it’s not like Ash knew to specifically train for it, so I won’t fault him there. I’m glad Ash dedicated his win to everyone; that was sweet. It was a great gym battle nonetheless….except for that damn referee.

Am I the only one who thought Bonnie saying “Happy, Happy, Bonnie!” at the end was rather…weird. I mean, it was adorable, but I found it odd that they actually translated that word for word from the original, instead of something like “I’m so happy!”. Eh, whatever, it was still cute. And no Team Rocket again! Great! Lastly, Bonnie was so adorable walking at the end!

Overall a great episode. I'm giving it 9.7/10!

Darth Darkrai

Well-Known Member
Feb 1, 2013
Reaction score
Ok, Review Time. I had Liked this Episode in Japanese and is this Good as the Japanese Episode? To a Degree Yes but here is what I Think.

So we Start Off with the Cliff Hanger that Happened Last Week and the Conversation with Ash and Serena was Good. Ash does NOT Remember Serena but Serena get's Over it and tells Ash to keep Training I Liked that, Ash's Laugh is STILL BAD.

Ash's Training with Alexa and Noivern is Going well and they get it down and at Dinner Ash is Thinking about the Next Step I Liked, I Know most people like Bonnie and her Cuteness but I DON'T Fall For It, it was NOT Good to Me.

So Clemont has this Long Name that is his Cannon and it is Cool and then BOOM it's Destroyed but the Best Part of the Scene is WHATATAWWAYATATWAAAAAAAAAAAA Music. Then Froakie comes out to help and it is AWESOME.

Bonnie Starts to Fall Asleep while Cheering, it is a little Funny but still NOT Good to Me. Clemont taking her was Good though. Froakie Slapping Fletchling was HILARIOUS IMO.

Then Ash and Serena are Left Alone and I Liked that Scene, VERY CUTE.

The Gym Battle Comes and Alexa Talks with Serena Quickly and that was Good. We hear the Iris Voiced Referee again, and is still NOT Good.

The Gym Battle was Good, my Issues are Sara as Ash was Sounding to Forced and with Viola WHAT THE HELL WAS UP WITH ALL THE Camera Jokes/Puns, IT WAS BAD.

Ash Wins and the Battle Overall is Good. Also, in the Flashback Scene Sara Natochenny as Young Ash SOUNDED A LOT Like Delia/Johanna TO ME AND WAS SOOOOOOO BAD.

The Picture of Ash, Serena, Clemont, Bonnie, Alexa, Viola, Dedenne, Helioptile, and Pikachu was Cute and Cool.

For the Last Part, SURPRISE ANOTHER Cliff Hanger Ending that Worked. No Team Rocket Again Hooray.

Overall I Give this a 7.7

Team Gaara

The Raging Wave
Mar 19, 2013
Reaction score
So we return for the rematch. I thought it was very well done. This region continues not to disappoint.

First of all, Serena goes about asking Ash if he remembers her and even Pikachu and Fletchling were freaked out by that question. Obviously, she didn’t get remembered. But I must say, this girl has a scary-ass memory. How old were they in that flashback; four, three? I can’t remember so many things from when I was that young, but she’s kept it in her mind…for years…that’s a little stalkercreepy…

Bonnie’s so cute! X3 She ate an entire piece of cake in one bite because she was mad. I love her so much! Also, does Serena’s neck look too long and skinny to anyone else? It just disturbs me sometimes.

So they go back to training and I’m getting tired with all the science! Geez, Clemont, you’d think you’d learn how to make sh*t that stays together before you keep hauling out things that explode every time you use them. And of course he’d put a “full power” on the thing! He better be careful before he kills someone… JK, I love this gag. :p And another invention goes boom~

Speaking of which, why didn’t they use frubbles in the first place?!

Anyway, I love how Froakie just slapped Fletchling. Like, that was funnier than it was supposed to be.

Still cute how Bonnie cheered, even in her sleep this time, but…Serena’s neck still scares me…

So it’s back to the gym! Hell yeah! The return of Iris!

Viola’s puns remain and it’s awesome, but “FANTASTIC!” still remains to be seen! WHY WON'T YOU SAY FANTASTIC?!?!

I love Bonnie and Dedenne’s cheering! I want to take them home! I need to calm down.

This gym battle was awesome. They weren’t playing around. Love the tenacity to prevent Ice Bean, even if it failed. Wish they’d do more stuff like that.

Why does new Iris look like Thorton from far away?

I have to note: that was the most badass sending out of Fletchling ever!

Come on, Clemont; first early route Bug, of course it gets Sleep Powder! Also, so if I attack myself with an Electric Attack, I won’t fall asleep? Make that a thing, game.

Another thing: I love how supportive Clemont, Bonnie, and Serena are. They’re like a real team, fighting together! It's like they really believe in Ash. It's so beautiful!

OMG! Happy Happy Bonnie! I can’t take this anymore, she’s so cute!! If she gets any cuter, I may get a cavity.

Alexa is a jerk. She was all, “I told you he’d win. I’m so right.” Hello, Alexa, you helped him win!

And finally… that ending was weird as f**k. Stahp it Serena, stahp. With the stalking… and the neck.

For an overall total score, I give it a 9.9 out of 10. The training and gym battle was great, Bonnie, Clemont, and even new-Ash are proving to be awesome characters, and Serena's...still...she's okay~


NCIS Special Agent
Oct 19, 2008
Reaction score
Since everyone else is getting their raving in, I doubt I can come up with much to say that's original. On the plus side, I'm not complaining as much anymore. Well, I suppose I can hope that not all of Clemont's inventions explode or otherwise go wrong. (At least the backpack works.) And is it at all telling that Ash and Froakie smoothly picked up the slack after Inspector Gadget failed?

Actually, the only thing that's pissing me off now is Cartoon Network running that stupid "mini-show" during the commercial break.

Oh, and for those who complain about the BGM, some of the Pikachu vs. Vivillon score was from Season 1. I guess TPTB really are going back to their roots. Now, if they could bring back the original "Who's That Pokémon?" music, as well as a few other tracks from the first few seasons...


New Member
Nov 26, 2011
Reaction score
I'm growing more and more wary of Serena. It's like she's supposed to be Ash's osananajimi or something. Yeah, Ash doesn't remember her, but she's got "scary ass memory", and she feels really strongly about it. And a primary rule of storytelling is, if you're gonna introduce a concept, go somewhere with it. The fact that Serena and Ash go way back has got to at some point mean something.

Nevermind Ash's history with Iris or Dawn or May or Misty, Serena was first, so she gets priority. She's the favorite. First girl wins. No one goes as way back with Ash as Serena. That just feels kind of cheap to me, to make Serena the one who has the furthest history with Ash. It neglects the history he has with everyone else. But they've already established it, they can't just do nothing with it.


Sep 10, 2013
Reaction score
Does everyone remember the dub edit from "A Battle of Aerial Mobility!" which was a colored version of Ash's badge case?


Well, it didn't carry through to this episode.


I actually liked the edit and was sad it wasn't carried through.

Queen Cynthia

Angelic Champion
May 21, 2008
Reaction score
This was a good episode and it made up a little bit for the battle last week that I didn't really like.
However, I still find it hard to believe that Pikachu had such great difficulty beating a Surskit (regardless of the ice field). Vivillon might have been more powerful, ok, but as I said last week, Pikachu is one of Ash's strongest Pokemon and seeing him struggling hard against the region's first(!) gym leader is kind of embarrassing and not plausible.

Also, I'm becoming more and more disappointed with Bonnie and Clemont. There is this ongoing discussion if Pokemon is a kids show but that girl is definitely turning it into a show for children! Who had that glorious idea of introducing a childish character anyway? As if we needed THAT....
And then we have Clemont, an interesting character per se because of his fascination with science, but if you turn him into a clown (or should I say crazy professor?) by having all his inventions blow up, you can't take him seriously! To cut a long story short: I think those characters are not good for the Anime because they partly turn it into a childish comedy show.

What I did like, however, was that training session and Ash's determination. That's the kind of show I like!


Unregistered User
Aug 25, 2013
Reaction score
Clemont just happens to have a sticky web machiene and also happened to take it with him on his joureny.

I said he should've Iron Tailed the floor last time, super effective! using Electro ball on your self is crzy

and I wondered why Serena had randomly walked with Ash. Thought she'd joined Ash without being asked or something.
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