REVIEW: S17 EP08: Grooming Furfrou!

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Mar 19, 2013
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So we get an episode about one of my favorite Kalos Pokémon. That’s pretty cool.

I seriously love Bonnie more and more as the episodes go on. Gets knees scraped. Doesn’t even care. Seriously, if I was Bonnie, I’d probably have been crying…maybe…and I’ve probably got a good 10 years over her. She’s such as little baws.

LOL, Clemont sounded so whiny when Bonnie proposed! That was probably the funny highlight of this episode. But why is Jessica a keeper again? What cool thing does she have going for her? In fact, her dog caused Bonnie injury!

Another thing is that, Bonnie is pretty wise for her age. She’s already decided that Clemont is the type of person that needs to be “taken care of” and is trying to find him a wife already. While that’s a pretty strange form of love, it is love for her brother nonetheless since she wants to make sure he’s got someone. Makes the “gag” that much sweeter.

So this dude is a Grooming Superstar? I guess you can get famous doing anything in this world. Really? A Grooming Star? You mean to tell me this guy is well known for his grooming? I guess I shouldn’t be shocked since there is an entire café in the games dedicated to Furfrou grooming.

It seems it’s not just Bonnie and Clemont, but also Ash gets a humorous moment in this episode. He got confused so quickly with that rather simple talk about berries. I do appreciate that they’ve given Ash back some of his comedic traits.

Deep within this Furfrou stuff is Serena still gushing over fashion…dammit! I know it may seem like a stupid reason, but I’m just finding it hard to get myself to like Serena past Amourshipping.

I love how Team Rocket addressed Pikachu as if he was by himself. I mean, there are known for doing that, but it was funnier today since he actually wasn’t by himself and they basically ignored Ash’s existence.

Wobbuffet was probably the best model I’ve ever seen. I liked that at least Bonnie found it cute. Plus, the phrase, “cutier pie” is actually the best thing ever. In other words, that scene was the best thing ever.

So what, did Jessie’s hair just all grow back when they threw their disguises off? Were they disguising themselves with holograms or something? Seriously, I still, to this day, don’t understand disguises when Jessie’s hair is cut dramatically short. When she takes it off, her hair just magically grows back to normal length. Just what kind of Miku Hatsune trick is she pulling? I know there’s practically no reason to question it after all these years, but it’s just something I’ve never been able to understand.

Anyway, I like how James rhymes whenever he sends Inkay out. Makes me wonder how they’re gonna do that a new way every time.

Sucks Dedenne was asleep during the battle, would’ve liked to see him put in some work.

I really hate girls like Jessica during that battle. Her Pokémon got taken and she doesn’t even remotely look concerned. Or at least not enough to actually do anything. How does she expect to gain his trust when he saves her and she just stands around staring at him? Now she was able to redeem herself by running up on that cage, but it took her a nice clean 5 minutes to even do that!

Bonnie’s cleaning obsession came in useful after all. I actually liked that they did that. Nice consistency.

Who would put Charge Beam on a Furfrou?! Sorry, I just had to say it. -_-

Such a shame Fennekin didn’t get saved in time to fight anything. Also a shame I didn’t get to see my favorite Furfrou style, Debutante, featured in this episode. But I saw a couple other good ones.

That was a great ending, though, with Bonnie and Clemont’s uneasiness at the prospect of going to Lumiose’s Gym. That last shot of them staring at each other while Ash and Serena run off was just awesome. It just gives us some more on the closeness the two are.

This episode was pretty good, but seemingly the first real filler episode of XY, so it wasn’t the most interesting so far. I’ll give it an 8/10.
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Mar 20, 2013
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Well, this episode was okay. I must say that I enjoyed it more today than the original since I could understand what was going on. I also like Furfrou’s voice much more in the dub.

Starting off, I liked seeing Clemont bandage Bonnie’s knees. That was cute. Bonnie's proposal was, once again, hilarious. But seriously though, why does Clemont need someone to take care of him? I get that he doesn’t seem to be the most courageous person in the world, but looking for a wife for him now? Geez Bonnie, at least wait until he’s like a late teenager nearing adulthood or something.

I like Furfrou, so seeing it and the different trims was nice. Though I am a bit disappointed that my favorite trim, Dandy, wasn't shown. I mean c’mon, they even showed that damn Kabuki style. Eh whatever, I liked all of the other trims. But seriously Ash, did you really not notice that those where Furfrou. I mean they were still the same size with the same basic body shape. Hell they even had the same face.

The scene with Team Rocket was a bit amusing. Seeing Wobbuffet in all of those famous outfits walking on a runway was entertaining.

The battle against Team Rocket was great. Seriously, this was probably the most interesting battle I’ve seen in a while. Ash's commands and tactics for the battle were amazing. He even stopped Clemont and was confident that he could win even in the state that Pikachu was in. Pikachu literally beat them with his eyes closed. And almost singlehandedly at that. Wobbufett was cool being able fight head on with Pikachu and block his attacks. Also, my man Clemont. He ran in between lines of a Thunderbolt. That was cool. Bunnelby was good too.

And finally, Furfrou gets a trim. A heart trim. Aw c’mon! Why not Dandy? He would have looked great in a snazzy Dandy trim. No, but seriously. I figured they’d want to show off all of the basic trims first.

Now for some other parts I liked. Ash’s head burning out after getting confused about all of the grooming talk. It was also nice that Ash knew that the Jenny was a different one while Serena didn’t. I really liked how Bonnie was actually going to try to battle Team Rocket with Dedenne. She didn’t even ask Clemont to help until after she saw that Dedenne was asleep. I really hope this means Bonnie will help out with battles in the future. I also liked the focus Serena got in this episode. Even if it wasn’t really about her, it was nice to see how passionate she was about Jessica’s goal. I like how she mentioned at the end that it would be nice to find something to be passionate about. Hopefully this means she’ll find a goal of her own soon.

I'm giving this episode an 8/10.
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May 21, 2008
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The main plot of this episode was typical of a standard episode. Introducing a new profession that exists in the Pokemon World, like in this case Pokemon groomers, was alright. Nevertheless, I have to admit that I'm not so much into fashion, so well, all that talking about grooming was nice to see but not all too interesting for me personally.

What I definitely liked, though, was that battle against Team Rocket. At first, you expect a typical 10 seconds-battle with TRio blasting off again. But this time it was different! We saw a tactical, clever and spectacular fight in which Ash showed what he is made of for a change. If only he did this more often and if only battles against TRio were always as amazing as today!

All in all a decent episode!
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Jan 2, 2010
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Pretty good episode, I thought. I don't much like Furfrou in general, but plenty of giggle-worthy moments made up for that (No surprises, Bonnie is providing at least a giggle per episode for me so far). The battle was, well, something we've not seen for a while now and I really did enjoy it.

I quite like Serena's lack of a goal. It's something we haven't seen before, in a sea of "HEY! I'm ten and I already know what I'm gonna do with my life! And boy, I'm gonna be a master!" Of course, now my fanfic looks less original but oh well ...

Oh yeah, and here's a thought - does everyone in Kalos have blue eyes?
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Oct 19, 2008
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I only caught the second half of this ep, but it was enough to see one of the best Ash & Pikachu battles ever. Ash directing a blinded Pika was just the sort of ballsy move Ash specializes in, requiring the kind of communication that the two are almost legendary for. After all these years, this is the sort of thing we should see more of. And Clemont's Bunnelby using Mud Shot on Wobbuffet, followed immediately by dig--finally, someone took advantage of the fact that Wobby can't use Counter and Mirror Coat at the same time. (As you might've guessed, tactical analysis is something I enjoy.)
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Feb 1, 2013
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All right Episode Review Time, Ok so the Cartoon Cat is back and he's Writing Scripts and this is what he Gave Us. A Pretty BORING Episode to Me IMO.

An Episode Focused on Furfrou, Liked the voice of the Dog I Think it was Billy Bob Thompson, but I REALLY DON'T LIKE Furfrou at all really. The Cuts on Furfrou to Me are either DOWNRIGHT HIDEOUS, UGLY, OR JUST AWFUL, and I Think we got that in this Episode.

I LOVED Ash in this Episode, he wasn't the Main Person of the Episode but him Using that Ink on Pikachu, it was REALLY COOL I thought, this is what IUsed to Like back in the old Days and I'm Glad it came back today.

Serena was Alright the Fashion thing does NOT Really bother Me. Clemont was Alright, I'm Glad he Pulled Bonnie away from doing the Proposal.

I REALLY JUST DON'T LIKE Bonnie, I REALLY DON'T. To Me, she just Annoys the HECK out of me, and her Cutesie Wurtsie Act I DON'T BY AT ALL. The Proposing thing IS SUCH A COMPLETE RIPOFF OF Brock and I Liked that Gag before it Got Old back in DP, but here in XY by a Different Character is NOT GOOD. Bonnie saying "Cutier Pie!" IS WRONG, IT'S NOT EVEN A REAL WORD.

Team Rocket, I LOVED U Guys all the way back, but Now, I DON'T WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO U GUYS, they were NOT GOOD HERE.

Jessica was kind of a BORING Character I thought, a Trainer has to Bond with her Pokemon, I Like seeing that, but we've Seen it a Million Times just for Me though.

The Battle with Ash VS. Team Rocket was Good though I Thought, VERY UNIQUE.

The Acting is NOT Good but Better. But to Me, the Thing that Suffers the most in this Episode is the DUB Script Writing, Carter Cathcart and The Cartoon Cat had MANY BAD Lines but the Thing that made Me GO OFF THE Wall was Words being made up, "Cutier Pie" JUST AWFUL" Transformathon" WHAT, and "Fershintna" WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN, this Makes me MAD, it really does.

Positive Notes: Wobbuffet was HILARIOUS Best part by far int the Funny Department

Also, it was REALLY GOOD AND NICE to Hear Jamie McGonigal again, I Like this Guy.

Overall I Kinda did NOT LIKE THIS Episode just was SO BORING, and the Script to Me was BAD, So I have to Give this a 6.1
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Sep 17, 2010
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I actually really liked this episode. I thought it was fairly interesting despite nothing really major taking place. My favorite part of the episode would have to be the battle with Team Rocket, which was actually one of the best battles I've seen in quite a while in my opinion. I enjoyed how they've been having these tactical and somewhat evenly matched battles that don't last for a few seconds anymore.
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Aug 25, 2013
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Annoys me how oblivious Ash is to Team Rocket.

Pikachu showing he's still a bad ass, great battle w/ Team Rocket. Loled when James thought Tackle would beat Pikachu.

Wobbu should've reflected that last Charge Beam though. Guess Jessie freaked and it didn't want to act by itself.
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Dec 23, 2009
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I liked this episode more than I thought I would. I'm not a fan of Furfrou, as I feel it's a bit gimmicky, along with those ridiculous fur cuts, but it did portray the species' higher level of intellect very well in this episode.

Bonnie is just one big bundle of energy, isn't she? Even scrapped knees don't bother her the slightest bit, which would bring any other child her age into a fit of tears. I know some certain younger cousins I have could learn a thing or two from her upbeat attitude. Once again, her proposal bit is cute and funny all in one. Poor Clemont, can't run into a random cute girl without Bonnie pulling out her little antics. I find them adorable. I loved Brock's gag, so now that the tables have turned, it's even funnier.

Jessica was a bit bland, sad to say, but seeing her overcome her lack of confidence in the face of danger was pretty good. For a CoTD, that is.

I like that Serena doesn't have a set goal yet, as it grants her the leverage needed for the writers to map out her character. I find that a nice change of pace, not having a set goal locked on until a certain points. Reminds me of May, since it wasn't until she first learned of Contests (several episodes into the first AG season) that she found what she wanted to do. I really like that, adds a nice touch.

Once again, Ash and co are totally oblivious to TRio's lame costumes. Just like James said back in DP "We've turned tricking you twerps into an art.", they certainly have at this point. I got a real laugh out of Wobbie's costumes, both hilarious and utterly terrible all at once.

It was pretty funny to see that Serena didn't catch on right away at the fact that Jennys and Joys all have identical relatives when she met her second Nurse Joy a few eps back. Good thing Ash remembered (I would hope so after countless adventures... with the horrid exception of BW, but let's not go there).

One of the best TRio VS Ash battles I've seen in a long time. Inkay is proving to be quite the contender. Either that or Officer Jenny doesn't spend as much time as one would think training. Glad to see her with a Gen III Pokemon, as even in AG she never had one. And Ash and Pika battling the way they did was truly epic. About time Ash flexed his battlin' muscles like that, and boy did he deliver big time.

Overall a good episode, for a filler. I give it a solid 9/10, the lost point being the usual trope of "bonding with said Pokemon to earn its trust" bit, as always (it's not bad when it's a main character, but getting a bit tiresome with CoTDs), as well as those horrid fur cuts. But aside from that, a solid episode.
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Jan 3, 2003
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And Clemont's Bunnelby using Mud Shot on Wobbuffet, followed immediately by dig--finally, someone took advantage of the fact that Wobby can't use Counter and Mirror Coat at the same time. (As you might've guessed, tactical analysis is something I enjoy.)
It was a good idea, but I think the reason it worked was mostly because Wobbuffet can't bounce back an attack that it can't see coming. It's one of those things that you can do in the games but not in the anime, but the reason why makes total sense.

I said it in another thread, but I'll say it again: I love that Bonnie isn't just "dead weight" and "the one who must be protected", but instead she does whatever she can to help. Her energetic, earnest enthusiasm is adorable. And she isn't one of those kids who whines at every little cut and scrape, she doesn't even CARE when she gets banged up. I love that.
Mar 20, 2016
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"Furshonista" - James
"Cutier pie" - Bonnie

All I have to say is this is why I don't like TPCi's script writing at all: literally making up gibberish that aren't even words. Say what you will about 4Kids, but they never sunk quite this low.