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REVIEW: S17 EP11: The Bamboozling Forest!

Darth Darkrai

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Feb 1, 2013
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This Episode was Meh to Me, just Meh I'm gonna say, Jessie gets Pumpkaboo, and Other Stuff happens, Froakie was Cool and BADASS. I Liked Pangoro's Voice and Billy Bob Thompson as Froakie for Voices Today, I thought they were the Best IMO. Overall I'd Give this a 6.4/10.
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Oct 19, 2008
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Okay, I knew at some point I'd have to expect disappointment.

As soon as Clemont pulled out that translator, I was counting down to the explosion. TPTB need to let him invent something that doesn't blow up. A translator would be pretty darn useful, though.

The TRio arguing about who gets credit was both contrived and stupid, as if contributing one part of the plan entitles one to full credit. And how often do they have this argument, anyway? The only other time I can think of was wayyyyyy back in "Don't Touch That 'Dile," and that didn't work out too well either. And why is it they can catch Pokémon without battling when Ash can't?

So Pangoro is useless without something to chew on? What a wuss. Remind me to thank TPTB for ruining an otherwise badass Pokémon. Even Treecko wasn't a slave to his, um, oral fixation. (Paging Dr. Freud...) And what about the Pancham? They steal everyone's food and that's it? At least the Houndour from "Hour of the Houndour" were trying to feed their injured packmate, and the Teddiursa from "UnBEARable" got a well-deserved butt-whipping. And leave it to Ash to remember that lunch got cut short. And no follow-up to that either.


Cute bunny baby
Mar 20, 2013
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I thought that this episode was pretty decent. Once again, it’s another episode I originally felt was boring, but enjoyed much more dubbed.

The Pancham were so cute in the beginning, before they decided to be jerks and eat all of the food. Geez, Serena why so upset about the Pokedex picture. It’s just used for reference. Ok, Clemont invented a Pokémon translator. A Pokémon translator. And it actually worked...before he blew it up. Still, what the hell, Ash and others have been relying on Meowth translations for years and then this other child just invents a Pokemon translator out of the blue. Clemont should keep the bluprints for that one if he wants a future get rich quick scheme.

What the hell TR. Why are you even arguing about who’s gonna get the credit? Why don’t you say it was a group effort like you always plan to? And damn, when they argue, they go hard.

I thought the Pokémon's interactions here was really nice. I liked how Froakie and Pikachu were being wary of Meowth. Too bad Chespin couldn't see past those shining eyes. It was also cool to see Froakie use it's Frubble hood to try to hide from Pikachu. Fennekin also being suspicious about Meowth and concerned about its appearance was also neat since we haven't seen much personality from it yet. And it was so cute when Froakie fixed Fennekin's tail. I hope these two become closer as time goes on. And Dedenne was really useful here in helping to find Pikachu. I like that Bonnie was the one to give Dedenne the commands even though Clemont was the one to bring it up. Please, let these two battle in the future!

I liked how they also showed Fennekin’s habit of eating twigs. I also thought it was funny how Chespin didn’t like the taste. I admit that I found the “searching for the leaf” mission boring before, but the added dialogue in the traveling scene made it more enjoyable. Also, best part of this episode…Ash's badass running and jump to give Pangoro the leaf. That was pretty awesome in the end. I also liked how all of the Pokémon teamed up to protect Ash from Team Rocket.

Pumpkaboo's capture was rather...random. Though I do like that Jessie has another Pokémon, and that James reacted in a similar way to how Jessie reacted to his capture of Inkay.

Overall, like I said, I enjoyed this episode more today than originally. Lastly, just like Chespin in the last episode, I loved Pancham’s “Who’s that Pokemon” music. 7.5/10.

Beth Pavell

Thesaurus rex
Jan 2, 2010
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Can't say I found this the most exciting episode ever, but it wasn't painful either. I did find Inkay's dribbling stream of ink at Pangoro funny, and Jessie's capture of Pumpkaboo ... all "Eh, throw the ball, see what happens"

While I think about it, the Gym music remix is pretty awesome


Uninteresting Individual
Mar 28, 2014
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This episode was pretty fun :x especially when Inkay just sprayed it's ink on that Pangoro lmao like "'Sup?" -sprays ink- lol

Team Gaara

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Mar 19, 2013
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Looks like a Team Rocket themed epi…OMG THOSE PANCHAM ARE SO CUTE!!

Wait…the episode can be about Pikachu? Well, after watching it, it does seem to be the case…at least it is more about him than anyone else, so…

Yep, here we go again! Of course…something over in the bush…is a Pokémon…surprise surprise…

So apparently the Pancham picture in the Pokedex isn’t cute enough for Serena. I really don’t like Serena…

Okay…I can get some of Clemont’s inventions, but a Pokémon translator? How in the world does that possibly work?! Think about it; he’d have to register almost every sound each and every Pokémon makes for this device to be fully functional! How does he just whip one out of nowhere?

Well, it was suspected that they’d eat everything…come on Ash, this has happened before! And I guess Clemont was right for once so…GO CLEMONT!

Anyway I guess Team Rocket’s becoming slightly more competent in their stealing and stopping of Ash’s bird Pokémon, but HOW DARE THEY TEASE ME! I thought Ash would turn his hat around.

Is there any reason why this fight amongst Team Rocket is happening? Really? How many times have they gone through this? In fact, when have the ever individually taken credit for anything? It’s always generally accepted that it is a group effort and all will get rewarded. So WHY?

Well, no matter. BIG BOOM! Oh no, balloon exploded!

“Our poor Pokémon.” – Serena.

Alright, why the hell doesn’t Serena care that her Pokémon could have died just now? That seems to be a recurring thing with girls in this season.

OMG! Pikachu’s reaction when Meowth asked for help!! Is Pikachu actually falling for the truce again? Well, it seems not, FOR ONCE! Also very Froakie-like to be suspicious, as well.

So now that we’ve gotten to the cool Who’s That Pokémon music, I have to point out something I noticed earlier: Pancham is pronounced, “punch-em”? I get that’s where the name is from, but I wouldn’t have guessed it was the official pronunciation. Cool, none-the-less.

Why did Froakie know that his frubbles would fix Fennekin’s tail? I guess it’s pretty much confirmed Fennekin’s a girl now, too.


That was the best capture ever. O_O

Wait…Fennekin…really does eat twigs…? Well ain’t that cute to include something like that?

I love that Pangoro. He has such bad luck…and anger issues…and depression issues…just a beautiful package…

I didn’t really care for the whole, “going to get Pangoro a new twig.” It was too short and didn’t add anything interesting into the episode. Seriously, they showed a running sequence, they have an unnecessary challenge, (because “oh yeah, Vine Whip is a much better idea than Fletchling”) which is resolved effortlessly, and then they run back. Was that all necessary? They might as well have just shown them running there, getting the twig, and running back in still images. Something about that scene didn’t feel right to me. It all happened way too quickly.

So…those are…Pumpkaboo’s eyes…Erm, anyway; Leech Seed looks cool, but not as cool as ol’Bulbasaur’s.

So then we get ANOTHER unnecessary running sequence. Again, did it have to be so dramatic this time? Ash was just going to bring Pangoro the twig. Yes, it looked really cool and all, but it just seemed so forced and made a big deal out of something so simple. That was obviously the intent…but it just felt odd here. Nonetheless, the Pokémon fighting around Ash was a much bigger highlight.

This may sound wrong, but the way Jessie blasted off after Pangoro’s attack had me thinking: “Where did that thing punch Jessie?!”

So it ends with the fact that Ash finally realizes that they never ate. Well…yeah. Not a terrible episode, but not terribly interesting, either. The first Gen 6, “separation of Pokémon from trainers”. In that category, it was at least pretty entertaining. I had loads of laughs with all the bad luck Pangoro faced and his rage as a reaction. And I did like the interactions the group’s Pokémon faced. I’ll give it a 6/10.


Just call me EC!
Jun 15, 2013
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Highlights were the Pumpkaboo appearance and capture, and all the interplay between the Pokemon when they were lost.


Jan 22, 2014
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This episode actually had very good VA work, and the bgm wasn't too bad. I think things are getting better~

Queen Cynthia

Angelic Champion
May 21, 2008
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I don't have a clear opinion about this episode to be honest.
I mean the plot itself was pretty much a rehash of older episodes. The gang being separated and then being chased by the region's main bear-Pokemon has already been there before. So I was a bit disappointed due to the lack of creativity here. On the other hand, there were a few nice scenes, too, especially when Ash gave it his all to give Pangoro his leaf back, with his Pokemon trying to defend him. Cool scene!
What I didn't like, though, was how easily Jessy could catch that Pumpkaboo. Everybody should know by now that you first have to battle a Pokemon before you can catch it. That was just random and thus unnecessary.

All in all, an episode that was nothing special but not bad, either.


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Aug 25, 2013
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Team Rocket need to get lives

Froakie attacking the bush with his frubles was pretty cool

Pancham is cute!

If that translation thing was was a thing, Clemont would be rich.

Team Rocket suddenly giving a shit about credit, why does it matter...

Why would you let Meowth down and make a truce... Pikachu you're an idiot.

Pretty sure Pancham is immune to Psywave James. Lmao at the ink into Pangoro's face.

Froakie lad. Shame Fennekin is too trusting...

What a way to catch a Pokemon, just lob a Pokeball at it whilst it's titty torching.

Leech Seed doesn't even work on Chespin!

Oh no what a cliff hanger, we'll never know if they will eat lunch!