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Review S17 EP18: Awakening the Sleeping Giant!

Beth Pavell

Thesaurus rex
Jan 2, 2010
Reaction score
I don't know, wasn't a fan of this episode. It was kinda childish even for pokémon, what with the disney fairy tale knob turned up to eleven. I'm glad we don't have to see another episode in Camphrier Town (This wild pastiche of English and French pronunciation is getting on my nerves) because I didn't care for Lord Shabbeneau's design and the princess just didn't make me laugh. A disappointing battle too, for XY.

I shan't be eager to rewatch this too soon


Perfect Pawmi
Mar 20, 2013
Reaction score
This episode was okay. Not the most interesting, but not bad by any means. Though once again, I was more interested by the dub version. And I would usually complain about the title card being Ash again, but just like XY7 I feel this one was rather justified.

The beginning was funny. I loved how Clemont said he made that machine to get Bonnie out of bed “because she takes forever”. Wow. Though I actually liked that, seeing as this was a way of kind of picking at Bonnie, but not in a rude way, unlike May and Max who just hurled insults at each other. So that was nice. Also, that king though. I was so amused by his stories of getting rid of the flute because he was scared of it or whatever. Though admittingly, I guess no king wants to say, “Oh I let a little girl take my flute from me and can’t try to get it back because anything she takes is now hers”. Though, Meowth was right about something, that scene was crazy.

Then when we got to Princess Allie, the real entertaining stuff happens, but seriously, Princess Allie is really short. How old is she? And man her laugh is annoying. Anyway, I loved when Princess Allie grabbed Pikachu and tried to bribe the group with money. Their reactions were hilarious. The battle against the Furfrou was okay, though pretty short. I must say that I liked seeing a different Furfrou trim even though I don't like Matron all that much. (Still waiting for Dandy.) I also liked how Ash didn’t recognize Furfrou due to having a different trim than he’d previously seen and Serena had to tell him.

But after the battle, it gets better. First of all Clemont scolding Allie was nice. He said she was ridiculous. Lol, this kid actually has some backbone. Weird, if someone actually stands up toAllie she wants to take them home with her. Well its okay since they’d never… oh wait they actually trade him for the Pokeflute! OMG that was hilarious. His reaction was priceless. Though, it’s pretty believable that Bonnie would do that. I her heart, I bet she was hoping Allie would want to marry Clemont.

Jessie's horrid flute playing may have been rather amusing, but other than that TR didn’t do much for me here. But who cares, cuz now we get the best part of this episode. Clemont running towards the group in his damn underwear! I LOVED Serena's reaction to seeing him. I also found it funny that he didn't seem overly embarrassed himself. And finally we have a robot blowing up in Allie's face, which I think was the best way to punish her. Though I’ll still never understand why Clemont chose to leave his clothes behind. It didn’t seem really necessary to have the robot wear his clothes so long as he got out. It only seems like more of a waste of time, but whatever, it was still funny.

Lastly, one moment I particularly liked was Dedenne popping out of Bonnie's bag and then going back in 2 seconds later. I don't know why, but I liked that.

So yeah, overall it was nice. Moreso after seeing the dub so I’ll give it an 8.5/10.


Dec 18, 2007
Reaction score
We got 8 pieces of music today so that was nice.

Clemont's underwear is so... French. Weird.

Team Gaara

The Raging Wave
Mar 19, 2013
Reaction score
So it looks like we’re back to standard filler episodes. This one wasn’t bad, but, overall, it wasn’t that interesting as a concept.

So this Snorlax eats these people’s food and they thank him by feeding him more? That’s a pretty weird relationship… If that chick didn’t try to make it seem like Snorlax was helping the harvest, I’d just say Snorlax is the only one getting anything from this “symbiotic relationship”.

Moving on, this man said he made this alarm clock to wake up Bonnie because she takes forever. Well if that wasn’t the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while. I actually hope this becomes a thing and we actually see Bonnie being hard to get up in the morning. Also, if this clock is for Bonnie, how come she never uses it, as she didn’t seem familiar with it? And why was Bonnie the voice of the clock? How ironic…

Anyway, similar to the games, our heroes and Serena have to go get a Pokeflute to wake up Snorlax. The king would be some random fatass wouldn’t he? He is pretty funny though. Like, his animations were so unique and humorous during his little fear rant.
And he would be spineless, too. Seriously, why are grown men so afraid of little rich girls?

And team Rocket would be back talking sh*t. Not only are they hear for seemingly no reason, but apparently they managed to convince themselves in a span of 3 minutes that a #SnorlaxArmy would be the key…

…to catch Pikachu….

I’m done.

I have to say, I love all of the in-game locations in this episode. Like the walkway from Lumiose City and the backyard in the Parfum Palace. They look very faithful to their appearances in game and look great.

So then we meet Princess Allie and she would be a selfish asshole. But it’s an Anime rich girl; what do you expect? The signature Anime rich girl laugh, of course, and damn does this girl have it and do it right. I have to say, though, she did at least make the episode funnier. For a character who’s supposed to be a jerk, I like her.

And like everyone else in this show, she wants Pikachu; surprise, surprise. She’s worse than Team Rocket for Pikachu offering all them jewels for him and the gang’s reactions were priceless.

The battle was…nothing special or even worth nothing and seemed to serve pretty much no purpose other than the easiest thing the writers could have her cheat at. Pretty pathetic loss in my book, but at least Ash and Pikachu’s reactions to her cheating was funny enough to make up for it tenfold. In fact, her rules may be the funniest part.

Her “unscientific selfishness”? So tell me Clemont, what is “scientific selfishness”? I didn’t ever really see Clemont as one to have a backbone, though.

And I still don’t figure how she found that attractive, but, hey, spoiled brats tend to find that attractive in guys for some reason. And so she now wants Clemont.

And Bonnie just sold off her brother…those are some ass friends you got there, Clemont. Though, it is to be expected. I think Bonnie, though normally appealing to older women, actually had faith that Princess Allie would take care of Clemont while she was gone. I do have to question Allie’s hearing though, as these guys are awful whisperers and were certainly close enough to Allie that she should have heard them plotting behind her.

But then there’d be no plot. #Badjoke~

So back to Snorlax we go to return to flute. You know, this was way cooler than the plot we got in the games. Princess Allie and King Fatass were way more entertaining than the dickish fatass that can’t keep track of his Furfrou.

Why the hell did Lord Shabbalabadingdong jump from that ledge when the flute was stolen? What the hell did he think he was gonna do? Fly?

And Team Rocket’s here yay.

Well, at the very least Jessie has gotten her hilarious lines back. “I’m a genius!” and “Obey me!” are the best of her lines I’ve heard in a while…since they never seem to show up anymore.

Oh…there they go…already…whelp!

So Santa…I mean Snorlax is all good then and gets to eat his food and blah, blah, blah, Oh Happy Day.

Time to leave this boring town and even the Narrator noticed they left Clemont…who just so happens to show up right on time….in his drawers.

Was his robot supposed to explode…or, do Clemont’s inventions just suck as usual? Hell, how did he build that with no one noticing? Did she just leave him out there since they left unattended? Come on, Allie, you should know better.

…Is Clemont gonna get his clothes back?

Well, I guess that was a decent episode overall. Not the most interesting, but for a filler, it was pretty good. I’d say it was a great version of the events in-game and I would take it over an episode of what actually happened any day. Plus, Lord Shabbalabadingdong and Princess Allie made for some funny moments, and so did the main cast. All in all, this episode was only hindered by the unless inclusion of Team Rocket who spent probably less than all of 6 minutes on screen. It was enjoyable and gets a 7/10.

Shadow Yoshi

New Member
Mar 9, 2013
Reaction score
One of the funniest episodes of XY so far. It was a filler, but it was at least done well. Bonnie taking forever to wake up, Jessie saying "C sharp or B flat?", and the narrator forgetting Clemont were the best parts for me. Hoping we'll get to see Cyllage City soon, but this was a decent filler.


Feb 11, 2014
Reaction score
Lord Shabboneau was funny, even though he seemed to be a little "flaky", if you know what I mean. Princess Allie was great, too. All in all, a decent filler episode.


Mystery Zone Shenanigans!
Jul 26, 2013
Reaction score
Actually a pretty good filler episode. I mean, sure, they're not in Cyllage yet, but it's possible to geographically pinpoint their location in this one. If I was there, though, heck! I just would've slapped the little brat in her spoiled face; who cares if she's a princess? She may be a princess, but I doubt she has any actual country/region to rule over, more like an inherited title with no real political power whatsoever. And she's rich, but who cares?
And I agree with Serena... Clemont in pantaloon underwear. I am scarred forever...


Just call me EC!
Mar 9, 2010
Reaction score
Great filler episode. I especially loved when Serena winked at Ash to get him to play along with the plan, and of course, the 4th wall break at the end.

Queen Cynthia

Angelic Champion
May 21, 2008
Reaction score
So here are my thoughts on this week's episode:

The plot itself was quite entertaining, nothing extraordinary, but alright.
As another user said before, though, some elements could rather remind you of a Disney movie and not of Pokemon, especially Lord Shabbeneau's rather kitschy, exaggerated design. That man was a joke figure and the more so because he gave that ridiculous explanation as to why the flute was gone. Come on, writers, can't you think of a more believable and less far-fetched reason? A spoiled brat has taken his flute and he's just sitting there doing nothing? Oh no...:drowsy:

Apart from that lord's design and behavior, I would also change two more things:
First, I would make the battle longer, because you can hardly consider that a real battle if you ask me. A few unspectacular moves and then that girl forfeits because she obviously doesn't feel like battling anymore. What's that??

Second, I wished Ash had told the others about his own Snorlax. That would explain why he was so fired up to help wake up that Pokemon. Also, Snorlax used to be a reliable powerhouse on Ash's former team, so I guess it at least deserves to be mentioned again.

As for the rest of the episode, it was alright. And as some of you already said, I agree that Clemont running in his underwear was quite amusing and something that you wouldn't expect at all.

But from now on, more serious episodes again, please.

But after the battle, it gets better. First of all Clemont scolding Allie was nice. He said she was ridiculous. Lol, this kid actually has some backbone. Weird, if someone actually stands up to Allie she wants to take them home with her.
Oh, I could tell you something about the crazy relationship between man and woman.
The harsher and stricter men behave towards women, the more attractive they appear in most women's eyes. It sounds paradox and perverted, but believe me it's the truth, unfortunately. (I myself already had to go through that!)


Unregistered User
Aug 25, 2013
Reaction score
Well they'd best hope no one catches that Snorlax then.

best snore ever

Get some Pokemon to use worry seed on it

...why are Team Rocket in that suit of armour... and why would one Snorlax help you take over the World

want an annoying Princess

Why would you not accept all that money o.o

Not giving the fluke back was obvious. ...that's not how a bet works lmao

Clemont the badass. lololol at her falling for him, Clemont the peado if he falls for her back ;o

They just happen to drop the flute into Ash's hands

below average episode

damn, seems like she was actually going to be a nice person xD. Clemont will end up with his clothes back next ep with no explanation

Lugia trainer

Oct 31, 2013
Reaction score
I think this episode really pointed out just how idiotic Jessie, James, and Meowth are. If the three of them had a single shred of intelligence between them then they would know that the pokéflute doesn't control Snorlax it only wakes it up.


Go Niners!
Jan 25, 2013
Reaction score
I wonder how Serena would have reacted if it were Ash running up in his undies ;)


BackwardsMan, huh?
May 1, 2006
Reaction score
I had almost forgotten how much I love Snorlax.

Aside from that, it's an okay episode. But one thing bugs me: Why is Clemont wearing BLOOMERS?!


Geek of the Games
Dec 23, 2009
Reaction score
I wonder how Serena would have reacted if it were Ash running up in his undies ;)

Funny, I was thinking the same thing when I saw Serena's reaction. If it was Ash and not Clemont, I bet it would be a whole other story.

Anyway, after re-watching the episode, my turn to give a review.

For a filler, not to shabby. While probably standard among fillers, it was done better than some past ones have.

Snorlax's snore... sounds like my dad's snoring (no wonder mom and I can't get a moment's peace when he's napping). Clemont's invention made me laugh, as he designed it to get Bonnie up. Classic.

The Lord was pretty goofy, imo, making up such lame excuses (allergic to the Poke Flute? If it had dust on it, maybe, but not the flute itself). And TRio planning to use an army of Snorlaxes to rule the world... what about the food bills, guys!? You can barely feed yourselves, let alone an army of gluttonous behemoths. Short-sighted plans with many flaws are what makes those three entertaining.

Wow, what a brat. I really hated that princess. She made Iris look like a saint. Glad she's a CoTD. And her maids were complete mimics and airheads. You'd think her parents would do something about her attitude, but then again, they're probably the reason for it. She just takes the flute because she thought it was pretty, leaving the town that needs it high-and-dry? Just because you're royalty doesn't mean you can act like Patrick did in "Rule of Dumb" and take anything you'd like, Princess Brat. And nice try trying to bribe Ash, like that'll ever work. He'd rather sell himself than trade Pikachu. Though all the different reactions were priceless.

Battle time: Pika has some trouble at first, but then ruin Furfrou's fur. Battle over then. Girl, that's not how bets work! Clemont gives her a well-deserved tongue-lashing, only to end up attracting her. And their plan is to temporarily trade Clemont for the Poke Flute, then smuggle him out before she realizes it? Fool-proof.

TRio steals the flute, Jessie uses one of her famous bad lines, and tries to play the flute. James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet are not impressed, and neither is Snorlax. One Hyper Beam later (probably the most overused attack in the series), the Lord guy plays it right, and Snorlax is happy. As the sun sets, the gang gets praised, has a 4th wall break, then suddenly remember Clemont! And here he comes in his bloomers! Serena's expression was priceless (although, as I stated earlier, if it was Ash, she'd probably have a completely different reaction). How in the world did he build a decoy bot so quickly without anyone noticing it. Princess smacks bot in rage, it blows up in her face, giving her a well-deserved punishment for her selfish, arrogant attitude.

Overall, while I wasn't really interested at first, the dub made it more interesting. A well-done filler, though still a filler. 8/10.


Jul 19, 2014
Reaction score
Random little question I'd like to throw out here, because it's sorta been on my mind for a while.

Is it just me, or is Serena actually saying something in the scene where she's whispering to Bonnie? I know their little convo does eventually descend into audible words...

Bonnie: Do you think so?
Serena: Yeah.

...but when Serena starts, I keep thinking I can hear her say "Maybe we should..." although I can't identify anything else.
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