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REVIEW: S17 EP21: A Pokévision of Things to Come!


Cute bunny baby
Mar 20, 2013
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re: S17 ep 21 "A PokéVision of Things to Come!"

I really enjoyed this one. Seeing Serena and Fennekin in the spotlight was nice. Not even gonna bother with Serena's face not being in the tile card. Just :(

Wow it seemed that Serena and Fennekin were a bit jealous when Ash was talking about that other girl's Fennekin video. Nice to see both of them wanting to try out a new activity. Bonnie, you’re so right. Psyduck is a cutiepie. I also like how she complemented Serena and Fennekin and called them cute. Their relationship is so sweet.

I actually liked how Ash went to train for his gym battle before helping out with the movie. One, he's taking time to think of a strategy before the gym and two, we get to see Serena, Bonnie, and Clemont interact with each other. I just love how Bonnie’s first choice for a video after not being able to do one with Dedenne is a dating video for Clemont. And I can’t believe he agreed to it.

I love how Clemont and Bunnelby were so shy in front of the camera, while Chespin loved it. Bonnie having to do Clemont’s voice over for was so hilarious. I also loved seeing Bonnie hold the microphone and hold that large bag over her shoulder during those 2 later filming scenes just because it made her seem really strong for a child. Clemont's invention was pretty funny as well. At least it didn't blow up on its own. Also nice reference to Pokestar Studios.

Wow, Fennekin is really prissy ain't she. She gets upset over little accidents and then shoots Embers at people. But regardless, I like that she's showing more personality now. And I honestly found it hilarious that Pikachu kept dodging the attacks and Ash took them. Though I wish Fennekin wasn't as petty. But seriously Pikachu, you can hold a Luxray up by the tail, but you can’t carry a bowl of flour:p

WTF was up with Jessie's face. Her hair, that makeup...she looked so hideous. My gosh. And why did they stop to have a drink and film after stealing the group's Pokemon and leave them in an unguarded cave. James is right. Jessie is great at acting like a fool.

Okay, I get that Fennekin doesn’t like to get dirty, but seriously. The water wasn't even that deep. And she actually could have gone around. At least Serena was brave enough to run in the line of Team Rocket's attacks to go try to rescue her. I'm glad Fennekin learned a new move here. Though I kind of wish it wasn't Flamethrower since it's so overused. But whatever, it's better than nothing.

I loved the final video. It was adorable. Seeing Serena and Fennekin bond in this was nice and I can’t wait to see them shine together later on. Oh, and Bonnie’s video with Clemont and his Pokemon...that was the best. Bonnie’s wins this one for me. I give this a 9/10.

Beth Pavell

Thesaurus rex
Jan 2, 2010
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re: S17 ep 21 "A PokéVision of Things to Come!"

I really like the cute slice of life thing that XY has going on, in place of the melodrama of previous sagas (Though we just had to see a return of psyched special training <_< ). Really liked the PokéVision stuff, especially that little skit at the end. Bonnie and Clemont's relationship continues to be pitched just right.

I wish that, just for once, I'd be proved wrong about Fletchling. It's a complete waste of a pokémon to just have it pop up to fly after a balloon every now and then. And the idea that Fennekin doesn't like being dirty, fine, but the way acted phobic just came across as silly. Also, what's with Serena's retcon? She didn't seem to care all that much about being grubby during Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race!

Team Gaara

Borderland Sword
Mar 19, 2013
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re: S17 ep 21 "A PokéVision of Things to Come!"

Knowing what I know about this episode, I was anything but excited for it.

First of all, what the hell is that one-eyed announcer thing?!

“Awesome! That sounds so cool! I wish I knew what that meant.” –Ash 2014 Statement of the Year


“You know, Bonnie, that is a cute…Fennekin.” Ash 2nd 2014 Statement of the Year

Okay, well…okay, this PokeVision stuff…is kinda lame…but Serena’s talking like she wants to have a goal, so let’s just see where this goes.

Sucks Clemont’s too much of a dick to let Bonnie use Dedenne to make a video. But, anyway, glad to see Ash wants to do some trainin’, not getting sidetracked and all that with this video stuff.

Bonnie’s face, tho, after Clemont said he didn’t want to be a star. This episode, guys.

But of course…an extensive wardrobe…please…no…

Bonnie is really freakin’ funny in this episode already.

And Dedenne’s taking a nap…respectable.

When and why did Clemont think they would encounter such a situation as this? Also, does Bonnie sound different to anyone else?
Like, not a different voice, but, she just sounds more…kiddy. It’s cute~ And her face when she said “boring”! Who was drawing Bonnie for this episode? I fudging love them! And they keep showing useless shots of Dedenne! These guys are awesome~

And Ash is actually being cool and sh*t. Why is he so cute this episode?

Serena and Fennekin are such b*tches, tho. So Ash helps them and they shoot him down. Serena didn’t even thank Ash or chastise Fennekin for attacking Ash; she frickin defended it! And then Ash is somehow convinced by these turds to help with their video. WTF Ash? AND WHY THE HELL WAS THAT ENTIRE SCENE JUST THEM SAYING “FENNEKIN”?!

As for that outfit, I heard people thought it was inappropriate when this first aired and I…just don’t see it at all. It looks fine. She doesn’t look sexual at all, she just looks cute. Hate the feet part, tho. They seem out of place with the rest of the pink.

And Dedenne’s eating…And Serena’s pointing out the obvious…And they’re cooking for some reason…And them chicks be conceited, self-centered b*tches…

Bunnelby tho, about time!

Team Rocket tho, guys…were actually funny! I thought I got used to all the rhyming and alliteration at this point, but it was hilarious and brilliant today. And Jesse’s awesome lines are back! She said “assuming that all of you can count” which is hilarious because Jesse’s one of the stupidest characters ever. Like, she probably can’t even count herself. The irony was hysterical to me. Oh, and her video sucked…in a funny way. In a Jesse way~

I have to say, Ash and gang are getting worse and worse with recognizing Team Rocket disguises. And handing over their Pokémon without question to anyone who says they’re official. And figuring out when Team Rocket sabotages something.

And it would be like Jesse to want to keep making videos for no reason…

So Fennekin learned…Purple Fire Attack? Like, what was that?

Fennekin, mud, whiny, b*tch-ass Pokémon…blah, blah, blah, not in the mood to rant.

Just kidding. Are they really serious? Is this supposed to be some kind of pathetic attempt at development with Fennekin and Serena’s fear of getting dirty? As if this is some big deal! If they’re really trying to convince me that I should think Serena’s actually accomplishing something by running in a mud puddle that doesn't even cover up her entire shoe, they they’re just delusional! Fennekin has barely done anything since that third episode, which is all they could even flashback to in all this time of Fennekin “being there” for Serena. But this is apparently worse in the Japanese Version and Serena talks about how girls should always be clean and pretty and sh*t. Just what are they trying to advocate by saying girls should always try to look pretty other than producing a generation of self-absorbed prisses that think getting a blot of mud on them will be the end of their lives? This was not a touching moment in the slightest. Serena’s right about one thing; with all the nothing they do, it’s unbelievable that Fennekin learned Flamethrower.

So the video itself…was sh*t. No, really, I hated it. How is covering your entire head in bows “looking your best”? She looked ridiculous. Since when do these two ever cook sweets and eat them? That was some K-On! sh*t right there. Why is she acting like a celebrity? Like, honestly, I don’t get these videos and what they’re supposed to accomplish in the show, which is completely ironic, as I love making PR Videos. So I certainly hope this is the end of that. Oh, and gotta make sure we make her ask Ash directly his opinion.

Well, at least Bonnie’s video was cute. And that one failed miserably, so that’s saying something.

Honestly, if you took out everything that had to do with Serena and Fennekin, this episode would have been pretty awesome. But, unfortunately, Serena and Fennekin destroyed this episode, like they always do. So, to be fair, I’ll rate Serena and Fennekin with a -3.5/10 and everything else, including Ash, Bonnie, Clemont, and Team Rocket a 9/10, which is a total of 5.5/10.

Lugia trainer

Oct 31, 2013
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I like how this episode focused on the relationship between Serena and Fennekin I think it really showed just how deep their bond is. I like how Serenas pokevision video showed the different aspects of their relationship and I have to say it was flawless. Now the video Bonnie forced Clemont to shoot on the other hand would have to be the exact opposite.

Fennekin is starting to show more personality but she has some issues she needs to work out. I understand that Fennekin likes to stay clean but I think using ember on anyone that gets her dirty is pretty uncalled-for and I surprised that Serena didn't do anything about it. Also I think Fennekin was trying a little too hard to stay clean I mean c'mon it was a shallow puddle of muddy water that only went up to her ankles it's not like she had to swim through a whole pool of it.

As for team rocket in this episode, I think it was made clear that they don't know the first thing about making a good video as made obvious by the fact that they called Serenas video a mess. If they were talking about Clemonts video however then they couldn't be more right. You know now that I think about it why did they have that fake background in the room where their balloon was? I mean it's obvious that they didn't need it for anything. On to Jessie: I think it's been made clear that she has a bit of an ego. How she came to think that she's a professional actress I'll never know. I like that Shakespeare reference they did when she was shooting a second video (courtesy of her ego). I also think that the fact that they left Pikachu, Dedenne, and Fennekin in an unguarded cave coupled with the fact that they forgot that Ash, Serena, Bonnie, and Clemont still had four other pokemon with them proved once again that they are complete idiots. And as for James's comment on how Jessie is good at acting like a fool...... she doesn't have to act.

Overall a good episode 10/10.
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Just call me EC!
Jun 15, 2013
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re: S17 ep 21 "A PokéVision of Things to Come!"

Well, at least Serena actually did something this episode.


New Member
Nov 7, 2013
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Ok jeszie is such a diva it is awesome! I am glad to see that again. Plus there has got to be soe return of the whole pokevision thing as poeple rate them and I cant see Serena becoming quite popular. Hope that play out:)


Active Member
Aug 19, 2011
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Also, what's with Serena's retcon? She didn't seem to care all that much about being grubby during Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race!
Yeah that did seem a bit odd. The other thing I could think of that might have shown her being concerned about being 'dirty' would be her reluctance to camp in tents, but it's not really a long running theme. Not that anything could given the small amount of screentime Fennekin gets.

Was Serena really concerned that Ash's next word after "You know Bonnie, that is a cute..." was going to be 'girl'? Especially after the dub added in Ash talking to Bonnie - like he's going to randomly tell Bonnie that he found Aria cute? "Wow, I'd like to see more of her... Fennekin" perhaps?

Queen Cynthia

Angelic Champion
May 21, 2008
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A typical filler episode that, strictly speaking, contributed nothing to the main plot (apart from Fennekin learning a new move). Nevertheless, it was a very good and above all, a very entertaining filler with lots of funny moments.
For example, I liked when Serena was being chased by that robot or that scene in the kitchen that ended in a total mess or when Jessie couldn't help but show everybody her immensely exaggerated ego.
But you know what I liked most? It was only a short scene, but for some strange reason I found it hilarious.
When TRio were sitting together having a drink, everybody was holding a glass in their hands except for Wobbuffet who had a freaking bucket :D Looks like he was having quite a boozefest there. :lol:
Wobuffet boozing.JPG
I don't know why but I still have to smile when I look at that picture.

As for the rest of the episode: The idea of Fennekin being very particular about dirt was quite fitting for a fox Pokemon that you automatically associate with elegance and grace.

And finally, just one thing that I didn't like: Once again, Ash was talking about special training, yet we didn't see anything of that. That makes a victory over Grant less believable if you ask me. Why not invest at least a few minutes for some serious training scenes?

All in all, a funny episode.


Pokémon: Gen 8.0 You Can (Not) Catch 'em All
Dec 30, 2010
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I like the little details they added to the cameras to make them look realistic. The camera they used to film Clemont's scene looked exactly like the kind we used in my old journalism course. I especially love the reference to PokeStar Studios.

This episode was really funny. Serena being chased by Clemont's camera-robot was just hilarious. Ash's expression when he saw Serena's Fennekin outfit could have fallen anywhere between "what am I feeling" and "what am I looking at?" That was funny, although probably unintentionally. But I gotta say, Fennekin's constant attacks because of its hatred of being dirty weren't that funny. I get it, it was important to Fennekin's character in that episode, but having it attack Ash twice over it was a bit repetitive. That being said, the highlight of the episode was how it showcased the bond between Serena and Fennekin.

Jessie looked great in that dress and make-up. Their plan for the episode was neat and all, but I'd have liked to see Team Rocket (particularly Jessie) make a rival video and compete with them or something, a-la the Contests back in AG and DP.
Aug 19, 2012
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Pretty decent episode. When the Pokevision video of nurse Joy came on, I couldn't help but picture Brock falling to the floor in love if he was there to see it :(


Unregistered User
Aug 25, 2013
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They need to stop having them fall for Team Rocket tbh. Wobbuffet should also start acting for itself, would wreck shit

anyway yeah it was decent but Fennekin is pathetic. could've just pokeballed it

some good Serena fan service though, just missing a panty shot

gotta lol at Ash's attemptts to avoid helping. Bit gay of him to not want to see Serena in a load of different costumes to train instead ;o

Clemont's video was amazing.