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REVIEW: S17 EP31: The Cave of Trials!


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Aug 19, 2011
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I find it odd that we get a generic cameraman when the games have Phil the Photo Guy. I wonder if Korrina's Grandfather had to tip him? Obviously good that he could print off another photo in the end, otherwise Ash being both oblivious and kind would have resulted in him offering up his copy no doubt - and have Serena die on the inside.

I don't like that Pikachu not being in a Pokeball and not wanting to evolve are now down to one line explanations - despite being relatively odd things they are just unquestionably accepted rather than being a point of discussion, even if just to talk about how the smaller size of Pikachu makes him faster in battle, or to just reflect on Ash's decision to let his Pokemon decide their fate for themselves. Perhaps even just asking Clemont whether he had any second thoughts about evolving Helioptile? I'd have liked it a little bit better if one of the salespeople tried to push him on buying a Thunder Stone, rather than it come up through a random background character.

Additionally weird that Korrina 'getting to Geosenge Town' was portrayed as an achievement, especially given the fact she'd probably have gone through it to get to the other side of it to meet Ash in the first place.

Battling Mega Blaziken would have made more sense to me as a trial - though maybe that might have given away that it had a trainer rather than just being a random self-declared defender of the cave, but there's not really been an explanation of whether wild Pokemon can mega evolve or not (the concept is such an awful stretch of Pokemon mechanics in the first place).

The battle was interesting in that very few commands were given from Korrina to Lucario - she seemed to step back and let Lucario fight it's own battle for the Lucarionite - which is odd given the concept that the battle was supposed to prove their bond, not just Lucario's strength. Shouts of 'you can do it' making Lucario overcome being down and out against a major type advantage - does Korrina think she's Ash?

How does the Lucarionite help Team Rocket catch Pikachu? Wouldn't the time they spent rolling two massive stones in front of the entrance to the cave have been better spent actually getting the stone? Where are their magic trap cubes when they would be useful? Blargh.

Nothing's too bad in the end though - I like seeing the side of Ash that was on show a lot in this episode, and Korrina's character makes the episode seem inherently fun.
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Mar 20, 2013
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I thought this episode was pretty nice. Much better than I thought it'd be.

The beginning was pretty entertaining. I liked how that random guy burst out of the stone store to evolve his Helioptile. Though, I wonder why Bonnie didn’t know how Clemont evolved his. I would have thought she would have seen it happen or Clemont would have at least brought it up at some time. Oh well. And I guess this was the perfect time to mention the whole “Pikachu doesn’t want to evolve” thing. I also like how when the group went inside to look for Lucarionite, Serena was looking at other jewelry. In fact, I liked how she and Bonnie were gushing over the jewels in the first place.

The photo scene was nice and I liked how it referenced Phil the Photo guy who takes your picture in Geosenge Town. It was funny seeing how ecstatic Bonnie was about taking the picture and how Serena nudged in closer to Ash when the photographer said to move closer. Clemont, Bonnie, and Korrina looked especially cute with their big, goofy grins. Seems Clemont is still camera shy. I also liked how Serena got distracted when looking at the picture and had to be called over by Ash. Wow, nice how not Phil the photo is so calm about these possible terrible things that could happen to the group.

I love how Bonnie is the only smart one in the group to suggest that someone hid the cave on purpose. But I did think it was cool that Lucario could sense the Lucarionite in the cave. It was so funny how the group literally didn’t seem to give a s*it about TR being blasted off into outer space. Nice to see Clemont finally using that solar panel thing of his. Was I the only one lolling at that fact that Serena kept going to Bonnie when she was afraid. Like seriously, she goes to the youngest member who's not even a trainer and only has a Dedenne for protection. Also, even bigger lol, Bonnie tells Pikachu to protect them instead of Ash.

And finally the battle. It was awesome. Blaziken and Lucario were going ham on each other. I loved the part where Blaziken picked up Lucario when he was down and tossed him aside like a ragdoll. Lucario is still awesome. He doesn't even need to be given certain commands. He just attacks. That Bone Rush pinning Blaziken to the ground was awesome. Too bad Gurkinn came out of nowhere and stopped the battle. Again, I’m surprised with how Korrina didn’t know her grandfather had a Blaziken. Although, I guess this is more understandable. It’s unlikely Korrina has spent most of her time and life with Gurkinn compared to Bonnie and her unwavering companion Clemont.

And finally, it seems like Lucario will Mega Evolve next time. Overall, a great episode that exceeded my expectations. 8/10.
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Oct 23, 2013
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Did they keep the silence when Korrina's copy of the photo burned up? That was such an awesome moment.

Though, I wonder why Bonnie didn’t know how Clemont evolved his. I would have thought she would have seen it happen or Clemont would have at least brought it up at some time. Oh well.
Stuff like that can be really weird if taken literally, I tend to see it as done for the sake of the audience rather than "how it really happened".
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May 21, 2008
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Another very nice and exciting episode!
A mysterious cave with a powerful stone inside, characters overcoming all obstacles to reach their goal and an intense Pokemon battle. What else can you wish for? An almost perfect episode! Please give us more of that instead of the generic filler episodes!

Here are few scenes that I particularly liked:

The photographer telling stories about terrible thing happening inside the cave and, after the group had left, mumbling something like "Everything went according to plan": That created a big amount of suspense because you were tempted to think that man was part of some kind of conspiracy or whatever. I liked it.

Lucario sensing the Lucarionite as well as Blaziken's attack from out of nowhere: This showed why Lucario is so awesome, special and also superior to other Pokemon in a certain way.

Korinna standing on that rock holding up the Lucarionite in triumph: I particularly liked the background music and the camera setting,especially that zooming out. It almost felt like a movie.

One last question:
I can't help thinking that the Lucarionite hadn't always been in that cave before. (Otherwise, someone else would already have found it probably). I'm convinced that the stone had always been in Gurkinn's possession and he just put it there after he had told Korinna to look for it. If that wasn't so, how could you explain Korinna's grandfather saying "Now I'm giving it to you" ?
What do you think?

Anyways, it was a great episode and I'm really looking forward to seeing Lucario's mega evolution in the Anime!
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Jul 11, 2012
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Okay the dub made Gurkinn sound cute. He called Korrina "dear". That was cute! I guess Korrina wasn't with him 24/7 she probably lives with her aunt or uncle or dad or mom. Oh public stripping? Who taught her it's okay? She probably got a ticket quite a bit for indecent exposure. I think Gurkinn is ugly, I blocked my view whenever he appeared.
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Mar 9, 2010
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I found Korrina's voice less annoying this episode. Seemed to tone it down a little bit. Otherwise, good episode, and nice teaser for next week.
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Mar 19, 2013
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So the gang’s already in Geosenge? Well, at least they made it right to Geosenge Town off-screen and didn’t screw around for 3 episodes getting there.

Yeah, random dude, just walk outside and announce your evolution stone to the public. That’s not weird at all. Let us all share in this moment! I find it weird that they have this store for Evolution Stones in Geosenge, yet the only one in-game is in Lumiose. It actually makes a lot of sense to have it in Geosenge what with the connection to stones.

So is this foreign dude supposed to be Phil the Photo Guy? Makes some sense; there is a Photo Spot in Geosenge. Looks like little miss Serena’s being nice and stalkery in this picture creeping over by Ash. And Clemont doesn’t help by being nervous as sh*t. Well, it is nice that they do have a group picture, though~ Something Ash’ll have when he eventually returns home, I suppose.

There Serena goes being a rude little asshole again and doubting people’s claims. Granted it did turn out to be false anyway about the terrible things in the cave, but still, how do you just act like everything everyone says is a lie? Two episodes in a row!

“Oh, guess you’re right.” – Korrina. I don’t know why I found that so funny when Korrina forgot about the picture. Guess it was the way she said it. I have to say, I really like Korrina as a character. It’s nice to have a hyper girl in the group that’s basically just a female version of Ash.

I liked when Wobbuffet shuffled behind the wall like he was trying to be super stealthy or something. Other than that, Team Rocket was pretty pointless in this episode.

The “Who’s That Pokémon?” music for Blaziken seemed a bit unfitting for it. I was excepting something more action-like. It does, however, fit his mysteriousness as it related to this whole cave thing.

Does Lucario sensing Lucarionite really need to be a half a second flash of the Lucarionite? It seems so awkward and choppy. At least show it for a bit longer. It was cool that he sensed it, though. I think it’s a reference to how Mega Stones in-game sparkle.

It’s pretty damn pathetic when Bonnie is still the bravest one of the group…for about 3 seconds. Because it’s an even sadder day when Clemont decides to be braver and head down into the creepy cave while she asks a Pikachu to protect her.

When I saw a Blaziken was guarding the Mega Stone, I was like “Aww, did these fool mix up Lucarionite and Blazikenite?”But it just seems like Blaziken is somehow the supreme overlord of all Mega Pokémon and guards stones for other Pokémon. And Korrina still just rips off her clothes in public…

I have to say, the battle was pretty awesome. Blaziken tossed Lucario into a wall like it weighed nothing. And it burned up the picture without a care. This Blaziken is kickass. Korrina’s Lucario has to be the best user of Bone Rush I’ve ever seen, though. It’s just so creative with how it attacks with the bones and trapped Blaziken. Good for Lucario, though, he came out on top with the V.

And of course, the Blaziken is actually Gurkinn’s. Wow, so this man lets his Blaziken burn up the photo. Hold up…that entire big-ass rock is the Lucarionite…or is it just inside? If it is, that thing is way bigger than Gardevoirite. It also figures that Photo Guy helped Gurkinn, but it doesn’t seem like the two are very well acquainted. Did Gurkinn just randomly ask him for help? And good that Lucario’s finally gonna get to Mega Evolve, but what the hell kind of cliffhanger is this?!

That was a nice episode, though. I really liked how the episode was organized, with the group first looking for the Mega Stone, then going on a trial to find it, and finally the battle with Blaziken. A very enjoyable episode with no real cons. 9.5/10~
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Aug 25, 2013
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I was paranoid the photo guy was James and co from TR. Dat Irish accent.

Just like in the show they lower special defence for no reason

Blaziken should've won really but that bone rush trapping was genius

good episode.