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Review S17 EP33: Calling from Beyond the Aura!


Perfect Pawmi
Mar 20, 2013
Reaction score
Alright, this was cool. Lucario is still creeping me out, but he's still cool.

I like how Serena continues to provide Poke Puffs for the group. And seeing Mega Ampharos, although in a fantasy, was cool. I’m still sick of Meowth talking about Mega Evolving. But now I realize why he keeps doing it. Meowth doesn't even realize that if he could Mega Evolve, it would most likely be for Persian and that he’d need to become Persian first. It think TR need to actually start researching Mega Evolution. Specifically, what can and can't Mega Evolve.

The cave scene was hilarious. Ok, are James and Meowth that dumb that they didn't even realize Jessie never said her idea before praising it? These guys are pretty off today. I loved seeing those adorable Noibat torture the group, especially the ones that bit Clemont's butt and smacked into Serena's face and caused her to run into the screen. I usually like split up episodes, but it was kind of disappointing that only Clemont was paired with Korrina and Pikachu. It was so uneven. I think it would have been better had Serena been there too since Ash and Bonnie rarely interact with each other on their own. And what the hell? Was Clemont going to sleep in his regular clothes? I thought it was cute that Dedenne was trying to cheer up Lucario. Oh, and I loved how Bonnie comforted Lucario by saying Korrina would be fine with Clemont and went on to say that he always pulls through for them. That was sweet.

I hate how TR used those ridiculous-ass machines to knock out poor Bunnelby. And speaking of that, this is the first time Bunnelby has been knocked out. Well I won't count it since TR cheated. And I guess I should be glad that he's being used more. I also hate when Pokémon do what Pikachu did and ask to be commanded in the face of danger. Why couldn't he just attack on his own? Though, it was nice to see someone else command Pikachu again. But seriously Korrina? “Pikachu, now!” Now what? What does she mean she forgot she needed to tell him what to do? I guess Lucario attacking on his own so much made her forget she needs to constantly provide commands.

I was surprised that Lucario asked to be mega evolved due to the events of the last episode. And of course he goes mad again. This dude seriously creeps me out. It's those eyes and teeth. And why did he go crazy this time? Seriously, what triggered it? Whatever. I did love the scene where he had to get out of his trance by running towards Korrina's voice and giving TR the pounding they deserved. But uh…Korrina constantly calling “Lucario!” got really annoying, really fast.

So I overall thought this was a great episode, minus Bunnelby's unfortunate defeat. 9/10.


Uninteresting Individual
Mar 28, 2014
Reaction score
Mega Ampharos = good plot development according to Mr. Zoppi, is he foreshadowing something? loool

Someone should put a "times Lucario's name has been called out" counter, I think it'd be about 20+ >.>

This was handled pretty well in the dub despite the multiple 'Lucario' callouts e.e 8.8/10


Well-Known Member
Aug 19, 2011
Reaction score
I also hate when Pokémon do what Pikachu did and ask to be commanded in the face of danger. Why couldn't he just attack on his own? Though, it was nice to see someone else command Pikachu again. But seriously Korrina? “Pikachu, now!” Now what? What does she mean she forgot she needed to tell him what to do? I guess Lucario attacking on his own so much made her forget she needs to constantly provide commands.
Well it's kinda the point of this arc that Pikachu isn't attacking without command - in the last episode, Gurkinn told Lucario that "The reason you're consumed by your aura is because of your overconfidence with regard to your power, attacking excessively without Korrina's command is nothing short of arrogant" - Pikachu requiring a command is pretty much there to draw the distinction as strongly as possible between Pikachu as strong but contained, to Lucario as strong but reckless.

Of course, that Pikachu chose to be commanded by someone else in the absence of Ash is odd - but when waiting for command is the point of part of this arc, then it's probably something they needed to maintain.


Something that bugged me a lot in this episode was both groups' confidence that those missing were all in a group together - Clemont didn't know that Bonnie wasn't wandering alone in the cave, and was with Ash and Serena. And vice-versa for Bonnie's confidence that Pikachu was fine. It was still day when they separated - why was it not until the next morning that Fletchling got used?

Clemont also clearly doesn't understand what it's like to have an Ash/Pikachu or Korrina/Lucario level bond - because he was totally fine with leaving three of his Pokemon alone with a robot while he went on a selfish adventure with a Pokemon he just caught.

I'd also not blame Team Rocket for not knowing what the rules are for mega evolved Pokemon, and that there's not a Meowthite - we're supposed to believe that there's two naturally occurring mega stones, Mewtwonite X and Y, for a Pokemon that was created by man; there's no 'real-world' logic to it at all that TR could base it on. Just like how the ORAS Mega-Evolutions would be 'undiscovered' in current day Kalos, there's no reason to think they've just not found the Mega Stones for the Pokemon that so far "can't".

Otherwise, I hate that their flimsy contraptions can have such added power in battle - if they work so well, then they should be making sure they always have them, rather than just for sake of this one episode.


New Member
Jul 11, 2012
Reaction score
I'm upset that the dub exaggerated Korrina's age when she got her first Pokemon ("really little" come on dubbers she was no older than Max and Bonnie). I'm curious how long she's been skating for? Korrina didn't touch her soup or porridge for lunch, she must of had a big breakfast or is getting sick (when you have the stomach bug, you may not eat as much), or she doesn't like it (I think Clemont's lactose intolerant and might have used lactaid milk or something and Korrina thought it tasted gross). Wow Korrina has depression problems or she is raised by her Grandpa and is scarred for life (her grandpa's emotionally and verbally abusive and neglectful).

Team Gaara

The Raging Wave
Mar 19, 2013
Reaction score
So it seems Lucario still attacks on his own. A least Korrina’s gradually noticing it and trying to change that. And it even looks like Lucario noticed, too. Also, that was probably the worst cut to the opening I’ve ever seen. They nearly cut off Korrina’s dialogue.

I love how Ash just calls Clemont the best chef ever so soon after traveling with Cilan, or even Brock. Like, how am I supposed to believe Clemont’s a better cook than they are? Nah, Ash, you’re being a little too nice, there.

LOL! James says Mega Ampharos is nice plot development when they don’t even know where one is? Hello? And now Jessie’s got Meowth wanting to Mega Evolve even though he doesn’t even want to be a Persian or even battle, period. What the hell’s he gonna do with Mega Evolution, enter Contests?

If only there was a cave full of Noibat in the games. Took me nearly day to find a male with Infiltrator. Did anyone else think the scene with Team Rocket in the cave was a little weird? Something about the whole thing came across as kinda off. The animation looked kinda stiff and the dialogue confused me. More importantly, I love how whenever there’s a bat attack, people stay around and panic for a good 5 minutes before leaving. Like, can you leave and not get bitten in the ass by bats?

Serena knows she was scared to go in that cave. The others could easily have still been in the cave. I can’t believe Bonnie said Korrina would be fine because she was with Clemont. That’s like, the first time she’s alluded to the possibility of Clemont being reliable and not totally dependent on other people.

Regarding Clemont’s comment, I admit Ash and Pikachu’s relationship has been the closest one we’ve seen in the series so far, but Korrina’s and Lucario’s has definitely overshadowed them. They’ve been together since childhood. And while Ash’s traveled a lot with Pikachu for…some period of time, he hasn’t grown up with him like Korrina and Lucario did.

I almost lost it when I saw all that mecha sh*t on Team Rocket’s Pokémon. And not only does this insinuate at the these guys were taking notes from Colress, the name just screams Clemont inspiration as well. I was so mad, though, when they just beat the crap out of Bunnelby like that. He looked so helpless when he was falling. Chespin is pretty sick when he battles. Makes me wish he got more of that and less gluttonous fodder.

I’m curious as to why Pikachu needed Korrina to tell him to attack. Can’t he do it on his own? I mean, he sees Clemont struggling. Surely he could have just Thunderbolted on his own. Nevertheless, they did a good job. At least it showed that Korrina still has things to learn about not letting your Pokémon do whatever the hell they want in battle, or, more importantly, that she needs to make sure she’s telling the Pokémon what to do.

Heheh…that moment when Bonnie’s faster than Serena.

Did anyone else see Pikachu by Korrina just when Lucario showed up to block Meowth’s attack? He was trying to protect her and the Key Stone even though he’d just gotten attacked~ D’aww!! But what is with Ash and Korrina throwing their arms out and otherwise standing perfectly still to command attacks? Looks so awkward.

Even in a time of crisis, Lucario still can’t get his sh*t together. Why did he go on a rampage on Ash and the goons and not Team Rocket? He didn’t switch enemies before. But I suppose if you want Lucario to hear you, you gotta call him about 18 times, but that got pretty annoying after a while. Like, what must it have been like recording that?

Even after Lucario heard Korrina’s voice he snapped. I actually like that. Like everything else, it doesn’t just end nice and clean; Lucario’s still got a way to go and they’re working at it and improving rather than Korrina screaming Lucario 42 times and Lucario’s just totally in control now. It’s so realistic that it’s making me continue to enjoy this arc. Overall, I decent separation filler, only hindered by Team Rocket being annoying as f*ck. 8/10~


Just call me EC!
Mar 9, 2010
Reaction score
This was a great episode until Korrina started shouting "Lucario" about 100 times in 2 minutes at the end of the episode.


Unregistered User
Aug 25, 2013
Reaction score
Gotta love bad ass Team Rocket. They should've been able to deal with Mega Lucario though. ...the constant LUCARIO from Korrina was annoying cueing that dream sequence.
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