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REVIEW: S17 EP40: Day Three Blockbusters!


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Mar 20, 2013
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Nice episode.
Oh, Clemont why can't you run? On another note, why was Clemont the only one who was wearing his regular clothes? Maybe that has something to do with it. Wow, and then he gets chased by a Corphish. This clearly isn't Clemont's day. Glad that Bonnie gets to fish this time and it’s nice to Serena has improved on her fishing since last time. Anyway, kudos to Trevor for reeling in a Wailord. And WTH, did Trevor take a picture of the food just because he hadn't tasted anything like it before? Okay…

So Sycamore made a Pokevision promoting his lab? Nice, it was great to see all of his lab Pokemon. I still don't get why Bonnie was in that Snubull suit, but damn was she cute! I'm glad Fennekin actually helped Serena to cook her Poke Puffs this time. So it seems that Aria girl's Fennekin evolved. Well, I liked her performance. It was nice to see Braxien using its twig wand. Maybe I would have liked it more if I didn't hate Braxien. OMG Dandy Furfrou. FINALLY! I don't even care that they changed the all colors for some reason. LOVE...DANDY...FURFROU! Oh, and the other ones. Nice to see Debutante debut too. Pokémon Performing sounds interesting. It looks like a nice way to compete with your Pokémon in a battle-free environment.

I really liked the Amourshipping moment. It really didn't feel forced to me. It was nice to see a reference to Ash and Serena's first meeting with the roles reversed and Serena now helping Ash with his injury. I liked how they shared a moment together with their Pokemon talking about the dreams they’ll find together. I really loved how Ash talked about how he uses everything to help him out in battles. It makes me hope that Serena will realize that everything she has done so far could help her with her future dreams.

So...TR saved Ash and Serena? And they didn't try to make this an attempt to attack them? Hm, maybe they're getting smarter about blowing their cover. Anyway, I liked Clemont and Ash's brotherly moment when Clemont helped Ash to walk. I really liked Shauna's video and how they incorporated their Pokemon's battle strengths. Serena's video was nice too, but…eh didn't care for it involving Chespin once again eating someone else’s food.

Overall, I thought this was a nice episode. I'm still loving the buildup they're giving Serena towards finding her dream/goal. 8/10.


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Oct 18, 2014
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Ok I REALLY liked this one :) This arc seems to be really promising and I can't wait to see what else is in store.

First, as an avid Amourshipper , naturally the moments between Ash and Serena alone were great. The reverse roles of Serena tending to Ash was really sweet. (Also did anyone notice they used the same music in this scene as the original scene? ). Serena is one of my favorite characters of the anime and the fact that she is getting her goal really makes me happy. I forget what it is called in the Dub [Idk i feel like it wasn't called TriPokalon, maybe Pokémon Showcases?], but they seem really interesting. They give me a contest vibe with the appeals round, but I like how the first round changes each time so that's awesome. Shauna and Serena would be excellent rivals. [Especially since Fennekin and Bulbasaur have "clashing" personalities] I can't wait to see what's in store for Serena!! :D

There were other minor things I enjoyed. Trevor "instagramming" his food I thought was funny (I do it all the time). Team Rocket always getting raises, and actually keeping their cover when helping Ash, Clemont deciding to run in his bulky regular clothes, WAILORD being hoisted by Trevor, the return of Aria and establishing her as an "idol" or personification of Serena and Shauna's goal [and especially for Serena, I really liked that her Fennekin evolved to Braixen, as it can symbolizes that she really is steps ahead of Serena, Serena and Shauna's friendship as gal pals blooming, and of course the PR videos at the end (Oh yeah plus points for Garchomp making an appearance, its so goddamn cute ^_^).

I just thoroughly enjoy this episode and this arc and really hope that by the end A) Some Amourshipping progession occurs B) Serena makes a statement to want to be a Performer C) Another battle between the "rivals" occur

Wonder who'll win, TeamFroakie or TeamSquirtle

11/10 would watch again

Beth Pavell

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Jan 2, 2010
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Didn't really care much for this episode. It wasn't quite as bad as I feared, but the dialogue was really rather rubbish. Ash is NOT a clever guy! He's a twerp too dim to take an interest in anything to do with pokémon and too competitive to take an interest in his friends unless they're competing for something as well. And since when does Ash use everything he does to train to be a master? Every now and again he'll borrow a training method and usually forget about it after a couple of episodes.

It's ok to see Serena start to take a few wobbly steps towards being her own person, and I'm glad at least that she interacted as much with Shauna as with Ash this episode. I just wish that she figured something out for herself for once, instead of just essentially parroting back whatever Ash rambles about dreams and life goals. At best it gives the impression that she's none too bright, and that's me trying not to just ascribe it to her character's mooning in orbit around Ash again.

Not quite sure why Contests couldn't be adapted for Kalos, but maybe the writers are after something a bit different and I can see the point in that.

Oh, and Bonnie's Snubbull outfit was damn adorable


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Aug 19, 2011
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Was good to get that explanation of Pokemon Performances, though I still don't get why having things that focus on showing the non-battling side of Pokemon needs to exclude battling. Logically, to be able to do impressive moves as a demonstration they need to be well trained - so presumably Serena would need to be battling quite frequently unless Flamethrower is her big finishing move. Random unjustified off-screen training like Axew?

I was slightly hopeful for a second that Bonnie asking the questions meant maybe Serena would have some idea about things, considering she could use the television to go stalk Ash, you'd think she might have been watching it for other things in the past - unless her mom just left it on the Rhyhorn Racing network all day? It's so weird the lack of awareness that she has about something that she's so interested in. If I was Shauna, I'd be pissed if Serena started doing well at that stuff, considering how much effort and dedication she has put in so far. Would be nice if Shauna's character went in that direction, rather than everyone always being happy for other people's easy successes.

I also don't really get the lesson Ash was supposed to be teaching here - just do whatever and it might work out in the end because Pokemon? Ash is so amazing as a person because he knows how to state a non-specific aim? Could he at least say he wants to win the Kalos League?

It would have been nice if Fennekin was actually able to help - in the past you'd get cases where an ice type would help make a bag of ice to help soothe pain - perhaps Fennekin could have helped boil some water to give Ash something to drink? Otherwise Serena letting it out just seemed odd, considering Pokemon based solutions like having Chespin just use Vine Whip to pull Ash up again were ignored.

But most of my problems are nit-picks, Serena makes some progress, those fishing scenes were great and there were Combee. So a pretty good episode.

As an aside, the title card made it look like 'Day Three Block Busters' as the title for the episode. Though it is spelt normally in the episode title on iTunes.

I forget what it is called in the Dub [Idk i feel like it wasn't called TriPokalon, maybe Pokémon Showcases?]
Yep, that's it. Which makes me assume there's an episode in the future which will get to be called Showcase Showdown.
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Queen Cynthia

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May 21, 2008
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Most of the episode was quite fine until they reached the end which was more than disappointing.

But first things first: I liked the idea of shooting a PokeVision video as a group (although I don't really care about this aspect of the Pokemon world or about performing with Pokemon in general). But seeing everybody working together, thinking about a good concept and looking for the right spot for the shooting was really nice.

The best, of course, was Ash and Serena being alone. Shipping moment galore but we all know that out dear Ash is totally immune to that, unfortunately.
Also, their talking about pursuing their dreams and using everything they do to their advantage was great because it was so mature. It's moments like this one that I love so much about Pokemon! Serena hasn't been around for so long yet but she's already become my second most favorite female companion of Ash after Dawn.

On a side note, it was kind of weird to see TRio be the good guys today, wasn't it?

But here comes the big disappointment that I mentioned before: As Ash said that they should use everything on their journey to come closer to their goals, I was expecting our heroes to shoot a video about them and their Pokemon working together to rescue an injured member of their group from a dangerous situation. But no! What did they do instead? A video about Pokemon goofing around because of a simple PokePuff. And to make things worse, Professor Sycamore even praised their video because they allegedly brought out their Pokemon's unique personalities. What?? Apart from Chespin being gluttonous, there was nothing in that video that would show something like that...
If you ask me, I've got the feeling that the writers simply didn't have any idea how to round up the episode properly. What a pity because the rest of the episode was really good if only the end hadn't left a bitter aftertaste!

Beth Pavell

Thesaurus rex
Jan 2, 2010
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I also don't really get the lesson Ash was supposed to be teaching here - just do whatever and it might work out in the end because Pokemon? Ash is so amazing as a person because he knows how to state a non-specific aim? Could he at least say he wants to win the Kalos League?
Yeah, it was incredibly vague. It's not exactly new to pokémon, but it's another one of those moments where everyone sits around babbling about giving it all they're got without actually spelling out what that means. In XY I think this really is needed more than ever since the tone of the whole series so far has been more slice-of-life than ever. I actually think it's wholly inappropriate for Ash to be teaching that lesson (If you can call it that) anyway. What does he know about finding your place in life? He's had the same goal all his life and has never even considered doing anything different. Clemont would be a better choice, since he's actually had to think about what he wants to do, and why, and consider the consequences of pursuing his goal while he has Gym responsibilities


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Aug 25, 2013
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Shauna has a cute apron.

I imagine the Poke Performance competitions will get boring if that's what she's going for.

How did Ash climb a mountain with a screwed foot?

They didn't even make a good video.

You'd think Serena would know about the performance stuff. Also random Snubble costume is random.

Eh episode.


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Jun 15, 2013
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"Ash said there's nothing we could ever do that's a waste of time."

Except base an entire episode around a garbage concept like PokeVision.

Best part was Team Rocket helping Ash and Serena out of the canyon. Everything else will be forgotten by tomorrow morning.

Team Gaara

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Mar 19, 2013
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So I'm going back and reviewing all of the episodes I didn't have time to in college.

Well...let's start with...this episode...

Alright, I'm not gonna say too much here, mainly because there really ain't too much to say.

First of all, PokeVision...AGAIN! A-FRICKIN-GAIN! We already know why I hate this and they don't make me like it anymore here. Now everyone's making a video because that's somehow a meaningful camp activity. I guess it teaches teamwork?

Shauna finally tells us what this Pokemon Performer sh*t is and it's only described as one of the most boring things possibly made in the Pokemon Universe as far as goals go. All it seems to be is an overhyped circus performance, or, in other terms, a Contest where you can do more stuff, but not battle at all. What the hell's the point? And could it get anymore sexist? The winner is Kalos Queen? So I suppose it's a female only event? Doesn't surprise me that only girls would want to do something so mind-numbing. I don't understand it. What's the damn point in being a performer? Shauna said it's about the bond you have with your Pokemon, but how's that any different than...anything else?! And what do you gain from all of this as it relates to actual growth? As far as I can see. being a Pokemon Performer is just a lamer version of a Coordinator.

Though, if there is anything good I can get from all of this is that at least it's something for Serena to potentially do.

Back to the video sh*t.

So Serena gets herself and Ash stuck down a mountain and Amourshipping ensues. More importantly, I'm glad Serena's talking about having a dream some more, suggesting that she's seriously thinking about it. Thank goodness.

Biggest WTF moment so far; How the hell do you get the chefs to be the Rescue Team? You mean to tell me that you have a summer camp full of kids that could get themselves into any kind of danger, and your only source of help in that situation is to get people who are just there to cook the food to somehow become a rescue squad? What the f*ck? Where is the logic in that? In what world does that actually make sense to someone? That's like deciding the janitors should be the ones to apply first aid! Seriously, WHY?!

Moving on to the actual videos, they were pretty much as bad as expected. Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor's was boring and pretty...corny, I guess, but as a video, it wasn't awful and made sense. Serena's continue to be utter crap. Someone explain that video to me. We focus on not all the Pokemon, but Fennekin, throw a Poke Puff at it, miss, run down a hill, Chespin eats it, but that's okay, because Serena HAD MORE IN THE FIRST DAMN PLACE! And then they make a mess. AND SOMEHOW THAT SH*T WON AND Shauna's didn't even PLACE!! (How the hell did those other kids film those Flying-types anyway?) I'm so done! They brought out the character of Chespin. Not each Pokemon. CHESPIN! What the fudge, I want a recount! I bet the only won because they've seen Megas.

Well, on the positive side, I did enjoy seeing Shauna and Serena get closer in this episode, though it seems like Shauna's really the one trying to be friends here...

This episode gets an 3/10 for being unentertaining, having Serena's ass video win for BS reasoning, and for that crap with Team Rocket saving Ash and Serena.