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REVIEW: S18 EP09: Thawing an Icy Panic!


Cute bunny baby
Mar 20, 2013
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The only thing I really liked about this episode was Bonnie's cuteness in how she was constantly changing the things she wanted to do. From wanting to get ice cream, to wanting to see Vanilite, to wanting to ride the monorail, to wanting to feed Vanilite and so on and so forth. I though TR's initial plan to steal Vanilite just to make ice cream to sell was stupid. Why not just send it to the boss? Well, I did enjoy the group blast off at least. And I lol'd at Clemont's facial expression at the end when he revealed that "that guy is a grass-type gym leader". Seriously, I just thought that quote was weird. I expected him to say something like "he's the gym leader of Coumarine City" or something like that. And I guess Ramos's name is pronounced "Ray-mos". OK.

Anyway, overall a pretty "meh" episode. Some nice moments, but not really interesting. 4/10.


Just call me EC!
Jun 15, 2013
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Ramos is great. Also like that they included the monorail.

Queen Cynthia

Angelic Champion
May 21, 2008
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Finally not a filler again but an episode that seemed to be important for the overall story.

But before I'm going to mention all the good parts, I can't help but rant about a certain person: Can't that damn Bonnie PLEASE stop getting on my nerves with her extremely high-pitched voice and her exaggerated, childish behavior? And can't that annoying girl run like anybody else without having to spread her arms as if she were some kind of plane? Would she fall over otherwise or what? God, I hate her...
Also, I didn't get why everybody thought Vanilite was so cute...oh well...

But enough ranting now. I found Ash pretty good again today. He acted bravely and I think that's how he should always be. But I was equally (or even more) impressed by that Ramos. Apart from his strange dialect (Southern states?), I thought that throughout the entire episode he appeared to be superior and in control of the situation. I like this kind of characters and the gym battle against him promises to be action-packed and exciting. At least, I'm really looking forward to it!
Also, Cumarine City seems to be a lovely place to live. Hope we'll get to see more of it.


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Aug 25, 2013
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"Ash do something!" you have a fire type Serena! and Pikachu's moves are resisted by Victreebel!

What a stupid plan from Team Rocket. I thought they were gonna rob the store for Ice Cream, would've been better.

What's even the relevance of these Vanillites?

I was ready to say "wouldn't Vanillite get out during the motto" slightly clever of them to just have Meowth stood on it the whole time.

They're attacking whilst the Pokedex is telling us stuff... that's illegal!

How'd TR get froze straight away and yet Ash is fine?

Sunflora burning snow with solarbeam seems BS

...TR just conveniently had a mecha with three ice chambers?

About time Clemont remembered another gym leader, Ramos had some cool strategies tbf

Was a below average episode, still idek why there were random ice types xD


Generator Pokémon
Mar 24, 2014
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I watched the dubbed episode yesterday. Oh god, Ramos's voice was so awful, it gave me nightmares *shudder*.

EDIT: Also, a question about how to pronounce his name. Should it be "Ray-mos" from the anime or Ra-mos (RAmen)?