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Review S18 EP10: The Green, Green Grass Types of Home!

Cute bunny baby
Mar 20, 2013
Reaction score
Loved this gym battle. It's probably my favorite as of now.

First things first. I like how the episode started with Serena dreaming about her upcoming performance. It just shows how excited she is. Fortunately there's not much longer to wait since I'm just as excited as she is!

Gonna move right into the battle since I didn't really care much about Ramos's little tasks for the group. Love how Ash had Bonnie hold Goomy to watch the battle. Once again Ash's entire team gets to share in the experience. Anyway, I was happy Fletchinder's battle against Jumpluff. I'll admit I was a bit upset to see him once again spam Flame Charge, but Ramos kind of asked for it imo by setting up that Sunny Day. Flame Charge just so happens to allow Ash to get Fletchinder's speed up and get a damage boost.

(Before we move on to Weepinbell, I just want to say that I love how Ash said he wanted to win every battle with Fletchinder since that certainly would have been possible in the games.)

The Weepinbell battle on the other hand...that's when it got annoying. Seriously. First of all, are you telling me that after all those Flame Charges, Weepinbell was still faster than Fletchinder. Even with the Chlorophyll, I would have figured Fletchinder would be able to out speed it at some point. Also, with that said, after Ash realized this, you'd think he'd switch to Fletchinder's long ranged Razor Wind to keep some distance between him and Weepinbell. After all, going up close is what got him poisoned. I also found it funny how, once again, Fletchinder didn't use Peck in a gym battle where it would be SE against his opponent. (Though I can excuse it this time since Flame Charge is SE here as well).

Moving on to Hawlucha vs. Weepinbell. Um, am I the only one who thought Serena having to confirm Hawlucha’s type was weird? Whatever. Anyway, what can I say...this Weepinbell is in the top percentage of Weepinbell. Hawlucha didn't stand a chance. Not that I'm that surprised. I expected him to struggle with is current moveset. I would have preferred to see him do a little more damage before fainting though. Well, I did like Ash doing a pose similar to High Jump Kick when he commanded it.

Now for Frogadier. Ah, Frogadier. Best...battle entrance pose...EVER. The battle against Weepinbell was seriously great. I loved the part where he used his Frubbles as a mask to shield himself from the Poison Powder. I also liked how they changed Aerial Ace's animation into blades coming from his hands, though it does look really similar to Cut.

Finally we got Gogaot. I liked the way Gogoat used Leech Seed and Horn Leech. The scene where Pikachu reassured Ash when Frogadier was struggling was cute. Okay, going back to why I didn't care much for Ramos doing his little lesson with Ash, to me, that is like Ramos giving Ash the strategy to win. Don't get me wrong, I love how he and Frogadier played it out with that Razor Leaf tornado, but I just would have preferred that it came from Ash instead of Ramos. I also didn't mind that Frogadier had formed his Water Pulse before Ash commanded it. I viewed more as a display of their close bond and how Frogadier seemed to predict that Ash would command the move as a finisher. Oh, and Ramos doing all those actions with his giant-ass scissors during the battle was awesome.

Finally, I'm glad that they added Ash's other Pokemon into his victory pose and that they also ended off with Serena getting excited for her Showcase. So excited:) Overall great battle and episode. 9/10.
Unregistered User
Aug 25, 2013
Reaction score
Was a great gym battle but in the end, Ash should've lost. I mean all those super effective hits on Frogadier should've took it out.

Then again, he should've won pretty easily with his two flying types... so it's all fair game I guess.

Great battle though! good to see Ash using using he learned.
All about me
Apr 14, 2015
Reaction score
what if get with me on this frogadier has protean, i mean it would mean super effective would not be so. Also not having it would mean it has torrent, meaning it would of activated in that last part of the battle, if it didnt then that means frogadier is a freaken tank
Jun 13, 2014
Reaction score
I didn't think I'd be the only one to think that the gym battle went by too fast... (then again only 3 other people have posted) It just seems very weird to me.