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REVIEW: S18 EP17: Good Friends, Great Training!


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Aug 19, 2011
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That's a particularly bland and unspecific title for this episode. How about something like "Dancing in the Rain" - reference both Tierno and the use of Rain Dance. It'd still be dull, but it'd be something that applies to this episode, not half of all the episodes.

This episode really missed a trick with the group splitting up - Tierno should have asked Serena to join him, but have her dismissively suggest Bonnie - would be a nice callback to his response to Serena's appearance at the start. Speaking of Tierno, I really don't get why anyone would evolve a perfectly good Poliwhirl into that thing...

I'd have liked Frogadier to at least try to fight the fire - by all means fail given the huge amount of fire to contend with - but standing there doing nothing while you are about to die in a fire isn't a good idea when you have a water Pokemon on hand.


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Mar 20, 2013
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Nice episode.

I liked how the group was on the phone with Clemont at the beginning of the episode and how once again Serena was holding Bonnie. I lol’d when Bonnie asked Clemont if he was taking care of the laundry and stuff. I didn't expect that from her. It's like Clemont and Bonnie both parent each other. And damn that Gothitelle cleaning invention trying to suck him up was hilarious. Moving on, I loved Tierno's reaction to Serena's new do. I also like how they showed that he'd battled Clembot for his badge.

Aw Sliggoo is sooooo cute! Anyway, I wonder why Tierno didn't introduce Raichu with the rest of his dance crew. Ok, am I only one who thought it was odd Bonnie went with Tierno to look for the Pokemon? I mean, Clemont entrusted Bonnie's safety to Serena (and Ash, but more to Serena). You'd think she'd be the one to go off with her running in the wilderness when looking for the Pokemon, rather than some dude they really don't know that well.

I liked how Wartorle jumped in front of Raichu protect him from being captured and when TR was talking about Raichu. I lol'd majorly when he dowsed Jessie with his attack. Then of course she decides to attack the cage resulting in them being freed. How fitting when she was just talking about how they’re such “geniuses”. Anyway, I did like Dedenne reuniting with Sliggoo. That was adorable. I also liked how when Team Tierno came across that giant rock, Sliggoo started repeatedly slamming the rock with his body like when Pikachu was trying to free themselves from TR's cage in XY55.

“Team Rocket! That’s my Pikachu!” Really Ash? No sh*t that’s your Pikachu. That’s why they want to steal it. Seriously, is there nothing else they could have said here? Anyway, Goodra's evolution was totally awesome. I love how James basically sent out Inkay just to get blasted. Anyway, moving on to the battle, I thought it was pretty cool how Ash pretty much dominated the entire thing. Geez, why did Tierno keep attacking the Biding Goodra who clearly wasn't taking that much damage from Raichu's attacks? For a second, I thought Goodra's Bide would OHKO them. I do wish the battle was a bit longer and that Tierno would have shown off some more of his signature dance strategy. But overall I guess it was okay. Break dancing Raichu alone made my day:)

Overall a pretty good episode. 9/10.


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Aug 25, 2013
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Yeah the name was terrible, screamed filler which I guess it wasn't with an evolution.

Was a badass evolution, so we can ignore that they used Rain Dance to evolve when it shouldn't work.

Great battle at the end.

Just a shame the first half was "We've seen this 300 times before"

Get the feeling Tierno just got a Pikachu then insta evolved it it tease Ash thinking his guy would be way stronger.

Tierno should've been smart enough to not focus on Goodra the whole time, he near enough ignored Pikachu and when bide does what it does... he would've deserved the double ohko from it. Tried to take it down before it could hit the bide, I guess.

Also a shame knowing what's going to happen soon...

Queen Cynthia

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May 21, 2008
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A decent episode I'd say.

Admittedly, the first part was the generic "Team Rocket steals a Pokemon and our heroes try to get them back" -theme , so there's not much I can say about it, except that for some strange reason I found that robot pretty creepy because of its seemingly friendly face.

As for Goodra's evolution, I have to say that in my eyes its evolution from a Goomy to a Goodra went much too fast. I know how Goodra's story will continue but still, the way it all developed was too fast and thus not quite logical considering how long it takes other Pokemon to evolve.
Also, I thought that the fire was way too intense. I mean it was only that relatively small robot that exploded but it resulted in a dramatic forest fire. Seriously?

What I really enjoyed to watch, though, was Ash and Tierno's battle. I really liked to see Ash having the upperhand throughout the battle which was intense, well-written and exciting to watch and so I can only repeat myself that this is how Ash should always battle!

All in all, this week's episode was nice entertainment. Looking forward to the group's reunion with Clemont and, of course, the much-anticipated gym battle.