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REVIEW: S18 EP24: Scary Hospitality!


Cute bunny baby
Mar 20, 2013
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re: S18 EP24 "Scary Hospitality!"

Lol, I ended up really enjoying this episode.

I loved how Clemont was clinging to Bonnie in fear while she as usual wasn’t scared. Lol, Ash was speaking so confidently, but looked so terrified. I don't know why, but I found that towel nuzzling scene so cute. Ok, is it really that weird that he had 4 towels available? I’m mean, I get the meal thing because that would creep me out as well, but having 4 towels? Eh, not so much.

Lol, I died laughing when Clemont fell over when Lon was telling his story. And then again when he fell over the couch. Aw man, Clemont was hilarious. It was even funnier when Bonnie was just listening normally and happy, wanting to hear more. But wow, Lon just made the whole damn thing up to “entertain” people. That was pretty lame. Wow, did Bonnie really say hello to the ‘ghosts’ and say she wanted to be friends while everyone was freaking out? This child is amazing.

Bonnie, running after and jumping on Clemont's possessed machine was really awesome. I love how she thanked the machine after she got back to the ground. Ok, Serena seriously needs to settle down. I love how Lon just didn’t give a damn about the Pokemon scaring people for funsies. Lol. WTF, when and how the hell did Bonnie leave the room with no one (including me) noticing? Especially since she was standing in the front? Wow, I was surprised when Clemont only mentioned Pikachu after he and Ash vanished. I mean, I know Serena already mentioned Ash, but I thought they both would. I could believe Bonnie would do that since she has before, but not Clemont. Just something I found interesting. More interesting than Ash disappearing apparently:) I liked how Clemont was the "hero" this time around having to find everyone. I lol’d when he was saying, “I’m not scared. I’m not scared” over and over. That was cute. And I was just like, “You can do it.”

I'll never understand how Frubbles made the door easier to open. I did love Bonnie jumping into Clemont's arms to hug him though. That was adorable. Damn, if that picture was taken that long ago, how old is the dude? Unless he's a...oh sh*t. And I love how he’s so casual about it. “Oh by the way, I’m not exactly what you’d call…alive.” Yeah, no.

Lol, at Bonnie saying everything was a dream and taking a picture with Lon and his ghosts. Anyway, nice episode. I loved the focus on Clemont and Bonnie and especially the lack of TR. I'll say 9/10.

Team Gaara

Borderland Sword
Mar 19, 2013
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re: S18 EP24 "Scary Hospitality!"

This episode was scary af~

I don't know what was scarier, the fact that the old Chinese dude was a Ghost, or the fact that it took me literally until the story to realize this was that same house from the games. XP Probably because this one was SO MUCH BETTER!

This episode was really good~ Bonnie was amazing, as usual when things get scary~ Clemont and Ash were funny and Serena's back to her old "Oh lemme say the scariest thing ever oops I scared my fwens" thing~

I thought it was weird no one noticed Bonnie disappeared seeing as she was right in front of everyone, though my theory is that she was completely silent in disappearing on purpose just to troll.

When I saw that date on the picture, I was like...."soooooooo.....waitwhatnow?"

"Well, I'm not actually alive." K sir. Thnx for your hospitality. Bai. Much thank.

No seriously, I actually freaked out a little~

I have no idea how Bonnie got the picture, but I thought it was cute that she kept a memory of the old Chinese dude and the Ghosties...with that haunted camera that existed before cameras were a thing.

But all in all, a nice refreshing episode to cheer me up after Mr. Goodra left~ Really no flaws, from what I can tell except some really minor nitpicks.


Queen Cynthia

Angelic Champion
May 21, 2008
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re: S18 EP24 "Scary Hospitality!"

I really enjoyed tthis week's episode! No, not because I enjoy seeing people being scared like those not all too nice folks in that house but because the episode wasn't as predictable as many others and had a lot of great twists and turns. It became clear pretty soon that Gastly, Haunter and Gengar (btw nice to see them again!) were behind the seemingly paranormal activity. However, and this is what makes a great episode, when you thought that everything was alright now, something new and unexpected happened. It was obvious that the concept of this episode was thought out very well.
But what I liked most was the last part when everybody thought the mystery surrounding that house had finally been solved but then it turned out that in fact it was Lon who's the biggest mystery of all. I loved that at the end we still didn't know if it all was just a bad dream, if it really happened and who Lon actually is/was. So, something about the whole thing remains unresolved and in my opinion that was a perfect way to end an episodes about ghosts.

I'm totally happy. Nothing to criticize today.


Just call me EC!
Jun 15, 2013
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re: S18 EP24 "Scary Hospitality!"

Oh. My. Word.

This was an incredible episode. Absolutely incredible. Probably one of the best Gastly/Haunter/Gengar episodes ever. I especially love the callback to "Ghost Of Maiden's Peak" with the anti-ghost stickers.



Unregistered User
Aug 25, 2013
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re: S18 EP24 "Scary Hospitality!"

Really shouldn't be going into strange old men's houses...

Or not questioning why he had four meals set out xD

I'd lick Serena too.

How is Bonnie not scared xD

This just shows it would suck having Ghost type Pokemon.

Clemont's machine worked... and didn't blow up!?

Why would you take the journal...

TR at the end was actually a great touch.

Great episode!