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Review S18 EP41: Lights! Camera! Pika!


Well-Known Member
May 13, 2014
Reaction score
Did the episode had the normal opening and ending?
How did it handled the titles? Were they removed or translated to english?
Does it appear in official american episode lists?


Active Member
Jul 5, 2015
Reaction score
10/10 Pikas
I was smiling the entire episode. And I loved how Hawlucha was Pikachu's stunt double. And it was great to see male Pikachu get to play dress up(Something I think the games should do for Libre and Rockstar) and Super Pikachu was an amazing outfit, wish that was a real one.
It was also fantastic to see Libre and his minions get blasted off due to lack of the beloved TRio.
And the gag reel was hilarious, favorite one was Ash putting Hawlucha's outfit on upside down.

Did the episode had the normal opening and ending?
How did it handled the titles? Were they removed or translated to english?
Does it appear in official american episode lists?
The titles were translated to english. And we still had the opening


Cute bunny baby
Mar 20, 2013
Reaction score
Lol, I love the beginning where Ash accidentally talks during the filming.

Okay, that Pikadude's excessive Pikamerch was pretty hilarious. I mean, Clemont drinking out of a Pikacup while Bonnie cuddles with a Pikaplush, talking to Frank who’s sitting on a Pikathrone. Pure awesomeness.

OMG the Cosplay Pikachu were so adorable. I wish Pikachu PH.D could remove her glasses in-game. I would like her so much more if she could. Same if I could have male Pikachu Libre and Rockstar. But Popstar and Belle were perfect as usual:) I love that they all had different mannerisms of “speaking”, like Pikachu Libre shouting all the time will Pikachu Bell spoke so slow and quietly.

Lol, Frank’s spending all this time talking about his Pikamovie and he didn’t even finish writing the Pikascript. I love how much Bonnie was admiring Frank, and I really love how he called her Pika Bonnie. That was cute. Did Clemont's hair twitch by itself? That's pretty creepy. Lol, I love how Clemont helped Pikadirector Frank write the rest of the movie. Aw, Bonnie napping with the Cosplay Pikachu was cute. I was a bit thrown off by Serena’s comment towards Jean when they were conversing. I mean, why would she not care about her grandfather?

Lol at Ash getting zapped by the Pikachu during filming. I love that Serena was filming a documentary of the filming process along with Braxien helping with some of the effects. And wow, I sure as hell didn't expect Hawlucha as a Pikachu stunt double. I mean, he's clearly much bigger than Pikachu. Guess it doesn't matter since it was only for one short scene. But I don’t get why the scene was “too dangerous” for Pikachu, but not Hawlucha. I mean, guess because Hawlucha has actual wings and can slow himself down when falling. But Pikachu’s done more dangerous stuff than this before. Eh, whatever, it doesn’t matter.

I lol'd, at Serena filming them while they were eating with Clemont being clearly uncomfortable. And OMG, what is it with the series and all the sadness and death? Frank was a sick kid with no one but a Pikachu a hang out with and then his wife ended up dying. Geez.

Awesome, how Bonnie, Serena, and Ash got to do the voice acting for the movie. I also like how Frank's other Pokemon were watching the movie along with the humans and Pikachu. OMG, that Pikachu PH.D and Rockstar fist bump was too cute. Okay, forget what I said earlier, I want a Super Pikachu Cosplay Pikachu. I love how Ash and Pikachu were so angsty during the movie even though they knew what would happen. That movie was awesome. But I honestly wish we could have seen more of it. Pikachu Rock Star seemed like really cool (no pun intended) character. Aw, Frank crying after the movie was actually pretty endearing.

Wow, the bloopers were awesome. Pikachu screaming in the logo, Bonnie and Serena screwing up the lines, Bonnie and Braxien doing make-up, Pikachu slipping on a rock and KOing himself, Ash putting on Hawlucha's costume upside down (how do you even do that?), Clemont once again freaking out over the camera. And of course ending with "That's All Folks".Just perfection all around.

10/10 In the words of Frank, it was PikaPerfection.


Well-Known Member
Nov 6, 2014
Reaction score
I awaited this episode's dub ever since it was announced in Japan, and it did not disappoint. Frank's backstory was surprisingly tragic, the bloopers were hilarious, the final movie was epic, and ditto what everyone else said. And I also love the Ikue Ohtani cameo.

As for the dub, I'm glad Frank and Jean didn't get unnecessary name changes because they're already Western names. And it's cool how they translated all the individual title cards instead of just using one generic one. The dub music was perfectly fitting and non-intrusive, and Frank and Jean's voice acting was superb. Weezing's new voice actor, E. James Ford, also did a great imitation of Eric Stuart (I'm saying this because it's the first time Weezing has appeared since 4Kids). It was a pika-perfect dub of a pika-perfect episode. 10/10.

I do have one question, though. Who did the voices (in-universe) for Pikachu Rock Star and Pikachu Libre? I get that Super Pikachu was Ash, Pikachu Pop Star was Serena, and Pikachu Belle was Bonnie, but who were the others? Pikachu Rock Star sounded vaguely like Brock (even though it's obviously not him) and Pikachu Libre sounded like Frank.
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Unregistered User
Aug 25, 2013
Reaction score
That wound up being pretty funny in the end, though him saying Pika to everything was annoying.

Overall great, funny and cute episode!

so many Pika...

was shocked at the mention of his wife dying and I was like wut at 'Pikachu' saying Hawlucha xD. Guess they cut it out...
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