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Review S19 EP03: A Giga Battle with Mega Results!

Cute bunny baby
Mar 20, 2013
Reaction score
I really didn't like this episode all that much.

Nurse Joy and Audino were just extremely unlikable to me. Joy was completely pathetic in controlling her own Pokemon and needed the help of Ash and co., a random kid, and Professor Sycamore to help her convince Audino to open a door. Not to mention that the flashback made her seem literally like a 5 year old, whining and complaining just because she got a different Pokemon than the other Nurse Joys, when said Pokemon was already experienced with working and was specifically given to her to help her out. You think she'd be grateful. Audino was a bit better, but was way too damn petty. Seriously, you lock your trainer out of the room needed to help injured Pokemon just because she didn't tell you she was leaving? As if that's more important that taking care of patients. Honestly, these 2 should be fired imo.

Emilio was a nearly completely pointless character who amounted to nothing after getting Ash and co. into the room where Audino was. He could have been completely removed from this episode and barely anything would have changed.

I did like the beginning where the group rescued Joy because Clemont, of course, knew they'd come across a situation where a woman had her leg stuck in a giant crack in the ground. I also liked Sycamore coming to examine Squishy finally and were he mentioned that he'd written a book on Mega Evolution. That was interesting.

Honestly, completely surprising, the one other thing that I slightly liked about this episode was related to TR (Even I can't believe it) and it's that fact that Meowth renamed his new and (slightly) improved Mega Mega Meowth Machine into Giga Giga Meowth since Giga is bigger than Mega. Yeah pretty lame reason, but that's all I've got. I thought that Ash getting captured in the manner that her did was pretty stupid though. He literally didn't even try to evade that net. The battle was weird as well. Joy had Megaudino beat the crap out of TR only to end off using Heal Pulse to manipulate them into releasing the PokeBalls. She may as well have just done that from the start. But seriously, with the way these two had been arguing, I kind it hard to believe Joy was even able to Megavolve Audino anyway. Also, why the heck did she give Sycamore the Key Stone back at the end? Wasn't her main goal to get the Audinite so Audino could Mega Evolve and heal their patients better? How the heck does she expect to Megavolve Audino again without a Key Stone. I sure hope she goes out and finds another one, and hopefully she'll tell Audino when she leaves.

Not an episode I'd re-watch. 3.3/10.
Pokémon anime fanatic
Jul 30, 2015
Reaction score
Alrightie... this episode falls solidly into the category of "awkward". The voice acting in particular was just painful to listen to from pretty much everyone, and both the dialogue and line delivery were either weirdly formal or just odd. However, I'm going to start with the good stuff.

Squishy is still one of my favorite things about the new season. Everything it does just screams cuteness. Also, I enjoyed the pictures of Jessie, James, and Meowth as Audino used Heal Bell on them. Also also... shoot, there was something else that I liked about this episode and I can't remember what it was. Whatever. I'll get back to that if I remember.

Like I said before, the voice acting in this episode was just all-around bad. Granted, there are some harsher critics than myself who would say that the English dub's voice acting was never good in the first place, but I'd always liked the work done by the voice actors of Bonnie and Professor Sycamore at the very least. Neither of them really delivered today, but Ash was by far the most painful to listen to, as well as the random Makuhita dude. And what purpose did Emelio serve in this episode? Seriously, we didn't need him to get them to climb through the window and talk to Audino. Knowing Ash, they could've reasonably done that themselves. I've already talked about how I don't like the writers' choice of dialogue, so I'm just gonna move on from this.

All right, I'm getting sick of Clemont's Aipom arm being godlike in what it can do. I may be wrong, so if any passing physics genius wants to correct me on this, please do, but I truly don't believe the arm would be able to move anything heavier than what Clemont himself could physically carry - after all, he's lifting it with his back either way, right? It happened when he moved aside a large rock in Lumiose City Pursuit without even bending over, and it happened here at the beginning of the episode when he shoved an entire freaking rock face away from a cliff in order to free Nurse Joy. Couldn't he have at least brought out some random new invention to do that instead? His inventions don't fail all the time.

And just what is Professor Sycamore's earnest request for Ash to help to heal Makuhita all about? Next thing we know, Ash is standing in the lobby doing absolutely nothing while Sycamore's telling them all to just let Nurse Joy do her work. Because logic. And then there's the whole thing with the Audinite. I thought Mega Stones were found shaped like ordinary rocks and had to be fashioned into their spherical shape, but I guess things have changed since Korrina found the Lucarionite. Also, exactly why are there so many Poké Balls in the Pokémon Center? The place is deserted except for Ash and co., and I wasn't under the impression that Pokémon Centers kept Pokémon for extended periods - and if they did, there would certainly not be that many. Ash just put on a pitiful show in general during this. None of his Pokémon could have gotten him out of that net? Really?

Last complaint: the plot of this episode. You'd think they could find a way to make it more exciting, but even the most dramatic bit wasn't all that enthralling. Also, the Makuhita was waaaaayyyy too obviously a plot device and felt shoehorned in for no really good reason, and I've seen better episodes with Nurse Joys that have confidence issues.

So I didn't suddenly remember what the last thing was that I liked about this episode, but I think it was mostly just Audino's character in general. I do really like how Audino and Nurse Joy make up just in time to save Ash (although I still think he could've saved himself if he'd tried a bit harder).

I'm debating between a 3 and a 4 on this one, but I think I'll be nice and give it a 4 out of 10. It's not horrible, but it's not good either.
Eternally loyal to the dub and TPCi
Aug 11, 2015
Reaction score
Two home runs and a strike. That's what I think of this one.

And is it just me, or did Audino totally sound like Fluttershy?
Hear me roar!
Jul 16, 2010
Reaction score
This episode was so bland and uninteresting. Not worth rewatching, BUT NEXT WEKK'S EPISODE WILL BE! I can't wait to see Litleo and hear Litleo's dub voice next week!
more afraid of you
Mar 11, 2015
Reaction score
I didn't think this episode was that bad, although it wasn't overly amazing. Once Sycamore showed up I was sort of hoping that he would battle Joy with his Garchomp in a mega battle. I thought the episode started really well, but the end was essentially something we've seen before too many times. I was pretty excited when Sycamore said "no need to worry".
Unregistered User
Aug 25, 2013
Reaction score
No one was concerned that a bunch of kids broke into a Pokemon Centre, nor how easy it was to actually break in.

Nurse Joy is pretty bad, walks off to find a mega stone all day - she should book a day off if she wants to do that :O although I guess she assumed Audino would cover for her but still. Poke Centres need more than just one Nurse Joy. Was a pretty bs reason from the past to give her an Audino too.

Eh episode and the random kid of the day was... pointless really.

Who uses a psychical Audino?

and how does the Poke Centre have THAT many Pokeballs? I guess people leave their Pokemon there?

also that Joy costume doesn't seem like it would fit under that outfit and she did her hair up really quickly there... I also call BS on the Aipom arm. Could've just used a Water attack to loosen up her legs or something.