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Review S19 EP29: A Real Icebreaker!


Perfect Pawmi
Mar 20, 2013
Reaction score
This was a pretty great battle. Nice having the gym badge quest end with Ash's original 3. Ok, first things first, did Wulfric really say, “You know what?” that much in the games? Because I sure as heck don’t remember that. I did like how he was hyped for the battle that he didn’t even let the referee announce the rules. I actually agreed with him as well. Ash already knows the rules, so why explain again:p

Pikachu vs. Bergmite. The only thing that I really enjoyed about this fight was showing off Icy Wind's speed lowering effect on Pikachu. Otherwise, it was pretty "meh". Pikachu barely struggled with the speed loss and once he got over it, it was just a quick win.

Pikachu vs. Avalugg. Pikachu creating a hole to stop Gyro Ball was great. I also loved how Avalugg used Stone Edge while he was still using Gyro Ball. Weird how Ash tried to have Pikachu intercept the attack rather than just dodging it though. Also, this probably sounds terrible, but Pikachu looked so cute when he got KO'd.

Talonflame vs. Avalugg. The fight had some cool moments. The Steel Wing across Avalugg's back along with the Stone Edge dodge were pretty cool. However, the overall battle was far too fast. I mean, this Pokemon took out all 3 of Ash's Pokemon in the initial battle, and this time it goes down in like 3 hits. I get that the absence of hail and ice body's healing effect probably made it easier, but still. I think Talonflame deserved better. Glad he won though. And I loved his characterization here. He seemed really determined to beat Avalugg this time around and quite happy upon winning. Also, is it just me, or did his voice become more bad-ass?

Talonflame vs. Abamasnow. Again meh, but Talonflame had to be taken out for Greninja to take over...so whatever.

Greninja vs. Abamasnow. Best battle of the match obviously. The transformation into Ash-Greninja looked amazing and Greninja was just on top of it though out the entire battle. Cutting Abamasnow's Energy Ball as he was forming it, using his frozen cut blades to skate across the field, and Areial Aceing Abamasnow into the damn ceiling. Also, the synchronized motions Ash and Greninja did together were a great element to the battle.
(And it makes me believe even more that this transformation is going to be revealed to be related to Z-moves)
I kind of wished we would have seen more from Ash's POV.

Finally, ending off with the scene of all of Ash's Pokemon together was great. Can't wait for the league. 7.9/10.


Life and Soul
Apr 1, 2012
Reaction score
I'll never truly understand why Fletchinder/Talonflame were always prohibited from winning Ash a Gym when it had the biggest advantage. Sure it always performed, but I just don't get why Frogadier had to steal the Grass Gym from the bird. The Double Battle for the 7th Gym was okay, but since it was set up for both the frog and the bird to star, it feels hollow and Talonflame held no outright advantage.

That being said, this Gym battle was pretty intriguing. Pikachu to me got a pity win considering Bergmite just doesn't hold it's weight based on how Wulfric battled in their first match. Then again, unless Wulfric purposely sac'd his Abomasnow in their first match, he must have clearly had a second one because the one used to today was a tank. As for the Talonflame rematch, meh it was neat. Mega Abomasnow vs Ash Greninja was pretty darn epic though. Thankfully Water Shuriken wasn't the Finisher, because that just wouldn't make any sense.
Sadly that does happen vs Sawyer's Mega Sceptile though... but meh, I guess that gets negated by Ash's Final match of the league

Ryu Taylor

Eternally loyal to the dub and TPCi
Aug 11, 2015
Reaction score
New best Kalos Gym Battle right here.

And I've decided something: if this saga's dub soundtrack gets officially released (whether physically or digitally), I'm going to be right there to buy it, no questions asked.


"What do you mean, my Gengarite is contraband?!"
Jun 10, 2012
Reaction score
This was a good battle and episode but I've gotta be honest here, it's actually quite disappointing for a gym battle rematch. It was Avalugg and Ice Body that stopped Ash last time. Not this random screenhog of a Mega Evolution.

I would have much preferred to see Ash pull off some inconceivable yet genius plan that would remove the hail (or just slap Sunny Day on Talonflame since it hardly ever uses Razor Wind now) like he's done against Gary and Fantina, but that's apparently a stupid thing to wish for in this age with Mega Evolutions at each others throats.


Just a member, that's all.
Apr 3, 2016
Reaction score
I did quite like this episode, especially considering it's his last gym battle for the Kalos region. After such a long wait, we finally get this episode, and it's really good.


Jul 10, 2015
Reaction score
Nice episode, the battle was great. Talonflame finally got a win! I thought Ash would use the same team but he used Pikachu instead of hawlucha, but it still was great. 8/10

Queen Cynthia

Angelic Champion
May 21, 2008
Reaction score
That sure was an epic fight and definitely a worthy conclusion of the Kalos gym battles! Everything in this episode was great: Great music, great and exciting battles that really kept me at the edge of my seat and last but not least, great motivational moments, above all Ash and Greninja first fighting together and them being arm in arm. An exceptional moment! Also, I loved how Ash gave that little speech to all of his Pokemon at the end. Our Ash sure has grown a lot and it's a pleasure to watch him progress as a trainer!
Nothing more to say today because this was simply a wonderful episode!


Unregistered User
Aug 25, 2013
Reaction score
Pretty good battle, I would've liked to see Ash have to deal with the Hail healing again but it seems that Wulfric for the most part wanted to test Ash rather than wreck him a second time, which I suppose is his job. He did bust out a mega though, so I suppose he eventually wanted to wreck him!

wound up pretty good though I wish he had something better than a Bermite for his start, since the final gym shouldn't have an unevolved Pokemon


Well-Known Member
Mar 28, 2010
Reaction score
I'm sure glad Ash finally has all eight Kalos badges in the English dub.


Utsukushī sakura o mite
Dec 30, 2015
Reaction score
I finally get to see Bergmite in a battle. YES! And, I, or maybe all the dub viwevers, get to see Sharpen be used in the dub. DOUBLE YES!

But before this, props to Wulfric for rushing through the battle, and not letting the referee do his job. That was hilarious. :cool::LOL:

I think it would have been better if Abomasnow was sent out before Avalugg, so that the latter's Ice Body could be activated, and it could turn into the invincible battler from before. (I mean I would have done just that!) But the star of this episode was Abomasnow and not Avalugg, so I guess that explains it.

Is it just me or is Mega Abomasnow humongous?

So, Ash finally has all the eight badges, and a super strong Ash-Greninja form for his Greninja. Is he ready to be the Kalos Champion?
No. Just No.
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