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Review S19 EP36: Kalos League Passion with a Certain Flare!


Well-Known Member
Nov 6, 2014
Reaction score
Though it may interrupt the league, this was a better way to do so than the Axew filler we got last gen. No action, but the drama made up for it.

The dub score was even better than usual this time around. I loved all the new tracks. The animation was also good, although the civilians were laughably static.


Perfect Pawmi
Mar 20, 2013
Reaction score
Though I'd like to get to the final battle as much as the next person, I thought this was a decent episode on its own. It was nice to see Meyer and Clembot show up. Ash finally meeting Lysandre and Alain talking with Sycamore were also nice moments. It's sweet that Alain didn't go back to Sycamore because he wanted to protect him after getting caught up with Lysandre.

The rest of the episode was pretty meh, but I didn't find anything truly boring or annoying, so that's good. 6/10.


Team Rocket's Enemy
Jan 2, 2003
Reaction score
Am I the only one who thinks that Ash was looking a little too confident in that final picture at the end of the episode? Ash looked almost cocky in that final still while Alain looked to be much calmer and determined, almost as if he had to win it for someone (Mairin, her smile, and Chespie).


Unregistered User
Aug 25, 2013
Reaction score
Damn, filler. This could've been used to instead show an extra round d; but I guess at least it was some story development and stuff, the "getting lost" stuff was resolved in like 4 seconds at least.


Utsukushī sakura o mite
Dec 30, 2015
Reaction score
First things first, I love the dub title for this episode, and for that matter, the next two as well. They're very catchy and do full justice, representing the pun with Team Flare and the Kalos League.

So, Ash finally meets up with Lysandre in this episode. COOL! Mairin also shows up, and is now friends with the gang and Trevor, Tierno and Shauna. SUPER COOL! I expected Mairin to be sad after seeing Clemont's Chespin, and I was not let down. Professor Sycamore finally explains "Bond Phenomenon" to the group. That's great. (y) Also, is it just me or does Malva like to tease Alain. Well, I don't blame her; he looks cute when he is pissed off. :X3::oops:

Okay, so why don't Team Rocket members just quit their jobs if they don't like it. I would not like to take up a job if I am not very fond of it. Also, I knew deep down that Sawyer will express his emotions on losing, some time, and I was not disappointed. I like how Sceptile tries to comfort him, though. Also, Drain Punch and Leech Seed on a Breloom; pretty savage, I think.

Lysansdre's speech was quite intriguing and seems to set up a decent prologue for the Team Flare arc. Funny how he makes Ash promise to visit him after the battle
gives him no time to keep it!

Professor Sycamore catching up with Alain before the finals and chatting with him was a nice touch. Though, I feel that Sycamore is a bit cautious of talking to him. I don't know why; I just feel so.

I love Serena's and Mairin's interactions with each other; I just do. I haven't watched the entire Team Flare arc (have watched till only the first episode of the arc as of now), but I have a feeling that they will do something together in the arc.

The stadium is all set up, and Ash's final League battle (no pun intended) is about to get underway. (y)
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