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Review S19 EP39: A Towering Takeover!

Cute bunny baby
Mar 20, 2013
Reaction score
Alright, now this is awesome. Nothing but non-stop action. This is how a villainous team climax should be:)

I love how Squishy left on his own to communicate with and try to stop Z2. I also love how Clemont once again had a useful invention to aid the others as they split up.

I'm so glad that the rivals were actively helping out during the crisis.The only thing that slightly bothered me was that Shauna's Ivysaur still hasn't evolved while Trevor and Tierno both have their fully evolved starters. Though it wasn't that bad since they didn't end up doing much. Oddly enough, it's TR how actually ended up my making themselves useful. I was quite surprised that Jessie of all people actually decided to broadcast what was going on to the entire region.

Damn, Alain is eally conflicted. I understand that and all, and part of me is happy that he's still showing some loyalty to the people he's been associated with all this time rather than immediately jumping over to Ash's side, but I wish he would have shown some concern for Ash. He just stood there while Celosia knocked him out and the grunts captured him. No emotion or worry whatsoever. At least Pikachu tried to protect his trainer until the end.

Man I wish the grunt would have captured Mairin. And seriously, Ash is just lying unconscious on the ground and Alain doesn't say anything? He could at least ask what they're planning on doing with him and making sure they aren't going to hurt him. Well thank goodness, Clembot showed up to save Bonnie and co. since Braxien and Luxray just decided not to do anything about those vines hurdling towards them:p And geez, I forgot all about Blaziken Mask. I'm a bit surprised that he actually let the kids end up following him. I thought he'd be ultra super protective parent and wouldn't let them go with him no matter what they said.

So Alain sees and and his Pokemon dangling in the air, bound by iron balls...and just decides to keep talking to Lysandre. Okay............. Anyway, I'm guessing Lysandre's got something special planned for Greninja and that's why he's positioned under the others. It's funny though, because nothing is stopping Goodra and Noivern from attacking since Goodra's mouth is uncovered as are Noivern's ears. I wonder if anyone will realize this later. Anyway, I guess Alain is really distraught if he's just gonna leave Ash hanging like that:p

Alright, Squishy and Z2 are on even grounds right now. Can't wait to see them duke it out. But really, I can't take a 50% Zygarde serious with that voice. Also Bonnie's reaction to Squishy's transformation was precious. Great start to the arc. 8/10.
more afraid of you
Mar 11, 2015
Reaction score
I considered waiting the entire five weeks and watching them at once, and I should have, because I really don't want to wait to watch the next one. This was a really exciting episode. Alain not knowing what to do was pretty intense and his trying to understand what is going on and what to do about it I think is going to be very important moving forward.

The only thing about this episode that was annoying is why do Clemont and Serena not use more of their team, Luxray and Braixen are exhausted and they don't call out their other Pokemon?

Bonnie's connection with Squishy is pretty cool, I wonder how the writers are going to separate them (or maybe they won't and when she becomes a beginning trainer she will just have a Zygarde, but I doubt it).

Watching Ash's Pokemon suspended in those balls I couldn't help but look at Goodra and think all it came back for was a tie, a loss, and then this mess, how pissed must Goodra be. I wonder if Ash and Greninja could use the bond thing to break out of the constraints.

I totally agree it looks like Goodra or Noivern could attack, but I'm guessing there is some explanation that the restraints make it so they can't attack, because I can't imagine Team Flare missing something that important (thats the kind of thing Team Rocket would screw up, but not a more professional team).

This was a really exciting episode, now the only decision left is whether I watch it every week or save it up and watch them all at once at the end, because the week cliff hanger drives me crazy.
21 years...... Still here!
Jan 29, 2016
Reaction score
Great start for this arc! I can understand the kalos league being as disapointing as it was to damper people's spirits, but this was really good. The dark vibe from TF and Lysandre really worked and the atmospehere made this really desperate in a end of the world sense. Anyway, looking froward to part 2 and everything else next week!
Angelic Champion
May 21, 2008
Reaction score
A great start of the Team Flare climax! Such an action-packed and intense episode, it kept you at the edge of your seat!
What I particularly liked is how they're building up suspense by not revealing everything at once , e.g. why Ash was captured or, above all, Alain's ambiguous part in all of this. Also, I found it great they decided to involve so many characters and basically the entire region. A crisis of such major proportions really has to concern everybody and the writers did this really well!
There were so many great moments in this episode, from Prof Sycamore saving Mairin, to all the gym leaders being shown, to Ash and Alain...there are far too many to mention.
Besides the Team Galactic climax, this one is bound to be best.

As a side note: when Jessie was talking in front of the camera, she was saying something like this: " This is Jessie ... reporting from Lumiose City" Did I listen correctly or did she just give herself a surname? That would be unique if you ask me

The hardest part now will be the one week wait...
Prepare for over-used stock animation!
Jan 29, 2011
Reaction score
As a side note: when Jessie was talking in front of the camera, she was saying something like this: " This is Jessie ... reporting from Lumiose City" Did I listen correctly or did she just give herself a surname? That would be unique if you ask me
I think it was another "Jessilina" and "Jessilee" thing, she was still disguised after all. I think she called herself "Jessimura" or something? Not sure if she did that in the original version or not. Boy they're running out of ways to slightly alter her name.
Avatar mostly by Asci
Feb 1, 2005
Reaction score
As a side note: when Jessie was talking in front of the camera, she was saying something like this: " This is Jessie ... reporting from Lumiose City" Did I listen correctly or did she just give herself a surname?
I think it was another "Jessilina" and "Jessilee" thing, she was still disguised after all. I think she called herself "Jessimura" or something?
Murrow. The closed captioning said "Jessimurrow" (yeah, one word).
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Well-Known Member
Jul 9, 2009
Reaction score
This is the first full episode of the dub I've seen for a while and I've gotta admit... I much prefer Squishy's voice to Puni-chan's. I thought hearing that the high-pitched voice just didn't match 10% Zygarde but Billy Bob Thompson's rendition seems to sit just right with me.
The FullMetal Alchemist
Oct 18, 2016
Reaction score
To be honest, the Team Flare arc was awesome. But the disappointment of the League got over me so I couldn't enjoy it.
Unregistered User
Aug 25, 2013
Reaction score
A lot happened in that episode.

Lysander is gonna kill everyone!

No clue what happens unlike in the Kalos league but this is a pretty awesome start. Was good to see the cuties of Valerie and Korrina too, even if it was for one second each :D

Couldn't Serena and frieds have just followed Blaziken mask anyway lol. Also couldn't Ash's Pokemon just fire a bunch of moves from their mouths, pretty bad planning there Lysnader. Be interesting to see what he plans to with Ash and his Pokemon... also kinda wish we saw him take them all out of their balls, that wouldv'e been an interesting fight/confusion for the Pokemon when some random guy is getting out out to beat them up.
Bucket Hat FTW
Sep 12, 2016
Reaction score
This episode sets the tone for the entire rest of the Team Flare arc.
Lots of action and drama and tension.

I thought the dub handled the dialogue well, except for when Lysandre was making his announcement. I'm fairly certain that in the original Japanese episode, he said something about Zygarde was mad at the humans for how they treated their Pokémon and it was going to destroy all of them except for a chosen few. But in the dub, he said that Zygarde was mad at both humans and Pokemon and then he veered off into a very strange speech about people aren't sharing which leads to stealing and we don't have enough stuff. Actually made me cringe a bit when he went into that.

I thought it was kinda cute that Bonnie went right up to Ash and told him about Squishy. Ash, she needs you to find a way to solve this problem. Get on that, okay? Points to Clemont for thinking that they might encounter just such a situation where they would need walkies to talk to each other.

Nice to see that Sawyer, Shauna, Trevor, and Tierno are not forgotten in this and get to play a role in helping people out.
Also cool to see Augustine turn into a badass and take down Skorupi Dude. Hey Skorupi Dude, Prof. Sycamore ain't takin' any of your crap.

Over the years I have grown quite considerably less fond of Team Rocket, but it was nice to see them take the lead in getting the news out to the populace. And hey, there are some kids who decided to forego heading out at 10 to become a PokeTrainer, and actually stayed in school to finish their education! Nice!

So Alain, I noticed that reaction when your colleagues were knocking Ash & Pikachu out and hauling them away. It seemed to be the reaction of someone who was feeling sick in his stomach as he suddenly became aware of the fact that he was working for the bad guys. Like, it didn't occur to you that maybe you should do something to fight back so that Ash wouldn't get strung up over the tower?

I like Squishy's voice as Zygarde in the English dub a lot better than the voice in the original Japanese. It was really shrill, I thought, in the original Japanese. In the English dub, Squishy/Zygarde's VA has dropped into a lower register which is a lot easier to listen to. At least for me anyway. And interesting to see that Bonnie has apparently developed an empathic connection with Squishy as she can 'feel' where it is and that it was in pain.

And on to the next episode!
Utsukushī sakura o mite
Dec 30, 2015
Reaction score
Coming back from the Kalos League now, this episode was pretty great, by my standards: an awesome prologue for the action to come. Everyone, and by that I mean, everyone, is involved in the action. Specifically, I love how certain groups were created during the plot of the episode: (Ash and) Alain, Serena, Clemont, Bonnie, Clembot and Blaziken Mask, Professor Sycamore and Mairin, Tierno, Trevor, Shauna and Sawyer, Jessie, James and Meowth and Diantha and Officer Jenny. ALRIGHT, NOW THIS IS AWESOME! :cool:(y):cool:

Can I take a moment to express how glad I am that the rivals are actually participating in this action; I honestly thought that they would just disappear from Lumiose City, just cuz. Writer, you get a thumbs up! (y) Though, I would have appreciated if Shauna's Ivysaur was also fully evolved like Blastoise and Charizard, but I guess not!

Team Rocket trying to fend off those dangerous vines with the equipment they were holding made me crack up. Though, I must say, Jessie did the news reporting rather beautifully; she seems so engaged in reporting the calamity, I was amazed, considering how she was just complaining about her job uptill this episode. Makes me wonder: why doesn't Team Rocket just quit from the organization, when they have a way with nearly every other profession but stealing?

Wow, Professor Sycamore rescued Mairin like a boss. Though, I wonder if we ever get to see Bébé at all again, or is it just Chespie who shall hog the spotlight? Probably, the latter! :(

So, how I see this: Alain still believes that Lysandre is doing the right thing. I know you are conflicted, Alain, but you should have at least tried to rescue Ash and his Pokémon, now, shouldn't you? Also, for some reason, I liked how Bryony and Aliana prevented Clemont and his group from entering his Gym. I don't know why; I just did.

Also, I like how Bonnie senses when Squishy is in trouble; goes to show how strong a bond she has built with it. Also, Ash and his friends learn that Squishy is a Zygarde. GREAT!

Z2 versus Squishy is up next. Also, Team Flare seems pretty pleased that Squishy has come to the Prism Tower; I have a feeling they will try to capture it as well. I hope I am right; the more, the merrier! Isn't that right, Lysandre?

All in all, a well built set-up for the awesomeness to come, worthy of a 10/10. Now, if I just catch up with the remaining episodes after this; that would be wonderful! :LOL:
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