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REVIEW: S19 EP43: Forming a More Perfect Union!

Cute bunny baby
Mar 20, 2013
Reaction score
Best Villainous Team Arc end EVAR:p

Wow Even with imminent death approaching Clemont still can't run:p Sucks that Serena didn't go join in on the fight. Seriously, this is the most intense and important moment coming out of the entire series, and possibly the last time for her and her Pokemon to d something relevant. Really disappointing.

I love how Ash and Alain were literally jumping across the roots to get to stone Zygarde's core to stop it. But geez Ash, cant you stop turning around everytime a gym leader gets smacked. The longer you take to get to the core, the more they get beat up. I loved the scene of Viola flying with Vivillion to attack and the ViolaXGrant moment afterwards:D. I love how Grant was like "Don't worry about us, just get to the rock." And Lol, TR got blasted. Too bad Diantha saved them. I thought that they'd make Ash the one to save Chespie, since he always has to be the hero, so I was thrilled that Alain did it mainly by himself. And wow, a happy, jumping Mega Lucario. Not what I thought its reaction would be.

I should have expected Lysandre would still be alive...but seriously how the hell was he still alive? Really, I would have like to know that. Anyway, FINALLY, Meyer's secret has been reveled. I was starting to think that it wouldn't happen. I really want to know what took so damn long for Squishy and Z2 to transform to help everybody. I mean, I get that Z2 still didn't care much for humans to help them, but he's supposed to be the protector of Kalos. Stand up for your region. At least Complete Zygarde obliterated Lysandre. But what the hell, Malva literally did not care about the death of her boss. I get that he was evil and selfish, but geez.

Why the hell did Squishy thank Chespie? He and his trainer are to blame for most of what happened and he was unconscious for the entirety of the crisis. He deserves no thanks at all. I love that Bonnie and Squishy had their moment together before he left. But was he able to speak to her telepathically this entire time? Eh, I guess it's better than if he would have left without saying anything at all. I'm surprised that I'm actually going to miss Squishy. He may not have done much, but I loved his interactions with Bonnie.

A great finale to the best villainous team arc so far. 9.5/10.
Avatar mostly by Asci
Feb 1, 2005
Reaction score
Why the hell did Squishy thank Chespie? He and his trainer are to blame for most of what happened and he was unconscious for the entirety of the crisis. He deserves no thanks at all.
"It reappeared in Mega Evolution Special IV, in which it accompanied Mairin to Lysandre Labs. After Alain refused to allow Mairin to travel with him, she asked Chespie to give her a moment alone. This resulted in
Chespie following two scientists to a room where it found a Zygarde Core (Squishy) and some cells being subjected to some sort of evidently painful experiment. Chespie rescued Squishy after the equipment overloaded, but the energy Zygarde had been subjected to caused Chespie to fall into a coma, devastating Mairin.
Hear me roar!
Jul 16, 2010
Reaction score
This episode is just on a whole different level of amazing. Watching everyone come together to rescue Chespie was amazing and I just love how the Gym Leaders and everyone else actually mattered. Ash and Alain would have never gotten inside the Megalith if it weren't for their help. The stakes felt real and the action was just intense. What I don't understand was Lysandre's unexplained reappearance. Just...How did he get there? Anyway, seeing Perfect Zygarde fight Lysandre did not disappoint after all the build up. Overall, it was an amazing episode. 10/10
21 years...... Still here!
Jan 29, 2016
Reaction score
10/10! This episode was perfect and Lysandre had it freaking coming. Best arc ever:D. So, were down to the final 4 episodes of xyz I believe and once done, Disney will be calling the shots on from sometime in 2017.
NCIS Special Agent
Oct 19, 2008
Reaction score
Clearly it was Ash's destiny to behold this giant rock. And help destroy it.
Angelic Champion
May 21, 2008
Reaction score
What an intense finale! Wow, I'm still totally thrilled! Hard to calm down. I loved this villainous arc and it truly was the best and most intense finale in Pokemon history besides the Team Galactic finale. I even dare say the episodes of the recent weeks and especially this one were some of the best episodes that have ever been produced.

Well, where could I begin?
I loved all our heroes' determined struggle to get to the core of that giant rock with everyone helping out as best as they could. If "intense" had a mega evolution, I'd call this "Mega-Intense"! I especially liked those two scenes when Steven and Diantha were standing back to back and the intense scene when Alain was reaching out for Chespie.
Then we had Lysandre's return. That manic expression when he was facing defeat was insane and creepy at the same time.
And finally, here comes Zygarde Complete Forme! He showed that lunatic who's boss with an epic final blow! (Glad Z2 finally changed his mind)

Yes, I can only repeat what I already said.: A truly wonderful episode from the beginning to the end and an epic piece of Pokemon history we won't forget for sure!
Unregistered User
Aug 25, 2013
Reaction score
In the end it ended up being a really good arc. Good stuff.
Jun 20, 2014
Reaction score
This arc as a whole is my favorite episode in the entire series. It was a fantastic adaptation/reimagining of the game's story with Team Flare, which is fantastic. I loved how it brought back characters and plot points from throughout the XY series, from Blazakin Mask to Korrina to Clembot to Alain and Mairin to Sycamore's Garchomp. And that final fight with all the gym leaders and 100% Zygarde was fantastic!
Oh look, a Shiny!
Sep 12, 2016
Reaction score
Best damn full-frontal-assault-battle I've ever seen in a Pokémon tv episode or movie.

Everyone is literally putting their lives on the line to keep RockGarde from making it to the Sun Dial and obliterating the planet. Everyone put their best effort forward to keep the path clear for Ash, Alain & their Pokies. Viola & Vivillon flying around slicing up those tendrils was pretty damn cool. So, too, were Steven & Diantha battling in-sync with Metagross & Gardevoir using Psychic, and then putting their backs together to face whatever else came at them.

Felt bad for poor Ash every time a gym leader went down wrapped in tendrils. You just know he was feeling some emotional pain with every hit they took. But Ash, you've got to listen to them and keep running on to get to that red heart where Chespie is. Nice that Alain stepped it up and didn't hesitate to put himself in harm's way to save Chespie instead of hanging back and letting Ash go in. On the other hand, maybe there was some guilt at work there pushing him on.

When Lysandre dropped himself off of Prism tower last eppy, I knew he hadn't fallen to his death. That walk backwards that he did was deliberate. He staged that drop off the edge. I knew we hadn't seen the last of him.

And so Squishy & Squishy finally get off their arses and form up to become Perfect Zygarde. It's about time, sheesh. You sure you guys didn't want to wait even longer yet and see if Lysandre could get a few more hits in?
Speaking of Lysandre... Him and his ravings at Zygarde about how he still intended to destroy the world and "I will incinerate you" just show that he is as pathetic as he is psychotic. Zygarde taking him down with Core Enforcer was just epic, plain and simple. And before I forget, points to Clemont, our resident inventor, for recognizing that it was the armor on Lysandre's arm that was controlling RockGarde and needed to be destroyed.

The ending with Squishy saying goodbye to Bonnie was just sweet as heck. And Malva didn't seem too broken up that Lysandre got sent to wherever it was Zygarde sent him to. The expression on Steven's face was precious. ha

Just an amazing episode and definitely a fantastic ending to this entire story arc. Kudos all around.
Glamorous Technician
Dec 30, 2015
Reaction score
YIKES!! Viola and Grant are so into each other; "It's shipping time!". :love::LOL:;)

Okay, mini fanboying aside, this episode, just like the others, was yet another example of brilliant creativity of the writers. Seeing everyone work together to destroy the Giant Rock and let Ash and Alain near the core, was so beautifully executed. Though, I did not quite appreciate/understand why Ash was continuously grieving over the fallen Gym Leaders. I mean, they are grown up adults, Ash; you do not need to worry about them; they can take care of themselves.... Oh, well!

Good to see Team Rocket also assisting Ash and Alain in their quest from their helicopter, and then Diantha's Gardevoir rescuing them from having their giant fall. Though, I don't think it would have done much harm to them. At this point, they are probably immune to being hurt from being smacked down on the ground. :p

I very nearly flipped out when Lysandre showed up at the top of the Giant Rock. Like, how did that happen? He was not on it before; how did he suddenly appear on the Rock thingy. WEIRD!?! But, damn, that thing is so powerful. Had Valerie's Spritzee not used Light Screen, I believe it would have completely knocked out everyone present in front of it, and continue wrecking havoc.

Okay, so Z2 finally trusts humans how, and joins hands (?!) with Squishy to take down Lysandre and the Giant Rock. Great to see Bonnie cheering Squishy on during the battle; I know it is clearly not unfounded at this point, that Bonnie and Squishy care very much about each other, and are ready to support one another.

The farewell scene. Okay, first things first, I was pleasantly surprised to see Chespie greet Squishy like it did, and Squishy thanking him in return. Just so brilliant. Come to think of it, had Mega Evolution Special IV not taken place, we would not have had this amazing arc, Bonnie and Squishy's amazing moments or probably the XYZ arc as it is.

Bonnie and Squishy's farewell words were pretty tear-jerking; the two have come so far together; it will be hard to see them not with each other any more. But guess, life is what it is about. Introductions and farewells just happen to play a very vital role in this story, that is life.

And just like that, ends the amazing Team Flare arc. These five episodes are pieces of pure awesomeness, and the writers have done a nearly brilliant job in tying up all the loose ends. It is only to be expected from me to say that this arc has become one of the most memorable plot arcs I have ever seen in Pokémon.

Now that I think of it, the fact that all the five episodes take place within a single span of one night is pretty amazing as it is by my standards. Fairy Tail fans might be able to appreciate how this arc is quite similar to the Dragon King Festival/Eclipse Project arc, but I guess I will just leave it at that. :)