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REVIEW: S19 EP44: Battling with a Clean Slate!


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Mar 20, 2013
Reaction score
This was a nice episode, but I would have preferred more focus on Clemont and Clembot instead of Alain and the others.

The battle against Alvin was decent, but I wish it would have been longer. All of the Pokemon were pretty much one shot. I really wish that the Alain stuff had happened at another time. But I suppose it was interesting to see how he was taking everything with Team Flare being defeated. I wonder where he went though. I was surprised to see that he and Charizard no longer had their Mega equipment. And overall it was nice to see Clembot readjusting to battling and being a gym leader.

I like that Sycamore actually gave the gang and their Pokémon medals similarly to the post league parade in the games. Though I truly don't see why on earth Mairin and Chespie got one, but whatever. Also, the Psyduck's voice in the Who's that Pokemon was...weird.

I'll give this a 6.5/10. More Clemont focus would have been much appreciated.


Jun 20, 2014
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This episode actually makes Ash seem pretty admirable for his desire to star fresh every new generation.

I like how Clembot's sacrifice isn't undone. He was rebuilt, but he'll never truly be the same Clembot. I also like how it has a chance to start again, with Clemont as a more direct mentor. I guess the title of this episode is actually pretty meaningful.

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Jan 29, 2016
Reaction score
I liked this episode, a good break ep after the awesomeness that was the TF arc and some focus for Clemont/Clembot, even though yeah not enough focus. Glad to see that Alain is changing his ways and that Ash still being supportive after all that and the ending scene with everyone at Prism tower:cry: so beautiful. Plus, props for whoever made these titles because this one was so fitting. A clean slate indeed as for now this'll get 7.5/10.


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Aug 25, 2013
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I saw this one when it aired a while back lol, way before the 24th. I remember there being a cool gym battle and everyone getting medals - which whilst they did save Kalos they were for the Pokemon League so they all shouldn't have got them! also makes you wonder why they had so many!?
Mar 20, 2016
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I laughed really hard when Alvin ordered his Vivillon to use Stun Spore in the dub when it was actually Sleep Powder.


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Sep 12, 2016
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Well, this was a nice, reflective type of episode after the madness of the Team Flare arc. So nice to see everyone pitching in and helping to clean up and straighten out Lumiose gym after all the damage and destruction that was caused. I felt bad for Clemont not being able to restore Clembot's memories but I seem to recall that they had a discussion at the time of their battle with Xerosic where they alluded to the fact that there was no data backup or whatever you call it that Clembot linked to so that all his memories would be saved and stored.

Meyer mentioning that Augustine said Alain was 'coming back today' alludes to the passage of time here. Maybe it's been a few weeks. I would think it would take at least that much time to get everything rebuilt and repaired. And it was funny to see Alvin in the position that Ash has been in a few times with the gym leader - Clemont - saying that the gym isn't ready can you come back tomorrow. ha

Not sure how bad I feel for Alain. I get he has the guilt thing going on. I don't know how long he's been gone, but as hard as it is, he needs to find a way to start working his way back into becoming a productive member of society. And he also needs to realize that in spite of his association with Team Flare he still has a support system in place made up of people who have not abandoned him. Not everyone is that lucky. Going back to work for the Prof seems like a safe place to start. Bless Ash for being the supportive and understanding soul that he is.

The battle with Alvin was nice. It was kinda weird seeing Clemont tutoring Clembot, knowing that when Clemont first created Clembot, he couldn't remember the master password and Clembot kicked him out of his own gym. ha

The ending with all the Pokies looking so happy and proud of those cheap plastic medals they got was cute. And Prism Tower looks as good as new. So pretty at night with all the lights on.

All things considered, I thought this was a really nice episode.


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Dec 30, 2015
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Ahem!... Okay, so this is a nice reflective episode after the Team Flare arc. Everyone has found (or in Serena's case: is finding) something to do after the madness that was the Team Flare arc. I liked how the writers also showed the Lumiose Citizens and their Pokémon actively playing their part in contributing towards restoration of Lumiose City, instead of just, entirely, solely focusing on the main characters' actions.

The fact that Clembot's sacrifice was not entirely undone is a nice highlight of this episode.That it cannot remember whatever it had done in its past preserves the essence and the feels behind The Right Hero for the Right Job! for the best.


I was actually surprised, and also glad, to learn that Alain has thrown away/given away/??? the Mega Ring and the Mega Stone. Those things must bring bad memories for him, so it is actually for the better that he got rid of them! (y) Also, I genuinely felt sorry for Alain when he blamed himself and was guilty for the destruction that was caused in the Kalos region. Aww, he is so cute that way poor boy! :(Glad that Ash and Professor Sycamore are ready to help him snap out his gloom. (y)

Talking about the battle. Though it is a short one, it still does its job pretty well: the job of symbolizing that, Lumiose City, and especially the Lumiose Gym, are getting back to normal, and I appreciate the writers for their efforts in expressing this in an efficient way, in the form of a battle. BUT
(Harryghost's Rant Mode: Harryghost started to rant!)
WHAT? Another Meadow Pattern Vivillon! Writers, I ask why? Just how many Meadow Pattern Vivillon have we seen throughout the series? How about giving the other forms of Vivillon a chance as well? HUH? I am sure they are all as beautiful as the Meadow Pattern! *calms down*
Though, it was great to see a Cubone in the anime. I don't think I have seen one in a while. (y)

Wow, the Prism Tower looks awesome!:cool:

All things considered, I'll give it a 9.5/10