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Review S20 EP12: The Sun, the Scare, the Secret Lair!


The Arcanine of Legend!
Sep 16, 2010
Reaction score
Having aired in the UK, I thought I would create a review page for this episode

I quite liked the beach setting, Team Rocket weren't so boring this episode because they were actually doing something useful

Shame the dub cut material involving Meowth and Mimikyu


MC Squared
May 21, 2015
Reaction score
I can't believe the dub actually removed that scene WTF??? It's not even that graphic! Other comedies had comedic deaths

Poke Trey

23 now!
Jan 29, 2016
Reaction score
Guess I should get this out of the way now, I didn't mind that they cut out the Dead Meowth/resurrecting scene. I know it was only minor but I do think it was pointless because of the obvious shock humor that they were trying to do with Mimikyu. This episode was still good because of James catching Mareanie and the other fun scenes involving Ash and the classmates, but for the Meowth scene I can see why people would be upset that it got removed, me I couldn't care and won't let it detract this episode for me.


Active Member
Dec 16, 2016
Reaction score
will this means we will be closer to see the true form of Mymykiu from Jessie

as Mymykiu has I believe three forms
if I understand it from Jessie in this episode from swimming

Its form with the cloth, with out cloth, and Busted form

also the Busted form was used in against Totem raticate
Mar 20, 2016
Reaction score
Didn't really expect the dub to actually (visibly) censor death, here: I know of the dub ADDING references to death where there were none (Brock's mom), saying something is "gone," "passed away" etc. in both dubs, but this? This is legitimately new to me, honestly, perhaps I don't recall anything quite like this entirely before.

Anyway, the dub kept 5 pieces (3 of which are TR's motto), I guess that's something...even though there were many more pieces in the Japanese Version.


Well-Known Member
Sep 21, 2012
Reaction score
The thing that made the Meowth death scene for me was the dramatic violin music, which I was sure would be butchered anyway.

Now that it practically doesn't exist in the dub, I guess it's okay???


See ya
Apr 2, 2017
Reaction score
Hey can you guys fix the news front page? The UK date just says Tuesday but when you press the link UK isn't there at all

Islander Princess

My Little Ponyta
Feb 11, 2010
Reaction score
This episode is the perfect example of how the dub tends to butcher Team Rocket. I really enjoyed this episode in Japanese, and the dub just dragged on and on.

I really hate the way Meowth is portrayed in the dub. This isn't anything new, I guess it just really stood out how bad it was in this episode because it was such a major Team Rocket episode. And I'm not even talking about the ridiculously stupid slang they have him blurt out. Just as an example: the beginning of the episode, where the team is chilling in the cave and enjoying themselves. Jessie and James sound so relaxed, their voices are all mellowed out, it sounds great. And then there's Meowth, who's just screeching as per usual. It totally took me out of the scene. The tone of voice couldn't be changed at all? Not even an attempt to sound chilled out like Jessie and James? It seems like a minor nitpick, but it really bothered me.

The edited scene...I don't really get it. I'm not entirely sure why that was taken out but the scene from the 4th episode where Meowth dies (and things other than just death are clearly referenced...) was kept in. Kind of weird that they seemingly pick and choose what they want to remove. They also did a lousy job of editing it. That hard cut looked like a mess. Reminds me of when they cut out the scene of Ash "vomiting" yet the sound was still very clearly audible. Very poor effort.

The good news is I still really enjoyed the classmates' scenes (except Lillie's voice once again sounded really, really bad) and James was pretty well dubbed here. I enjoyed the episode much more when it got to the scenes that really focused on him and Mareanie. These things saved the episode for me, although I still think this is the dub's weakest effort of SM so far.


Well-Known Member
Dec 1, 2014
Reaction score
....I was honestly expecting to hear they censor the Lana stripping, though I suppose I can at least see the point. Meowth floating in the water probably would traumatize a kid.


That's the way it is.
Jan 10, 2016
Reaction score
I honestly don't mind the scene being removed because the scene is pretty morbid, but could they have at least put some effort into editing the scene? If they wanted to cut out Meowth dying, they should've cut the sceen entirely.
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