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Review S20 EP18: A Seasoned Search!


Dec 14, 2008
Reaction score
Jessie's "Slight change of plans. Why find nectar when we can steal theirs" sounds weird. It sound like they were already searching for the nectar, which is obviously not the case. Also, for some reason they removed Aina Cafeteria's name. So, the restautant that Mallow tried to make famous is actually nameless in the dub...


Well-Known Member
Oct 12, 2013
Reaction score
Jessie's "Slight change of plans. Why find nectar when we can steal theirs" sounds weird. It sound like they were already searching for the nectar, which is obviously not the case. Also, for some reason they removed Aina Cafeteria's name. So, the restautant that Mallow tried to make famous is actually nameless in the dub...
And Mallow's father is named "Abe" in the dub version of that episode which is weird because his Japanese name wasn't given yet.


Dec 9, 2014
Reaction score
Jessie's "Slight change of plans. Why find nectar when we can steal theirs" sounds weird. It sound like they were already searching for the nectar, which is obviously not the case. Also, for some reason they removed Aina Cafeteria's name. So, the restautant that Mallow tried to make famous is actually nameless in the dub...

Why not name it Ophiuchus after the only recognizable symbol in the storefront? :p


Perfect Pawmi
Mar 20, 2013
Reaction score
This episode...was lame. Mallow is probably the classmate that I'm least interested in, so that's probably the main reason why I wasn't all to into this episode. In fact, this episode probably only increased my dislike for Mallow. I mean what idiot says, "Hm, I don't have the food ingredient for my dish, let me use a freaking Pokemon attack on it as a substitute". Just like Kiawe said, that made not a lick of sense whatsoever. Luckily, I do love Bounsweet, so seeing a lot of focus on her was great. I also adore Oricorio, and I loved seeing more of them. Especially the transformation from the Bailie style to the Pom-Pom style. The only other main thing I liked was Sophocles, who was hilarious as usual.

Everything else was really dull and I didn't have much interest in anything until nearly the end of the episode. Also, that scene of Oriciorio flying away, getting distracted by Sweet Scent, regaining its composure once Bounsweet stopped, and flying away again...really did not need to last as long as it did. Seriously, that was probably my least favorite part of the episode. Probably an unpopular opinion, but I was really upset that Bounsweet evolved in this episode. She's literally had no focus up until this point, and the first time she finally gets some decent screen time...she evolves. I would have liked to see some more focus on her as Bounsweet before evolving into Steenee personally. I did think the new evolution sequence was interesting though, so that was nice to see, but at the same time, I don't think Bounsweet should have been the first Pokemon to show off the new evolution animation. This should have been saved for a later date, imo.

I'll give this a 4/10. Definitely not on my "re-watch for fun" list.

Islander Princess

My Little Ponyta
Feb 11, 2010
Reaction score
I love the episodes that focus on the classmates, and Mallow's episode was no exception! I have found her family restaurant an interesting aspect from the start, so it was fun to see and learn more of that, especially about her family. I actually like that they gave her father a name, I hate it when there are nameless characters wandering around, especially when they're related to a main character. I do wish they had gone all the way and also given her brother a name, though. It was also kind of disappointing that they didn't give the restaurant a dub name. I always want more canonical world building!

I personally find Mallow to be a very endearing character. I adore her personality and find myself very drawn to her. I also like that her goal doesn't have to do strictly with Pokémon or battling. Yeah, the show is called Pokémon, but I think it's cool when they focus on other aspects of the characters. Mallow's goal feels different and refreshing, which I love.

Bounsweet evolving was really cool. I like Steenee's voice and that it actually sounds similar to Bounsweet's. I think sometimes they change the voice way too drastically and it doesn't make a ton of sense. With Steenee, it was very believable.

They're also continuing to do a fantastic job with the dynamic of the classmates. I love seeing them together and think the personalities really do blend well. The voices are all adjusting very nicely as well, and I'm finding their personalities are starting to stand out much more, whereas they were coming across as a bit flat in the dub for the first few episodes.


Apr 2, 2017
Reaction score
I'm wondering. Did we ever see hordes called with Sweet Scent like this in XY? It would've been nice to see it when it was actually part of the game.

I myself liked this episode, and I think Steenee is adorable. I wonder if they'll explore the dynamic between Steenee and Rowlet, because it's clear Rowlet isn't mistaking her for food anymore.


Unregistered User
Aug 25, 2013
Reaction score
That damn Mystery Food X. I expected it to be awful and it sure was. One day a girl will be able to cook in an anime/game. Putting a Thunderbolt in because it's Yellow is such a Yukiko thing to do.

Mallow blushing at Ash wanting to her help out, guess she 'likes' him. Ash and his harems.

Five hours... I would've given up after three minutes although I suppose hanging out with Mallow all alone with Mallow does sound pretty good.

Why did that Pelipper randomly eat Rowlett. Bit random.

Seems like Sweet Scent will run out of PP soon. Guess it did.

They found the flower, how convenient.

That's interesting evolution. Kinda like a Magicial Girl. Thought the same with Oricorhio, guess that's what they're doing in SM. Steenee's pretty cute.

Rowlett clearly needs to take a hint. Pretty fun episode other than I thought right away "just make it seasonal"


Well-Known Member
Nov 6, 2014
Reaction score
As much as I like Mallow's design and personality, she and Sophocles were always the characters that were kind of "there". And, well, while this episode doesn't do much to change that, it was decent in its own right. Hearing about Mallow's family from the games was a treat, and there were some admittedly funny gags like with the "pinch of Thunderbolt", the chase after Oricorio and Bounsweet's magical girl evolution. And is it me or does that flower field look suspiciously like the one on Akala Island in the games where you have to find Nebby?
Last edited:


Utsukushī sakura o mite
Dec 30, 2015
Reaction score
OH! The Mallow focus episode I had been patiently waiting for! :X3::X3:

Uh oh! I did not know moves like Thunderbolt could be absorbed into dishes like that. I mean moves like Razor Keaf and Rock Slide seem okayish if you think about it, but Thunderbolt... Eh, that seems quite farfetched. (n)

Huh, maybe, Sophocles liked that dish because he is an Electric-type Trial Captain *wink* *wink*. :whistle:

Nice learning some about Mallow's family. So, Mallow's goal is to make her family's restaurant famous in all of Alola. Okay. (y)

Great seeing Rowlet's foster relatives again.

So, Pelipper randomly swallows Rowlet?! o_O

The entire Bounsweet luring Oricorio in was pretty hilarious, especially considering it was just an accelerated revamp of the same scene over and over. Poor Bounsweet! Its exhausted configuration made me crack up.

I don't know what Team Rocket would do with so much Yellow Nectar, but eh...

Ah, Mallow's Bounsweet evolves into Steenee. And, despite being so early into the series, it works wonderfully fine, I'd say. ;)(y)

Steenee knocking Rowlet down obliviously was priceless. :LOL:

All in all, a nice, fun episode to watch. Worthy of a 9.8/10.
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